A recent BANG thread brought this to my attention. I had never heard of Appolonian Germ before, or Southern Nordic, but apparently they’re livestreamers with a small audience. Or at least that was my first impression. I soon found out that Appollonian Germ is a YouTuber who has a channel created in 2016, which he doesn’t post all that frequently to. He typically gets between 1-5k views.

I have no idea where you can find more of his content, nor do I care to know, and the same is true for Southern Nordic. Instead, I’m transcribing this video because it’s such a perfect representation of low testosterone defeatist garbage that needs to be destroyed, and it contrasts so perfectly with my next installation of the In His Own Words series, where our Uncle goes over the importance of having a political party.

I have started this long video from the relevant part, just after 1:46:00. Southern Nordic is the one with the strong southern accent, and we begin with Appolonian Germ speaking.

Germ: The National Justice Party that I mentioned earlier is I think one of these groups that – every article that I’ve read about them, every, you know posts about them on 4Chan, who post their own uh website and their own literature that they put out. It seems like their main agenda is to conduct these basically propaganda campaigns and outreach programs and – to have these sensational rallies and other events that they channel their members energy into. 

Appolonian Germ

I am once again proud of myself for never having heard of this fag before, and I am already being annoyed by his Jordan Peterson-esque soyvoice. This is one of those guys who grows out a huge beard as a cover for his general lack of masculinity in all other respects.

He’s also got this really annoying vlog style where he just hops into his car and films himself driving around. No editing is done to these videos from what I could tell. Instead his stream of consciousness is presented as pristine content that you should send him donations for.

This is from 2017. He had yet to fully embrace the beardo trick.

Driving around in cars and vlogging is something he shares with Southern Nordic. The below still is from a video where he goes on for 30 minutes about Alexander Alekhine and chess. 

This was the very first video on his channel, so don’t think that I’m cherry picking.

Even more aggravating, he links to a chess game he played with none other than Appolonian Germ in the video description. And he even gives us a timestamp of one of the most obnoxious cases of mutual blunders I have ever seen.

Unfortunately this was uploaded in 360p, which makes it hard to see, but here are the next few moves of this game. 

Since this move makes absolutely no sense at all, I rewound the game to the point where this amazing sequence of retardation begins.

Alright, so here we see the bishop on f4 being attacked after g3. And this is the next move in the game.

“Hey guys, my bishop is attacked, better develop my knight.” – Appolonian Germ

“I didn’t want that bishop anyway. Material advantage is for fags. Real men play for activity.” – Southern Tard

“With my bishop hanging, my number one priority is getting a rook exchange.” – Appolonian Faggot

“Which I have cleverly denied, with a move that doesn’t just put pressure on the pinned e7 knight, but also hits the f4 bishop that I could have just taken with the pawn for free.” – Southern Moron

“Indeed it does, which is why I’m castling. That way, in addition to having a hanging bishop, I’ll also let you take my knight with check, exchange the rooks on the d file, and then win a piece, all with the f4 bishop still hanging. Real geniuses know that the opponent can only capture one hanging piece at a time, so there’s really no further downside to blundering the entire house.” – Appolonian Beard Fag

“Oh shit, there was a free piece, better capture this now, as opposed to three moves ago.” – Southern Idiot.

Look, being bad at chess is fine. I myself am a high teens player on that same website, and I haven’t played for months now. I’m not saying I’m some grandmaster looking down at you all.

But these two guys are a level of terrible that blows my mind. How did neither of them see that the bishop was attacked by the pawn, that was literally the point of g3.

And it’s not like this was a bullet game, they both had around 50 minutes on the clock. Give me a 50 minute game and there’s a good chance I won’t blunder a single time. Give these two retards a 50 minute game and they’ll somehow miss the free piece for three straight moves before finally remembering that pawns can capture diagonally.

And I wouldn’t have even brought it up, except that chess appears to be really important to Southern Nordic, to the point of him going on about Bobby Fischer and Alexander Alekhine unprompted. He then goes on to give people some of the dumbest chess advice I have ever seen, and goes over his old opening repertoire. He also says this about his match with Appolonian Beard Fag.

