I thought I was done writing about this clown fiesta. But I was on twatter doing research when I somehow found my way to this.

This is The Times. You read that correctly. It’s not the New York Times, or the Boston Times, or anything else. It’s just The Times. On their twatter account they have a link to their telegram.

For reference, The Daily Rake currently has 717 subscribers. The Times also has 1.7M followers, and yet they appear to average just a few likes per tweet. I don’t know what’s going on here, but they’re tonguing Amber Heard’s gross nether parts in this latest piece. I’m bolding the relevant parts, skip the rest.

The Times:

In the course of the six weeks over which it ran, the trial created a tsunami of online content. There was all that live streaming and avid watching of the established US court channels, one of whom — Court TV — reported a fourfold increase in viewership. But there was also a multitude of memes, a #justiceforjohnny hashtag, and a swirl of Instagram accounts (@johnnydeppcase, 116,000 followers; @johnnydepptrialupdates, 57,000 followers; the mysteriously disabled @houseinhabited, the work of the influencer Jessica Reed Kraus, which disappeared days after Reed Kraus accused David Shane, Amber Heard’s PR man, of sexual misconduct).

Daily packages of compilation clips called things such as “Amber Heard’s team get wrecked in the most hilarious way by this witness” circulated; then, inevitably, came the merchandise. A “Don’t be An Amber” T-shirt? Yours for £12.62 off Etsy.

Even those of us who chose not to live stream the trial could not avoid it (it made traditional news outlets on a daily basis), or the fact that the internet mood, and by extension, the public mood, is overwhelmingly anti-Heard.

I haven’t been following it enough to have a really informed opinion on which of the roasts of Amber are the best, but there’s no question. Heard is a completely transparent sociopath who obviously made up all of her slander of Johnny Depp. Her testimony was so cringe inducingly fake that I had to remind myself that she’s an abuser so I could enjoy watching her embarrass herself that badly. 

Depp has for decades enjoyed the support of an infamously virulent fan base, a group that will defend his honour against even the mildest swipe. The “Deppford wives”, as some have referred to them, have been imaginatively active over this period, doing things such as flooding the website of Dr David R Speigel, a psychiatrist, with negative reviews after he took the stand on Heard’s behalf.

However, anti-Heard sentiment extends far beyond the limits of that cohort. Give or take a handful of op-eds — damning the creation of the memes, the merchandise, and the way the case has been consumed as a form of entertainment, plus the victim-blaming and diminishing of the widespread problem of domestic abuse — the majority of people seem convinced that Heard is the baddie in this Hollywood drama.

Yeah I wonder why?

It’s almost like if you want to curry favour with a jury you should avoid spazzing out and literally shitting the bed. I don’t mean that as a joke, Amber literally took a fat shit in Johnny Depp’s bed and this was apparently just like totally fine. Everyone was cool with it. Well the general public wasn’t, and thought that was really messed up and maybe she shouldn’t have done it.

To steal a line from my first article on this Dominance Establishment Ritual.

Look, I know it can be hard to not shit on your boyfriend or girlfriends bed. I personally once got so mad at an ex-girlfriend that I stood over her while she was sleeping, newspaper in hand, jeans at my ankles. I was waiting for her to roll over so I could have a bit of space to shit on her side of the bed, and then tuck myself in for a nice snooze. 

Fortunately, it took her too long to roll over, and I reassessed the situation. She had forgotten to order extra sweet and sour sauce for my Chicken McNuggets, so I realized what  nutcase I was for shitting on her side of the bed. I calmed down, and the next morning, when she had left, I peed in her favourite slippers and then blamed her cat. 

Emma understands. She told me that one time, on the set of a Harry Potter movie, one of the staff forgot to order her Starbucks caramel machiatto with a shot of mint. She was about to pull her drawers down and shit right then and there while the cameras were rolling while screaming “try forgetting my mint shot now you fucking bitch,” but there was a delay for another reason and the shooting was moved back ten minutes. In that time she calmed down, and eventually settled for leaving some period blood on that girls nametag.

I know, I know, it’s a crazy story. She knows that Starbucks is run by “those filthy bloodsucking Schlomos,” as she puts it, but she couldn’t be a true representative for the White Race without occasionally indulging in some barely disguised candy.

