A few days ago some mentally ill latino murdered a bunch of children at an elementary school in Texas. New details have emerged of the predictably cowardly and evil action, and inaction, by the local police.


The performance of law enforcement during the mass school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday appears to have been even worse than previously known.

Early reporting that a school resource officer confronted alleged killer Salvador Ramos and engaged him in a gunfight was erroneous. 

Ramos entered through an unlocked door and faced no opposition until the police arrived several minutes later. He then became barricaded in a classroom, and the police failed to gain access and neutralize him for the next hour. It is likely that most of his victims—perhaps all of them—died in that classroom.

As that hour elapsed, desperately frightened parents arrived outside the school and were prevented from entering by law enforcement. Video footage obtained by The New York Times shows parents frantically begging the police to either enter the school and intervene or get out of the way so that they could rescue their kids themselves. Their pleas were in vain.

The Uvalde Police didn’t just not do anything for an entire hour. They made sure to stop the parents from going inside of the school themselves and actually doing something about the guy murdering their children.

In fact, it took the police so long to get the situation under control that one mother who was 40 miles away when she learned about the shooting had enough time to drive to the school. According to The Wall Street Journal, police arrested and handcuffed her to prevent her from trying to save her children.

It’s understandable that the police would not want to contend with the mayhem of parents storming the school themselves. But the apparent fact that they exerted considerable effort to keep parents at bay while failing to dislodge the shooter—who was actively murdering the kids inside the room with him—is disgusting. Any significant delay in gaining access to the shooter’s classroom is hard to explain in light of the fact that Uvalde employs a SWAT Team for this very purpose.

Cops arresting a parent who tried saving their child.

A lot of conspiracy theorist types have already come out and said that these police were somehow in on the shooting. I can sort of see why they might think that, after all, the shooter was known to the FBI.

In reality there’s a simpler solution, the blue antifa are cowards, with no redeeming features. There are no bigger gun control activists than the police, and there are no bigger pussies. Officer safety comes first, second, and third, and unless they were afraid that those parents would shoot them they’re entirely disinterested in putting their lives on the line, even if it means saving children.

In a society not run by parasites, these cops would be getting executed. In ours, the opposite is true. Had one of those cops displayed any initiative, and put his life on the line going into the building, he would have lost his job, and probably been sent to jail. This state of affairs is called the “rule of law,” because the “rule of the people,” is something we just can’t have.

These alleged failures bear some similarity to what transpired during the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. In that instance, School Resource Officer Scot Peterson hid instead of confronting the active shooter, Nikolas Cruz, who would ultimately kill 17 people. It was eventually revealed that Cruz—a disturbed teenager with a long history of violent, threatening, and anti-social behavior—was well-known to various law enforcement agencies, including the county sheriff’s office and even the FBI.

The public deserves answers about exactly what transpired in Uvalde on Tuesday and why these questionable decisions were made. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D–Texas) has called for an investigation of the timeline: Any public official whose actions detracted from the urgent need to save the lives of all those kids should be held fully accountable.

But they won’t be, of course, just like the police weren’t held accountable for waiting 45 minutes during the Vegas shooting, where over 60 people were murdered, despite the cops being in the hotel almost immediately. At the time even I believed that the cops had to have been given some sort of stand down order, but this behaviour has been replicatd by so many of these blue faggots at this point, and for so many differing reasons, that the simpler solution is that they’re just pussies. Hell, it’s even happened in ways that benefit us.

In 2020, an episode I need to port over from my old site, a bunch of White Fisherman in Nova Scotia got so sick and tired of Aboriginals being allowed to destroy young lobsters, overfishing them to death, while they had to deal with the fisheries bureaucracy, that they took it upon themselves to riot and burned down a government building, among other targets. This was a crazy episode that the media tried to not talk about as best as they could, because the RCMP just stood there with their thumbs up their asses and did nothing.

When you have a society run by parasites, they need to select for obedient police at all costs. You also need to reward these people with extremely cushy pensions, and low risk to health and safety. But people have this idea that these police can be turned into a hyper effective oppression force at a moments notice. To some small extent yes, but mostly no. These are soft, doughy fags who are purely in this for their pension, and don’t have any real will to fight for anything.

So keep in mind that, while the RCMP may look like some sort of military force, and they may even be given infantry weapons and bodyarmour, they’re still the world’s shittiest military, and would NOPE out of any actual conflict in a heartbeat. This isn’t me advocating for anything, but it’s something you should keep in mind. 

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  1. I have pal, Chris 313, who wrote a brilliant essay on “How to Talk to a Cop”, on his late lamented blog. Let’s just say it involved a blast to the face. I loathe badge fags, and the ONE positive in this TX shooting horror, is that Normies are FINALLY beginning to comprehend the truth about badge fags. I shed no tears when a nigger wastes one.

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  3. You thought state enforced homosexuality was bad, get ready for:

    State enforced pedicide.

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