Of course, it’s not so hard to dunk on a guy who’s 5’5, but here we are.

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EDIT: And here’s the part where they go on about the non-existent “women question.” I myself have talked about that at length, such as here.

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  1. Mike and Jesse are lying through their teeth when they claim they don’t know that Douglas Mackey was a literally jewish owned agent.. Look up who he worked for and what that jew was doing with intelligence gathering. They know. Everyone has known about that for years. Pretending not to know is the fakest and gayest thing they could do. They even sound insincere as hell and give about a dozen classic tells of lying when they say that. Pathetic.

    TRS has no credibility until they come clean and admit that —

    1.) Mackey was an agent against white nationalists who was working for jews.

    2.) Paul Nehlen did nothing wrong. Exposing enemy agents is not doxxing or snitching. Nehlen worked with Mackey in real life and knew he was an agent and had proof through his open source work history. All you needed was his real name to see that Mackey worked for a jewish intel firm. None of this is in the slightest dispute. There was no way to expose Mackey with giving his real name. Paul was 100% in the right and TRS is 100% in the wrong on this.

    3.) Mackey was a big part of the jewish gay op that TRS was sucked into, something that Mike and Jesse have admitted they were tricked into by supporting zioblump. That already admitted error did not happen without handlers/agents and Mackey was one. Mackey was the jew’s handler for Mike and Jesse and he did a good job, getting them to take the wrong side in the optics war for sometime.

    This shouldn’t be hard to do for someone who puts truth, right and the race above ego. Mike and Jesse owe Paul Nehlen and apology.

    1. nah

      1. Everything I said is 100% proven fact and you have no counter arguments.

        1. Gonna be honest I only skimmed it a little, saw you were trying to do a ‘Nehlen did nothing wrong’ post and stopped reading. If your arguments are really that strong, I’ll never know since they’re locked behind an impenetrable wall of text that I ain’t gonna read.

  2. Let’s look into some facts about Douglass Mackey.


    “But it reports that Auernheimer charged that Cantwell was a federal snitch and Auernheimer clapped back with an allegation Auernheimer has been in cahoots with Vaughn (Mackey) to carve up the neo-Nazi’s into two movements; those that want to take their fight to to street and so-called “main-streamers,” which the SPLC says is manifested in Vaughan.”

    “Auernheimer wrote, the SPLC reported, that he and Vaughn had decided “that hard divisions must be made sooner rather than later between viable actors and nonviable actors. Anyone that was not capable of seeing what these people were and joining in the denouncement was, in our thinking, a non-viable actor and poisonous to the future of the movement.”


    “You may be wondering why you should care. He(Mackey) was, after all, involved in a software company (Clearview AI) that was developing facial recognition technology supposedly used to doxx rightwingers. He, in this writer’s honest opinion, is a traitorous scumbag who worked to destroy consent and free speech. You likely feel no sympathy for his current woes. Nor should you. His comeuppance is sweet and a joy to behold.”

    1. I had to manually approve this comment because links automatically go in the spam folder. Suffice to say, this is not an endorsement of this comment at all. The jury is still out on Ricky Vaughn and Paul Nehlen, as far as I’m concerned, and I’m not about to endorse either of them at this time.

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