Writing about the Tanya Gersh Fiasco is difficult. Mainstream propagandists will cover up the extortion she did of Richard Spencer’s mother, and present an incredibly biased account of her behaviour. Unfortunately, the natural sources that would counter this are few and far between. The Deadmeme Honeypotter itself intentionally removed their search function, which makes searching the site quite difficult, and a post by Richard Spencer at the time on Medium has also been censored.

All I have to rely on with sources from the Daily Stormer is archived links, and random links that people have somehow remembered and posted on the internet. As a good start, I thought I could rely on the links in the above email, which we’ll get to later. Unfortunately, when I typed those in, after changing “dailystormer.com” to “stormer-daily.rw”, I was greeted with the following.

This happened with both of those articles, which is quite a shame. Considering that the links themselves don’t work, it might be the rare case of the Andrews removing content from the site. This is quite disappointing, but we can read between the lines on these kosher publications instead.

The Daily Beast:

Tanya Gersh answered a phone call from an unknown number. First, she heard silence, then gunshots.

A harassment campaign against Gersh and her family began last December after the mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer published a blog post accusing Gersh of harassment.

Well guess what happens when you click on that blog post?

Unfortunately, since Spencer got censored off of Medium, we can’t hear from him directly. That would be even better than Anglin’s site for filling you in on the backstory, but it’s not an option to us. 

Sherry Spencer wrote Gersh threatened to drive down the property value of a building Spencer owns in Whitefish, Montana unless she agreed to sell the building, donate the money to a local human rights organization, and publicly denounce her son. Gersh, a real estate agent in Whitefish, has maintained that Spencer asked her to act as her realtor and later changed her mind.

Unfortunately, since Richard Spencer’s medium has been censored, and Anglin deleted the original articles off of his site, we have to rely on these insanely biased sources. Let me explain to you what actually happened.

Everything Sherry Spencer, Richard Spencer’s mother, claims is true. Tanya Gersh came to Sherry Spencer and told her that she would throw protests in front of her business, which I believe was a bed and breakfast, every day. This would make a quaint bed and breakfast totally unworkable and unprofitable, destroying her business. However, Gersh owned a realty corporation, which she told Sherry that she would “helpfully,” sell her property with. And she also had the balls to demand that all the proceeds from the sale of a six bedroom building go to her jew supremacist “human rights organization.” Not just the profits, the entire fucking thing.

Fucking piece of shit Tanya Gersh.

Here’s another piece from the insanely anti-White site “Political Research,” that I’d never heard of until now.

Political Research:

Most recently, Jewish residents of Whitefish (and at least one person who was apparently mistakenly identified as Jewish) have found themselves harassed by neonazis and White nationalists who object to an effort by a local real estate agent to help Spencer’s mother, Sherry, sell a commercial building she owns in town, and her urging of Sherry Spencer to publicly disavow her son’s stated beliefs. That realtor, Tanya Gersh, is Jewish.

You hear that, goy. Tanya Gersh was just “helping,” Sherry Spencer sell her business, and give all the proceeds to Tanya Gersh. And she was also “helping,” organize the locals to constantly harass her until she did this. She was just being a friendly neighbourhood zionist.

Sherry Spencer has since publicly complained that she is being unfairly targeted for the beliefs of her son, failing to note that, as of December 2015, NPI was registered with the Montana secretary of state as an entity that conducts its business from Sherry Spencer’s six-bedroom home in Whitefish. (Business Entity Registration (D231213), Montana Secretary of State.)

This evil kikenroachette named Tanya was extorting Richard Spencer’s mother, and her justification for this, if you can call it that, was that Richard Spencer’s non profit used her business’ location as its location. It’s almost too much of a non-sequitur to respond to, but no, this doesn’t even mean that Sherry Spencer was in any way involved with Richard’s politics ta all. And of course, that doesn’t justify extortion anyway.

But it was precisely because Sherry Spencer wasn’t actually political that she had cold feet, and didn’t initially want to sue Tanya Gersh. Like I said, without direct sources from the Daily Stormer and Richard Spencer it’s really difficult to say with exact certainty what happened next. But we have Mike Peinovich’s statement from “TDS:891 America Felted,” which goes over this case.

TDS:891, 1:52:00:

Mike Enoch: [Spencer] had a great [legal] case. Richard didn’t want to do it. His mother didn’t want to do it. I and others pressured him, he pressured his mother, and ultimately he finally convinced his mother to do it.

You may remember Richard Spencer as the fag who somehow, someway, came out with a novelty take on Spicolas Fuentes where he suddenly wasn’t gay anymore. We also went into his new grift that nobody cares about in that piece, and in this one we remember him crying like an Appolonian Bitch in an interview with confirmed retard Elle Reeve. 

Richard Spencer, in addition to being a lazy narcissist, was also a gigantic pussy. Despite having an open and shut case for extortion and coercion against Tanya Gersh, Spencer needed to be hounded into doing this case by other people. Yes, the guy who called himself the Emperor of the Universe needed to be convinced to do an easily won legal battle against some kike antifa organization politically persecuting him and his mother. But at least, after prodding by others, he did in fact eventually get around to doing it. 

This needs to be taken extremely seriously for a second. We had a golden opportunity here, in late 2016. We had Tanya Gersh and her antifa organization doing something that no normal American would approve of. We had Sherry Spencer, who was a very sympathetic defendant. And we had a very winnable case, provided that Spencer could prove the allegations against Gersh. This would involve emails, phone records, and the like, but we had a very realistic shot. Furthermore, the optics of a prolonged legal fight would have been horrific for Gersh and other organizations like her.

The point of a political movement is not just to “redpill da normies.” Eventually you have to translate that to concrete victories. Collecting Tanya’s scalp would have been an enormous victory, and the wheels were already in motion to make this happen. It was crucial that nobody fucked this up.

Shockingly, somebody fucked this up.

Mike Enoch Cont: And then Andrew and weev did this thing where they said ‘we are going to do a nazi march through Whitefish, Montana to protest what Tanya Gersh did.’

Now, this created a big hubbub in Whitefish. This made Richard’s mother decide that she didn’t want anything to do with it. It made the whole thing go away.

Anglin’s involvement has managed to be an enormous net negative right out of the gate. He’s already managed to destroy the case against Tanya Gersh. Let’s see if he can redeem himself.

Mike Cont: And then Anglin, on his site, started telling people to harass her 13 year old son.

Sven: He put the doxx on their site.

Mike: They put the doxx of her whole family including her 13 year old son. Now I think that’s a dumb thing to do, but it also lead to him having a legal liability to her of $13 million dollars.

After destroying the case against Gersh, he explicitly harasses Gersh and her 12 year old son. And yes, her son was 12, not 13, like the TRS guys stated. This gives her a great legal case against Anglin, as well as tons of free positive publicity as a victim.

Moike: And remember when April Gaede was saying to us ‘this fucking shit, we had a whole White Nationalist thing going up here in Montana

Sven: ‘and now it’s gone’

Moike: ‘and now it’s being destroyed because of these two fucking idiots.’

Sven: Because of weev. