Before I get into this I have to write one last bit on the Manletsphere’s “takedown,” of TRS through Heimbach retweeting Striker or whatever. Anglin wrote at least one more piece on that.


A Strange Secret Chat Group

Tony Hovator, who was the third in command of Trad Worker Party after Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott, is active in a publicly accessible chat with Chris Cantwell.

Oooooh a publicly accessible chat. My goodness. Thank god they were so careless as to plot their dastardly deeds right out in the open for absolutely no reason.

They were talking about my post. Which Hovator found absolutely outrageous.

How dare anyone take issue with people associating with federal informants, getting young people who don’t know any better caught up in fed traps? How absolutely dare they?

Indeed. Okay I’m sorry. I’ll stop doing that now.

Anyway, Anglin proceeds to “expose” 83 pro-White activists because they had the audacity, nay, the temerity to be on a telegram chat.

But here’s where things get even more interesting. There is apparently a secret chat that Cantwell also runs.

Here’s the user list:

However, since he already did this I will include two screencaps I took of this. You’ll see why in a second.

Okay, here we see the chat. And below we see Jayoh.

Oh but wait a minute, we also appear to see someone else. Who is that at the top? Oh that would be one of the How The Fuck is He Not in Jail retards that are part of the LoserNat crew, Baked Alaska. You can see him on the left of the top picture, and the right of the bottom one.

I’m not kidding when I say I have absolutely no idea how Baked Alaska is not in jail. Hundreds of jan 6th protesters are in prison right now, and yet this faggot is free and walking about? If you don’t think he’s ratting out everyone he possibly can to the FBI I really don’t know what to tell you.

But worse than that, he was in a “secret” telegram group run by Christopher Cantwell. Oh wait, apparently that’s not supposed to matter unless it’s an actual pro-White activist. My bad.

Anyway, I had to touch on that before moving to the Jayoh smear piece. The absolutely devastating takedown of TRS that proved they were feds. I type this with one hand in front of my face, barely able to peak at Anglin’s utter demolishment of the Heterosexual Gayop known as TRS. We’ve seen a pattern of him literally admitting that his hitpieces are “not coherent,” but I’m sure he has something much more damning for Jayoh. Whatever the Manlet Cult has in store for us, I’m sure it’ll be really good.


As the long-time reader is aware, we posted the radio content of for years. I stopped posting their content a little over a year ago, due to their continued association with a federal informant.

More recently, they have attempted to integrate the federal informant into their community, and it was exposed that the head of their real life groups was in a secret chat room with the federal informant.

I attempted to have a private conversation with Mike Enoch about why he was attempting to resurrect a federal informant and send his followers to follow this individual, and asked Mike what contact he had had with the feds, at which point I was blocked.

I’ll remind everyone that Anglin whines about being blocked. He was left on read. He doesn’t screencap being blocked because it never happened, but sounds more damning than “they got tired of my retarded spergy bad faith attacks and stopped responding.” 

The Last Straw in the Fed Straw Hut

Now, it has come out that the head of security of their real life meetup groups, Jayoh De La Rey, was in 2012 on the run from the feds in Latin America after being indicted for drug trafficking.

In my talk with Sven, which I alluded to yesterday, I mentioned that he had a few quotes he wanted me to print. And yet I only printed the one that was relevant for that piece. Well here’s another.

“Anglin has no inside knowledge of TRS or NJP. He never had any doxxes. He never had any access to subscriber lists, or payment stuff. Beyond that not only did Jayoh never have the position of ‘head of security for TRS,’ no such position even exists for TRS or NJP.” – Sven

What people need to know about the Jayoh Saga is that it’s fucking retarded. Anglin was never privy to any information for TRS pool parties, the NJP, or whatever other shit he’s making up. It’s just one of those claims that the Andrews throw out there and keep repeating, while censoring people who are fact-checking that because they’re “shilling for feds.” Remember, that’s what they censored me for on The Goyim Know, because I pointed out one of many idiotic contradictions in their TRS attacks.

The best Sven could come up with for why he might even say that specifically was that he introduced Jayoh as TRS’s “head of security,” at one of the first TRSltemanias. This was done clearly as a joke, but then again, so was Jayoh’s claim that he got into Harvard after applying on a lark, and partied with trannies until 3 AM in the morning while doing heroin.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We haven’t gotten there yet in Little Andy’s hitpiece.

At least that is what he said on the Anarchy Gumbo podcast, where he appeared as “Jim Object” (J.O. – get it?) on June 20, 2012.

Don’t worry. I downloaded this podcast, then turned it into a video and uploaded it to YouTube. I’ll put this on Odysee soon as our channel will eventually get shoah’d.

Some choice quotes from the podcast:

Anglin puts out a long list of clips from the podcast. However, I’m going to sort these so that the absolute most retarded ones are first, to provide context for the rest. Keep in mind, Anglin is presenting these with the context that this is all 100% real, and you should be shocked and outraged.

  • I was at the University of Chicago, the home of Milton Friedman … I applied to Harvard just to see if I could get in because I was in the middle of this gonzo journalistic adventure into the dope culture in Detroit. And I said ‘hey on this horrifying 14 day bender, I wonder if I can get into Harvard.’ So I went for it and I got in.”

Wow, I had no idea that the admissions process for Harvard University was so lax. Apparently you can just apply to Harvard during a drug binge journalism project and they’ll accept you. Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, just get super high on heroin, apply to Harvard, and you’re in.

I’m struggling to even begin to understand how someone could think that really happened. Some University of Chicago… guy. I don’t know maybe a student. Anyway he’s doing a gonzo journalistic stunt in Detroit where he does a bunch of drugs. So, while super high, he gets the bright idea to apply to Harvard and he gets in, no problemo.

Anglin would like his audience to believe that this is a real thing that happened.

  • Doing heroin and having sex with trannies while being enrolled at Harvard: “I went to Harvard while I was shooting dope. I like to you know party hard, going around until three in the morning and blackout with trannies and then get up the next day and maybe write a paper deconstructing Kevin Carson.”

I am once again struggling to understand how someone could possibly think any of this is actually real. But no, the Andrews would like their heavily censored audience to believe that Jayoh Dela Ray was doing heroin, staying up until 3AM banging trannies, and then writing dipshit papers while a… guy at Harvard.

One of the problems I’ve faced when writing this takedown of the hitpiece is that it is so fucking stupid. It’s hard for me to add that much commentary other than “if you really think that Jayoh got into Harvard on a lark and was banging heroin addicted trannies while doing gonzo journalism and writing papers on Kevin Carson then you are stupid.”

  • Description of arrest and fleeing law enforcement: “Someone snitched me out and the empire sent 40 goons with AR-15s, full body armor and APCs to burn my house down, took me and my roommate in, refused to give us lawyers. They thought we were part of some huge syndicate or something. Refused to give us lawyers, food, etc. No phone calls. And when our friends and family were able to sort of locate where we were, they denied that we were there, held us for a couple of days, talked my roommate and I [unintelligible]. My roommate at the time who had no knowledge of what I was doing whatsoever got us both out of them. They thought I was a part of some vast criminal conspiracy, so they threatened to charge me with all sorts of things I had nothing to do with but were far beyond the scope of what I was getting into, so I really had no choice but to hustle out.”

It’s at this moment that I need to slam my foot down. There is no record of Jayoh De La Rey being arrested, let alone by 40 armed guys with Armoured Personnel Carriers. There is no record of his house being burned down. There is no record of him being a student, or other faculty member at the University of Chicago. There is no record of him being enrolled at Harvard, or as any sort of faculty member. There is no record of him doing gonzo journalism for some unnamed magazine where he consumed copious amounts of heroin in Detroit. There is no record of him doing any of this.

That’s because none of that actually happened. Obviously.

But of course, the Andrews know full well that none of that happened, and they’re completely full of shit. After all, here’s a recent piece that I found on the DeadMemeStormer. I’m going to pretend to take everything that Tiny Andy says seriously, just to show you how utterly bad faith and malicious this attack was.


Earlier this year, I moved from Lagos, Nigeria to Tampa, Florida, in order to bask in the freedoms offered by Governor Ron DeSantis.

Oh my god! Andy says that he’s been forced to live outside the country. In fact he has been, he has lost multiple legal judgements and has something like $18 million he’s owing to various parties. And yet here he is, back in the US. What sort of deal did he have to pass to get back in?

And you know, that’s an international trip. He had to pass through customs. And yet he wants us all to believe that he just waltzed on in. I think we are owed some answers here.

My alarm went off at 6AM as it always does, but I couldn’t hear it because my girlfriend was laying on top of it on the ground. I thought “that’s weird,” and walked over, and poked her with a stick. Dead. Covid 19. She was unvaccinated because of a meme she saw on TikTok from QAnon that said the vaccine contains magnetic microchips which will allow George Soros to control people’s brains using 5G.