Back to the article.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been informed by generally perfectly reasonable people who call themselves “feminists”, and hadn’t previously expressed any fondness for Depp, that Heard is blatantly obviously utterly hateful.

She is a manipulative gold-digger who married Depp as a way of elevating her profile and who, far from being a victim of domestic abuse, is clearly a perpetrator of it. (“You can just tell.”) They have damned the way in which she cried on the witness stand as not merely unconvincing, but further proof of her inferior acting skills, ie solid evidence that she married Depp to benefit her career because she clearly can’t rely on talent to win her roles.

“She is every fake, manipulative woman you’ve ever met in your life in one person,” one (female) friend tells me. “She’s the proof #MeToo went too far,” says another (also female). “It’s because of her legitimate victims of domestic violence aren’t believed.”

Actually #meToo didn’t go nearly far enough, and this doesn’t have anything to do with that. #MeToo was a bunch of kikes getting caught using rape through coercion against the goyettes, and the only problem I had with it is that they didn’t just execute them all. In contrast, Johnny Depp is a much more familiar story of a man having his ex-wife make up slanders of him beating her that are just flat out not true. There are no parallels to Harvey Weinstein here, and I disavow anybody who tries to conflate that.

Now, I am not in the business of defending Heard. I think her treatment is dubious, that we the public have form on siding with a man over a woman. But mainly my feeling on this case is: I wasn’t there, I don’t know them — I don’t know.

I am, however, in the business of deconstructing the nature of Heard’s perceived villainy and indulging in a little conjecture about what it means for our broader culture. If this is genuinely the first example of “trial by TikTok”, for example; whether it represents the end of #MeToo and the beginning of #MenToo (the acknowledgement of abuse of men suffered at the hands of women).

Just read this next paragraph and see if you can make any sense of it.

Heard is a famously complicated, contradictory person who exists in a time when that sort of thing is perceived as unacceptable, undermining to one’s integrity — as opposed to, say, an inevitable function of being alive and human.

I don’t even know what this means. I’m not a contradictory person myself, and yet I am still alive. This seems like a lot of words to avoid saying “Amber Heard is full of shit.”

Anyway, there’s a lot of boring celeb gossip stuff. She points out that Heard came out as a bisexual when she was 24, that she won a Raspberry award for not being able to act, and some other tedious stuff that nobody cares about. Finally she finishes with this.

For what it’s worth, I suspect the key to why the internet hates Heard so very much lies more completely in a quote she gave to the The Times Magazine in June 2015, shortly after she married Depp. “I’m fundamentally opposed to trying to edit myself to be palatable or popular,” she said. I’m not sure any woman ever commits a greater crime.

Yeah, about that.

And of course the catlady brigade is trying their hardest to paint Heard as a victim. Except that everybody “self-censors.” This is one of the oldest and most tedious feminist critiques. I don’t just go potty in public, and Amber Heard is perfectly capable of also not doing that.

Here’s the actual reality. Johnny Depp is the real victim. Johnny Depp was a man who, while troubled, never physically abused Amber Heard and was maliciously slandered as a wife beater by her. He also had to deal with her awful and nasty behaviour, most notably her literally shitting in his bed because he was two hours late for her birthday party.

But there have been plenty of less famous men in exactly the position Johnny Depp is in right now, who were dogpiled on by the courts, and by these very same catlady cunts. Depp lost his job in the Pirates franchise over this, and plenty of men have lost their jobs, and lost huge in divorce courts, from this kind of slander. But this trial was made so public, and Depp is so obviously the victim, that it doesn’t matter how hard these propagandists shill for Amber Heard, nobody is buying it. Not even many of the women who identify as feminists.

This is how the propaganda always operates. They try to slander people in the most ridiculous ways, and hope on the victim wanting to have their name taken out of the headlines. In reality, the best defense is to make them talk about you more, as the longer the public hears about the facts, the more sympathetic they will be to you. The WMD Liars excel at doing drive by shootings, and the longer they have to fight, the more people learn that Amber Heard literally shit in Johnny Depp’s bed.

The trial is over. The jury is deliberating. I’ll write up another piece when they’ve finished.

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