Germ is a really good player though. He’s the type of player who always gave me a fit.

Buddy, he didn’t notice that his bishop was attacked by a pawn for three moves. And neither did you.

This detour into this guys terrible chess ability is almost a perfect metaphor for his politics. He thinks he’s qualified to be giving out chess advice, but he’s a sub 1k player who blunders constantly. He also feels qualified to dish out life altering pseudo-political advice, and, well, you’ll see just how intelligent that is.

Speaking of which, let’s get back to that original video.

Appolonian Germ: And even things like, uh, they have – I saw a video where they have these like camps, where they invite young men from across the country to engage in like uh combat training and exercise and things of that nature. And uh, those things on their own are not bad. You know you should.

Southern Nordic: No, no, that’s a good thing.

I guess he’s referring to the Rise Above Movement guys, now rebranded as Activism, Athletics, Identity. I’ve written about them before, but I don’t think they’re directly linked to NJP.

Germ: Right, you should train, you should exercise, you should do those things. But I think for an organization to channel all your energy into that and at the same time giving you this narrative that some day through political action or through, uhmmm, some kind of grassroots uh movement that “we’re gonna take power back, and we’re gonna take back the whole country. And we’re gonna re-establish our people and our people’s culture, and all that stuff.” And that – in my opinion we’re beyond that. We’re –

Southern Fag: We really are.

Germ Fag: We’re beyond the point of rehabilitation.

There is something about this NPR-esque soyboy droning on about how actually fighting politically is bad that really triggered me.

Uh most people, even if they’re exposed to all the information that you could – even if you took, somehow you could take your brain out and put it in their head, and give them all the information at once of uh, what’s going on in the World and all the problems we’re facing, most people just aren’t capable of accepting it. Or if they accept it, they’re not capable of even caring. They don’t care. People are just like dysgenically uh, somehow like, at a fundamental level not able to care about these things.

You hear that everyone? Average everyday people are “dysgenic,” because they don’t just suddenly DO THE MIRACLE and spontaneously overthrow the privileged class with no direction or structure. This is the analysis from the genius who didn’t notice his bishop was hanging for multiple moves in a row in a one hour chess game.

Southern Nordic: Uh yeah. It’s like modernity has grinded these people sense of perception down so badly that uh, it’s like a lot of people are just so caught up in whatever entertainment that gets put out or sportsball or basically they’re just trying to survive paycheque to paycheque and they don’t have the time to really look at the big picture.


There is this really annoying strain of faggotry that I have encountered from time to time. It’s something like “average everyday people are just too stupid or complacent for me to bother making appeals to them.” I’m really glad that I can put a face to these kinds of people, because it’s never some actual genius who says this. It’s never some handsome, charismatic guy who is legitimately a cut above the norm. It’s always these bearded soyboy whiners who think that their 540 chess elo qualifies them as a serious chess coach.

The reality is that these people are simply anti-social losers. They personally don’t have any appeal to average everyday people, so they apply that to politics. As if the average American is just sitting around going “yeah, sure is great how trillion dollar multinationals censor people for fact-checking war propaganda that is later admitted to be fake.” No, what people want is someone who isn’t a total fag forming a political party and giving them some realistic chance of victory, not these soyim.

Germ: So my, uh my suggestion would be, in terms of winning, my suggestion would be make genuine friends, uhm, pursue your genuine interests, and all the while try your best. Do whatever you can to become independent from the system. Do not send your kids to the schools. Try to do whatever you can to be entreprenurial, or at the very least work for a small company like a family owned company. Work toward getting land in a rural area. Start growing your own food, start raising your own animals. Start doing things like creating your own uh, little electrical system. Have your own solar panels or an electric generator.

This guy is such an annoying faggot. Apparently the “solution,” is to literally do nothing except go and LARP like a nomadic farmer. In case you hadn’t realized, farming, even with modern tools, is actually really difficult and often quite back breaking labour. You also need access to fuel and other materials, so this idea that you can just be shut off from society is ludicrous.

This might not be so idiotic if he instead said that you should run for political office locally, and ignore the big picture. That might be somewhat defensible, and there is no reason to not be running for office locally, so it at least wouldn’t be actively harmful. But no, he just wants you personally to go and learn how to build your own entire electrical system that runs on solar panels which magically never break, or need to be replaced in any way. 

Do whatever you can to reduce your dependence on the system and uh keep your friends and family close. Find a woman. Have children. And raise your children the right way. 

Painting of Holodomor

Guess what, if the government wants to, they can steal all of your food and murder all the ruralites they feel like, provided you are individualist weirdos with no collective ability to fight back. They did something similar to the Ukrainians in the Holodomor*, and there’s nothing stopping them from doing that to these LARPers either. The only thing that stops them is people fighting back politically. Miss me with this pathetic shit.

Continued: You know, these are the things that we should be doing because what we should be really doing is preparing for this collapse in population that’s going to be coming. I do believe that whether the elites push it through, or whether it’s a natural result of population density and degeneracy and decay, we’re going to come to a point where the system collapses. And uh, we’re gonna have to be able to weather that without running to the elites for protection and uh, for sustenance. So… that’s, that’s my take on that. Put all your energy toward reducing your dependence on the system.

More Holodomor images.

Cool story bro. Just put all your energy into building a nice community that the federal government has the complete power to destroy on a whim through various methods. Average everyday people aren’t ready to hear the message that the 530 elo supergeniuses have to give to them, so what’s needed is a retreat into rural areas. But not to do political activism, just to take on Do It Yourself electrical wiring projects that have no affect on political reality.

You’d think that if there’s a collapse coming that the “elites,” where by “elites,” what he actually means is coddled privileged class, would be even better able to simply have the military execute you and steal your stuff. You’d think that, because it is that, and this fag doesn’t have any actual answer to that, because there isn’t one.

Here’s a quote from Leon Trotsky, also known as (((Leiba Bronstein))). When a group of Ukrainian men, starving to death, went to Moscow to plead for more food he said the following. “Don’t call it a famine. When your women begin eating their children, then you may say ‘we are starving.'” 

Just know that’s your actual future if you don’t fight politically. 

Southern Nordic: Really I mean like everything you buy, you know reducing your dependence, really you are accelerating the collapse potentially. If enough people do it. Like, if you’re not participating in the economy, it’ll collapse.

The idea that one single person not buying things from the store will lead to c-c-c-collapse is dumber than him not capturing the free bishop for three moves, but what else can we expect. In reality, one single persons economic habits have nothing to do with anything, that’s why people can drop dead suddenly with no repercussions to the system. And if you want massive amounts of people to start doing something economically then form a political party and don’t build a shack in the woods so you can LARP like you aren’t a pathetic coward.

There is no solution except for a political solution. There is nothing to do but form a political party and contest elections. Everything else is a complete waste of time, and the talking heads who go on and on about retreating into the woods are low IQ faggots that nobody likes in real life. 

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  1. “Hurr Durr, why are you fighting, you’ll only lose. You should run away like the previous generations did and LARP as a medieval farmer and wait for the collapse.”
    No collapse is coming, at least not like what they’re fantasizing about. We have real issues and real problems in the present that need attention and action now. I’m so sick of people attacking people trying to do something. Even if you disagree, there is no reason to ridicule or try to stop it.

    1. The (((system))) is trying so hard to maintain itself and will do everything to be maintained, this is why there will be no collapse because the (((elites))) have everything to lose while we don’t in the meantime.

      Borzoi is proven yet again that this cowardice and dumb accelerationism needs to stop, there will be no collapse in this wicked system.

  2. It’s hilarious to see people like that think they’re intellectuals and great at chess.
    I’d bet there are several thousand, if not many many more, ten year olds who would beat him in chess every single game.
    It’s still fun to play though.
    The guy doesn’t realize that he isn’t as intelligent as he thinks he is.
    When you’re on the internet there is a decent chance you could be interacting with someone much more intelligent than you are, this especially applies for people like him.

    1. There are some 10 year old prodigies who would wipe the floor with me every single game. That’s the thing about chess, you are your rating. It’s also what makes their delusional self-described intellectualism so absurd.

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