Look at how callously tiny Andy treats human life. This is his girlfriend we’re talking about. Murdered because she didn’t take the vaccine, by his own admission. And yet here he is just casually describing her death. And he’s still anti-vaxx despite all this. Absurd.

Also wait a minute, how did he have an American girlfriend if he was… as ugly and short as we all know him to be? And he was out of the country so how did they meet? Did they meet online? That sounds like a really risky way to meet up with someone. Are we really supposed to believe that a women he met online, who pretended to be attracted to him, wasn’t working for the feds? Impossible.

All this time the Fuentes Totally Not Homosexual crowd has been lecturing us, Anglin included, on the perfidity of the dark nature of female sexuality, and he throws our entire movement in peril by cavorting with a whore. A dead whore, now.

I think we’re owed some answers here.

I tried to call DeSantis’ mobile morgue service but all lines were busy. It took me three hours to get through, and the operator told me the mobile morgues are so backed up that they wouldn’t be able to come pick her up until the following Wednesday.

This is so ridiculous. Mobile morgue services? That’s a shitlib meme, and yet Anglin here just uncritically repeats it. So I fact-checked that and there are no mobile morgue services. Why is Anglin lying to us? I think we’re owed some answers here.

“We just don’t have the manpower because DeSantis won’t let us hire illegal immigrants because he hates the color of their skin,” the operator said.

Look I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that the operator would say that. That’s just not credible. Also, even if I believed all this imagine how awful it would be romantically but also practically to have your girlfriend decomposing in your apartment.

I think we’re owed some answers here.

Portrait of a woman on a white background.

Hope that puts things back into perspective for you all. See, Anglin is just pretending to be retarded when he believes all the retarded shit Jayoh made up. He’s not actually as autistic as he’s pretending to be.

  • On escaping America as a fugitive: “There is a romance to it, especially literally being flown out at 400 feet, you feel like James Bond. Here’s the deal, if I’d stayed put, I was certainly screwed. By going on the lam I had to trust a number of people I didn’t know if I could trust. There were people who I knew no better than I know you. All I know is that they’re anarchists … I reached out to a number of those people … and said ‘hey I need a favor.’”

In typical duplicitous fashion Anglin doesn’t even include the funniest part of this, which is the claim that he reached out to these anarchists on Facebook specifically. Turns out one of those guys owned a plane which he took to… the southern part of the US. Then he took a little boat to Central America. Anglin doesn’t include that part because it’s too obviously a joke.

  • Redpilling P-Funk on the ancap question while escaping America: “A couple of months ago when I was on my way out of the country, I happened to cross paths with three members of P-Funk, and I was wearing my anarcho-capitalist hoodie that like I had custom made for me or whatever and the one guy says ‘anarcho-capitalism, what’s that about? Fuck the man, get paid?’ and I said ‘Yeah, but be careful not to get paid by the man, or you’re just as dependent’ and he was like ‘no I understand.’”

There’s some dialogue that came out of the mouths of real people.

Anyway I’m just posting these next ones so you can see that I didn’t hide anything. Feel free to blitz through them.

  • On feds trying to get him to flip and how he was released from jail after promising cops he’d turn others in: “See when they held me and didn’t want to feed me or give me a lawyer or a phone call, and wouldn’t tell me family and friends where I was, it’s cuz they were trying to get us to flip. And if they acknowledge that you’re in there… first off, no lawyer is going to suggest you turn snitch. And as long as they. So let’s say, you get arrested, someone you’re dealing with comes to see if you’re locked up and what’s to know if you might flip or whatever, so they deny your presence so they can put you back out on the street, and you can make up some excuse for where you were. They did everything in their power to try to convince us to flip, first through the carrot and then through the stick. They’re telling me stuff like ‘oh well, under the Patriot Act we could essentially just have you disappeared, blah blah blah.’ At first, they were trying to say ‘okay you guys can walk away on this, but you’re gonna have to turn some people over.’ … they eventually cut us loose, because I said ‘okay here’s my problem, I do all my business through the internet, I don’t know the people I’m dealing with, but I can go find you some people, because you know, I’m really scared of you guys and blah blah blah blah blah. But you gotta let me and her out, because it’s the weekend and the time to go do it’ … and they cut us loose and we vacated. We just up and disappeared at that moment.”

  • On sex: “I guess I’m into the sort of thing a guy who talks like me is into. There are people who have sort of kinky proclivities and then there are those of us who are outright mad. And I fall into that latter category. … I like to make a conscious, volitional decision to say ‘I want to do something so weird tonight that it is going to keep me up in the future.’”

  • On BDSM: “I get into the BDSM thing. I’ve never really been into the scene, I don’t know, a lot of people who are into it come across really corny.”

  • On bloody sex: “I’m not so much into the leather and chains thing, I’ve got a thing for blood. … Drug abuse and razor play, especially when you mix the two, which is exactly what I’m outright advocating.

If indeed Jayoh was on the run from the feds for having been involved in drug dealing in 2012, but joined the TRS far-right community in 2015, then you have to ask what the hell is going on.

If indeed Anglin, who we know is on the run from feds, came back to Florida and then had his girlfriend die of Covid, then you have to ask what the hell is going on.

Was he ever prosecuted for this drug dealing when he came back to the US, or did they just forget about it as he went directly into the “white supremacist and neo-Nazi community” and began doing all security for Mike Enoch – including handling all of the private information for all members of the TRS real life groups?

Did the feds just suddenly forget about all of the outstanding legal decisions against Anglin? How did he get through customs? And now he’s running the neo-incel community over there at IncelUprising. Letting his personal jew Weev handle all the private information for all members of GamerWhiningOnInternet?

Although for the record, I can’t even do pure satire here. I haven’t gotten to the Weev part yet, aside from this one small piece, but he’s literally an “anti-semite hunter,” who ran a troll operation with the explicit purpose of “making anti-semites look dumb.” Then he gets mysteriously released from prison by Vice antifas, where he gets his jew claws hooked into the “anti-semite community,” in a very real way by taking over the DS tech infrastructure, and making Anglin totally dependent on him by telling him to leave the country.

He also prints out incredibly offputting and, yes, “cringe” posters designed to make White Advocacy look evil and stupid. But I guess we’ll just let bygones be bygones, and Weev’s actual real history is totally fine. Jayoh’s obviously made up stories about shooting up heroin with trannies while enrolled at Harvard and doing gonzo journalism, well that’s totally inexcusable and also very real.

Can you possibly imagine anything that could ever be more damning than this?

Let me think for a minute.

It’s hard, but imagine, like, some openly zionist faggot who brags about secretly recording every single pro-White activist, keeping it all on an SSD, and then snitching on them to (((Roberta Kaplan))) and the feds for the explicit purpose of helping them destroy White Activists in the US? Then, and bear with me because this is way out there, imagine someone who makes up unhinged screeds about how so and so retweeting such and such indicates 100% that they’re fed operatives, being in an alliance with someone who goes on a show with this disgusting character and tries to rehabilitate their career. Imagine if that individual then passed that off like it was no big deal.

I mean that’s too ridiculous to ever hap-


Will TRS keep up their policy of never mentioning anything that anyone is asking them about these bizarre connections they have?

Actually I remember Moike Enoch addressing this on twatter by saying “pass the IQ test.” That’s what you do to retarded claims like this. In the same way that nobody is entitled to have Anglin explain his Florida LARP, Anglin is not entitled to have people respond with detailed legal documents to his self-admittedly “incoherent,” rantings.

But maybe he made all of this up

Oh ya think? No no I really think he did just magically get into Harvard, talk his way out of prison, escape America with collusion from Facebook Anarchists, and bang an entire busload of trannies along the way.

As dumb as all this has been, the next part is where Anglin goes completely off the rails.

But if he was really just lying about all of this – lying about his entire identity in an anarcho-capitalist drug dealing movement, then lying about his entire identity to join a white supremacist and neo-Nazi movement – then is it really any less likely that he is a fed?

Uhm, yes?

How fucking retarded is this hitpiece? Anglin is literally saying that if a guy is LYING ABOUT TALKING TO FEDS then he is… just as likely to be a fed snitch as if he really did rat people out to the feds.

It’s fucking retarded. This is some of the dumbest shit I have ever read in my entire fucking life. I’m not sure there are words in the human language for the combination of bafflement, outrage, mirth, and outright thunderstriking that he subjected my brain to just then.

I mean I’m still in shock writing this and I knew it was coming. I’m wondering if this retard logic applies to anything else.

  1. A man who lies about being a father is just as likely to actually be a father as a guy who is not lying about that.
  2. A man who lies about banging a victoria secret supermodel is just as likely to have banged a victoria secret supermodel as a guy who’s telling the truth about banging a victoria secret supermodel.
  3. A man who lies about being 9 feet tall is just as likely to be 9 feet tall as a guy who is actually 9 feet tall.
  4. A man who lies about stepping foot on the moon is just as likely to have actually gone to the moon as Neil Armstrong.

It’s at this point that I remind you that Anglin admitted during his Cantwell/TRS/Heimbach/Whatever hitpiece that he “does not have a coherent narrative.” That’s just about the only truth I’ve read from him in this entire series.

If he’s willing to just make up completely insane lies in order to manipulate people, then why wouldn’t he be a fed? The whole reason someone would resist being a fed is that they have some moral reason not to, or are driven by some deep ideological purpose.

If Anglin is willing to just make up lies about Florida’s mobile morgue service than that means he’s a fed. I mean, I’m just using Manlet Cult Logic here. Also Anglin is explicitly lying about TRS Pool Parties requiring real information, and Jayoh being “head of security,” which again, is not an actual position. So Anglin is fed confirmed.

If you cannot grasp what an absolute liability it is to have someone who was a wanted drug dealer – someone with extensive interaction with the feds as a criminal, including attempts to be recruited as an informant, someone who told the feds he was going to turn people in to them – running your neo-Nazi group, then you are such an absolute retard that you deserve to have done to you whatever Mike Peinovich does to you.

Jayoh never actually went to prison because that story is completely made up. There is someone who does have lots of documented time around feds though…

I didn’t even know that TRS was forming a real world cult type structure until recently. I found out that Jayoh was sending people into my meetup group forum to recruit people, and had to shut down the meetup group forum because of that.

I’ll actually have to write a piece on this, because that was the absolute last moment where the DS could possibly have claimed any real political seriousness. I actually met up with people using TGK’s meetup list. I can’t remember what it was called. Then Weev’s Bitch comes out with this retarded attack piece on TRS, so he shuts down the real life meetup list.

Also, Jayoh wasn’t sending anybody. Jayoh wasn’t in charge of shit. Once again, the Andrew’s had no insider information on TRS pool parties or the NJP. He’s just making shit up again.

Just listen to that podcast and imagine the fact that Mike Enoch made that guy their head of security with access to everyone in their group’s private information – and yes, they do keep real names in their groups.

Once again I remind you that there literally is no “head of security,” position at TRS, or NJP. It literally does not exist. And it’s also time for our next Sven quote.

“Vetting for NJP does not involve any personal information. We intentionally do not use real names. If someone accidentally sends me their real name I tell them to change to a sock.” – Sven

That’s also how vetting for my real life group worked. I joined on telegram with my real name. The guy in that group immediately demanded I use a sock, so I changed to The Amazing Broseph Jones, the moniker I continue with today.

After that I was “vetted,” by them asking some typical questions such as “how were you redpilled,” and “what content do you watch.” I told them I was a big TRS fan, so they started asking me about specific drops that they played at the time, and other questions of that nature. Basically trying to see if I was full of shit.

I honestly have no idea how TRS does it, because I am not an NJP member, nor a pool partier. What I do know is that Weev’s Bitch saying “yes, they do use their real names,” is 100% malicious slander. It’s just not true, he knows it’s not true, and he’s saying it anyway.

Fucking piece of shit.

Even if you cannot bring yourself to recognize the fact that the entirety of TRS is 100% fed compromised, just imagine hearing that podcast and saying “yeah sure, let’s put their tranny-loving heroin dealer who was a fugitive in Latin America but is inexplicably back somehow in charge of all security for our groups. After all, he’s a genius from Harvard.”

It’s actually funnier to imagine Anglin being so rock-stupid that he believed that story. Unfortunately he’s just shamelessly pretending to be retarded to his audience.

They have already shut down the comments section on their website preemptively following this recording getting dropped on 4chan.

UPDATE: TRS temporarily shutting down the comments on their site was another in a long list of own goals arising from conflict avoidance and arrogance.

Also, that whole podcast “dropping.” Like, dude, it was from 2012. Everybody at TRS knew about it from long before it “dropped,” as part of the Manlet Cult’s little anti-TRS whinefest. Part of this ghey little attack is the ludicrous notion that a podcast from 2012 was fresh news.

Mike will claim to his idiot cult followers that I’ve gone insane. Because of course, you would have to be insane to not want Jim Object running security for your neo-Nazi group.

The idiot cult followers are the ones who don’t believe that JO was a tranny-banging South American drug fugitive Harvard Grad U of Chicago student gonzo Detroit journalist with a razorchains sexual fetish. Also, the people who don’t believe that Juan Fuentes is the next President of the United States of America.

Trust the plan goyim.

But maybe I’m the real fed because I don’t promote feds, right Mike? Right Eric Striker?

