Telegram has been good for populists thus far. You can find my channel here, and I’d still, even with what I’m saying now, suggest that you follow. However, I’d also suggest you get on Poast and follow me here, because I can’t guarantee that I’ll even have a Telegram channel in the future. 

Western Chauvinist was a great channel. They reposted me when I did some Waukesha work, which was really nice. They caught a ban from the Apple store, which meant they couldn’t be displayed on my mobile devices. This naturally lead to them having a subscriber drop from around 54k to about 42k. 

Someone on BANG found the exact right number. I’m not sure where they got that from, but it looks about right.

But you see, the highly unpopular president of the United States, (((Jonathan Greenblatt))) wrote an executive decision. So Western Chauvinist had to get censored, goy.

And of course, no actual justification for this was forthcoming, because there wasn’t one. Just like every other tech corp that censors you, the real reason is that they don’t like the political implications of what you are saying. 

They have a new channel here. They’re already up to 2,888 followers, and that grows every time I check back in with the channel. I have no doubt that they will quickly surpass double digit numbers again.

Emily Youcis with a pretto solid take.

[Forwarded from Emily Youcis]
^holy shit what? For what? The Western Chauvinist was always pretty tame. Guess it wasn’t enough for telegram to censor the channel, they had to delete it all together. TWC was getting the message out about the epidemic of black mass shooters and the factual reality of white demographic replacement to way too large of an audience. Guarantee they did not violate one term of service. In this case there really is nothing stopping telegram from doing the same to all of our channels.

Once again, get on Poast, and follow us here. It’s like Gab, but it works properly. I’ll still be using my telegram until the end, but don’t be surprised when the rug gets pulled out from under our feet.

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  1. Every alt-right leader who ever went on that shit site needs to be slapped. Why would all these people make a platform that you have to give you telephone number to use be their main means of communication with the public?

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