Remember the Reddit Dilation Brigade? That was fun while it lasted, but apparently Zelensky wants to get in on that sweet AIDS action directly, cutting out the middlemen.


KYIV, May 31 (Reuters) – As volunteer fighters Oleksandr Zhuhan and Antonina Romanova pack for a return to active duty, they contemplate the unicorn insignia that gives their uniform a rare distinction – a symbol of their status as an LGBTQ couple who are Ukrainian soldiers.

Members of Ukraine’s LGBTQ community who sign up for the war have taken to sewing the image of the mythical beast into their standard-issue epaulettes just below the national flag.

The practice harks back to the 2014 conflict when Russia invaded then annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine, “when lots of people said there are no gay people in the army,” actor, director and drama teacher Zhuhan told Reuters as he and Romanova dressed in their apartment for their second three-month combat rotation.

“So they (the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community) chose the unicorn because it is like a fantastic ‘non-existent’ creature.”

We are talking about the war with the largest casualties in Europe since WW2, and these fags are going on about how they’re unicorns? I almost can’t write about this delusion because it’s so otherworldly. They are volunteering for the frontlines in a war that’s not going so well for Zelensky, and their chatting about how they’re special gay unicorns. They’re going to end up as gay unicorn giblets after they get artillery struck to death.

Zhuhan and Romanova, who identifies as a non-binary person with she/her pronouns and moved to the capital from Crimea after being displaced in 2014, met through their theatre work.

Can you imagine being a Ukrainian soldier. You’re there on the frontlines. You’ve been struggling for weeks. You’ve been reduced to one potato a day at times. And then this fag shows up with their pronouns on their nametag calling themselves a unicorn and promising to be fighting alongside you.

Neither was trained in the use of weapons but, after spending a couple of days hiding in their bathroom at the start of the war, decided they had to do more.

But they make up for it by not having any training whatsoever.

For Zhuhan and Romanova, their vocation gives them an added sense of responsibility.

Everybody this servant of Globo Homo Schlomo who identifies as “non-binary,” and has their pronouns in their bio is really concerned about traditionalist Ukrainian culture and is really mad that those devious Russians are going to be wiping it out.

Zhuhan’s unease lifts as one commander makes clear his refusal to tolerate homophobia, and a more senior officer says the only important thing on the front line is to be a good fighter, he subsequently tells Reuters by phone.

But one overriding fear, voiced back in their apartment, remains.

“The thing I’m worried about is that in case I get killed during this war, they won’t allow Antonina to bury me the way I want to be buried,” Zhuhan said.

“They’d rather let my mum bury me with the priest reading silly prayers… But I am an atheist and I don’t want that.”

Hold on, let me go back a second.

“Because what Russia does is they don’t just take our territories and kill our people. They want to destroy our culture and… we can’t allow this to happen,” Zhuhan said.

And what he just said.

“They’d rather let my mum bury me with the priest reading silly prayers… But I am an atheist and I don’t want that.”

I have no words.

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  1. To be fair, when she says “our culture” she’s probably referring to recent (((innovations))) in culture post-Maidan, such as pride parades and the crackdown on orthodoxy

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