There are a lot of bizarre little sentences in his meth fueled rant. I’m showing you one just so you can see how weird it is.

I might do a cleanup piece following this, in case there are some juicy bits that I left out. I certainly do want to get back to this after we give the self-proclaimed stud Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer the felting he deserves. For now, there’s just one last part that I want to focus on.

People need to keep pressing these slimy fed bastards every chance they get.

They are all on Twitter and allowed to operate, they are promoted on YouTube streams.


Nicky “totes heterosexual” Fuentes still had his YouTube channel when that was written. That was allowed until February 14th, 2020. In contrast, TRS and James Allsup had their YouTube channels entirely deleted the same day, August 26th, 2019. And that was after numerous individual videos were just outright deleted without warning.

Thanks to SGTReport for that information.

And fpr twatter that’s even more absurd. Per wikipedia, Mike Enoch’s second twatter account was banned on August 18th, 2018. I don’t even know when his first account was banned. He had Mike P’s Juice Squeeze, DSA Mike Peinovich, and like 10 other ones before finally just giving up on twatter. Even my tiny little twatter account that I almost never tweeted from got banned in March 2021, as I detailed here.

According to the Manlet Cult Leader, Moike being on his 7th twatter account at the time of writing, Striker on something similar, that means that they’re fed operatives. Because what the feds really want to do is mass censorship of their own agents.

And yet little Nicky Juan Fuentes managed to last longer on twatter than Gorland Blormph, the Orange Retard himself.

We come again to yet another Contradictory Belief of the Manlet Cult.

  1. Mike Enoch being temporarily allowed to use his sixth twatter account means he’s a fed.
  2. The TradHomo Revolutionary Twink Child Saviour of the White Race not getting censored by twatter until July 2021 doesn’t make him a fed or suspicious at all.

Once again, these beliefs aren’t just contradictory, they are individually retarded. Suspecting Mike Enoch of being a fed because he’s only been banned 9 times from twatter is too stupid to respond to. On the other hand, Nicky “catboi cock pls” Fuentes being allowed to remain on twatter the surest sign that he’s viewed by the ADL the same way I view him, as a complete and utter faggot.

Later in this series I’ll write about the CatNat crowd demanding everybody use their real names for his little IRL twink festival, which is another Contradictory Belief of the Manlet Cult that we’ll get to when appropriate. When they had some drama because people dropped out at Fuentes being such an incompetent and impotent manchild telling them to go meetup IRL after he was put on a no-fly list, I remember asking on the forums why anybody cared. After all, Fuentes was nothing without his YouTube and twatter, and now that everyone was censored he was totally irrelevant. And then someone informed me.

Well he still has his twitter account.

What a pack of clowns.

Oh and getting back to YouTube. He says “promoted on YouTube streams.” TRS already had their YouTube account completely censored, but because he went on someone else’s stream, that means he’s the feds inside man. Look it’s impeccable logic.

I’m going to take another break from the AABF series. There’s only so much of his delusional screeds I can take. When I come back to it, we’re picking up with the Nicky Fuentes “just use your real name when coming to my twinkPAC” saga. For a group of people who claim we’re feds because we do IRL events, they sure do seem to love their IRL retard rallies thrown under Washington DC CCTV.

Until next time.

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  1. I’d heard Jayoh drama mentioned before, as if it was some big deal, but never knew what it was. Now I see it’s really just a bunch of fucking jokes. The people who say these things should apologize for slander.

  2. The catboy that Juan Fuentes is in love with looks like the younger brother of Jared Kushner. Big thonk.

  3. Was never interested in the behind the scenes drama, now I wish I was.
    As a former DS user that jumped out of that boiling Jewish pot, I’m deebly goncerned about what kind of picture the Weev write up will paint. It’s like Iraq, seemed like a good idea at the time, but upon objective analysis at a distance of a few years it was always completely retarded. Also like Iraq there’s the known unknowns and unknown unknowns surrounding the pre-me Andy twins. Unit 8200 or ADL at worst, Dingy ghetto apt or basement dweller in Ohio at best. It’s painful to read because of the implications, it’s shameful because it’s so obvious now.

  4. […] also need to give all of your personal information to the cult upon joining. This was part of the Manlet Cult’s slander of TRS years ago, where Jayoh was supposedly a Harvard grad heroin abusing tranny fucking federal […]

  5. […] linked to my articles debunking the retarded slander of TRS through the Cantwell and Jayoh hit pieces. Some xir from Gamer Uprising proceeded […]

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