I’ve been busy working on our upcoming game, currently titled Escape From Epstein Island. I’ll have a writeup of the latest build coming later tonight or tomorrow. You can find the previous writeup here, and I’m very excited with the progress that is being made. 

Unfortunately, this has taken time away from the crucial task of monitoring the extremely important things that happen on the internet, and I missed an absolute bombshell. Turns out Elon “Yes, Daddy Greenblatt” Musk really did ban the ADL. 

I expressed more than a little doubt, on multiple occasions. It looked like a pointless waste of time and energy, all to take an inevitable and embarrassing L. Musk certainly gave us plenty of reason to think that, but we were wrong. From this day forward –

Esther Noseblatt, our journalist on the ground, informs us that Spectre was just making fun of the completely impotent and pointless #BanTheADL enterprise. Turns out that some crypto fags tweeting alongside Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Matt Walsh, and just about every other subversive about how the ADL is a big, meanie, no good, left-wing organization that was bad because it pretended to speak on behalf of Jews, but didn’t, somehow, someway, didn’t manage to actually get the ADL banned from Twatter.

This “left-wing organization,” which defends consubversives like (((Benny Shapiro))), can be seen tweeting multiple times today. I had to scroll down only a smidge to see this “left-wing organization” whining about “the growing threat from the far-left,” bringing their uppity Goy attitudes to innocent Students of Jewness throughout France.

Maybe there’s a silver lining here. Maybe Elon Musk getting beaten up by the Jews for the umpteenth time has caused a shift in his perspective. After all, the guy is ostensibly the richest man on the planet. It would be really helpful if he could do even the bare minimum for us. At the very least he can’t cram any more circumcised penis into his mouth, right?

At this point, the sky’s the limit. There is just no stopping this Goy from embarrassing himself with his slavish devotion to Gods Chosen Middle Eastern Goblinos.

Let’s do a little recap here, shall we? Elon Musk purchases twatter for $44 billion, after some bizarre legal incompetence where he tried to get out of the deal and failed. He then proceeds to impotently whine about the ADL, although he was too much of a bitch to name them, organizing an advertiser boycott of his site. Meanwhile, he promised to give us all our accounts back, then increased the censorship to include sites such as Justice Report, and the NJP, PA, and NRM homepages. He also increased the time wasting Finklethink, artificially promoting zionist manlet Ben Shapiro, AOC, and even some character known as “Catturd2.” 

A year after we were calling for him to ban the ADL, some Irish twink named Keith Woods decided to do the exact same thing. He was joined by Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Charlie Kirk, and every other grifting subversive that these same group of Alt-Republican fags targeted during the incompetent failure known as the “Gayper Wars,” back in 2019. The goal was to get the ADL banned, as well as to raise awareness about how they’re a Jew Supremacist Hate Group that invites actual refugee murdering Israeli generals to be keynote speakers at their events evil meanie left-wing organization that proves why you need to vote Republican. 

The ADL remains unbanned, although the e-right fags who pushed this will now undoubtedly self-censor even harder to make sure that they remain on the good side of Jonathan Greenblatt, the man who actually decides what you can say on twitter. Then Musk goes on a circumcised cocksucking rampage that somehow exceeds my already abysmal expectations of the public humiliation that the Goyim who are a part of the (((Democracy Class)) are expected to go through. You see he’s “aspirationally Jewish,” and admits to having more Jew friends than Goy friends.

Boy, am I ever disappointed that I wasn’t there in the trenches tweeting alongside Dinesh D’Souza. Boy, was this ever an important Awareness Raising Event That Crucially Redilled Da Normies. Of all the events in world history, this was certainly one of them.

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  2. Elon Musk. Is. A .Mischling. Jew.

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