I haven’t been following the War in the Donbas all that much recently. This is especially the case because Russia appears to have changed strategy from an all out blitz to a slow grinding down of Zelensky’s regime. While this appears to be very effective, it doesn’t lead to riveting news stories.

Or at least usually doesn’t. The Ghost of Kiev story was great, as was Zelensky passing off video game footage as real life three separate times. Finding examples of hilarious propaganda bullshit it politically useful, and just recently the Epstein Killed Himself Liars were at it again.

“Busses arrived in areas that just happened to be controlled by the Russians.”

“Soldiers were just evacuated. Nothing to see here.”

You see that, goyim? These soldiers were simply evacuated… right into the hands of the enemy. On busses, that were driven by Russians. Because that’s how evacuations work.

This is what you’ll see as the declared story on twatter.

They got “evacuated,” into POW camps by the Russians.

Here is some video of the “evacuation,” process. Credit to BANG user Pedal Powered x Pressing Machine for the find.

Let me grab a still from this video.

Yes, that is exactly what you think it is. It’s a Russian Z on the bus, because it’s a Russian bus full of Ukrainian POWs.

This tweet explains what’s going on, in case you missed it. Russian vehicles have this z painted onto them. 

Just like all the “evacuation busses,” that Zelensky is apparently using to evacuate Mariupol. 

Some of them even have the Z painted on them in three different places, and all of them have at least one Z on each side.

Even the soyim are calling them out on this bullshit.

We’re not even at horse dewormer levels of deceit, they’re full on just making up a new reality, where instead of a mass surrender of Zelensky’s forces, they got successfully evacuated… into Russian POW camps.

Anyway, good for the POWs. I hope as many Ukrainians surrender as quickly as possible. There is nothing to be gained from dying for Zelensky and Soros.

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