The Calgary Police Association has “reluctantly” directed its members to remove the thin blue line patches from their street uniforms while declaring victory in other areas of negotiation with the police commission, CBC News has learned.

The Calgary Police Commission initially told officers to remove the patches starting March 31. But the union representing more than 2,000 members pushed back, sending out patches and pins and issuing a directive to defy the order.

CBC News has obtained a copy of an email sent to officers by association president Johnny Orr in which he rescinds the union’s recommendation to wear the controversial symbol after several town hall meetings and in consultation with lawyers.

“We reluctantly recommend you remove the TBL [thin blue line] patches and comply with [the commission’s] order,” wrote Orr. 

“While we know that removing the patch is a tough pill to swallow, we believe that you have achieved several ‘wins.'”

Let’s take a look at that patch again.

It truly is amazing how utterly trivial this all is. Thin Blue Line is a finklethinked position, it isn’t even our position. It’s something that (((Conservatism))) puts out there to redirect the goyim’s anger at the anti-White hate group known as BLM into a safe and entirely unproductive direction. In reality, fuck the police.

But these coppers can’t even have that. No, that’s a hate symbol with ties to White Nationalist movements.

For many police officers, the Canadian flag patch with the thin blue line through it represents a way to honour officers who have died in the line of duty. It’s particularly poignant in Calgary following the 2020 death of Sgt. Andrew Harnett

But during its consultation process over the past year, the commission found the patch evokes deep, negative feelings from some members of the community, having been linked to white nationalist movements and used at counter-protests against the Black Lives Matter movement.

I guess maybe these US cops were wearing those patches when they arrested these BLM counter protesters. You should get really excited about supporting it then.

Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra has been one of the most vocal commission members against the patch, calling it a “known hate symbol” and suggesting that members who defied the commission order have a “sense of entitlement.”

Gian-Carlo Carra, Councillor of Ward 9, Calgary.

Physiognomy is real. Give me one look at this fag and I can tell you I’m not going to be agreeing with any of his politics.

Shawn Cornett, chair of the Calgary Police Commission, said at a news conference on Wednesday that the commission’s directive that on-duty officers remove the patch stands as is. 

“There are other considerations that we may discuss afterwards, but at this point, our concern is with members of the community interacting with on-duty members and other members of the police service, that they are not in a position where they are uncomfortable,” said Cornett.

The comfort of BLMers outweighs the right for the police to wear their finkle-servative “muh thin blue line,” patch. Honestly, this is just kind of funny to me at this point. I have a deep and utter contempt for the blue antifa, and the shittier these honest antifas can make things for them, the better I feel.

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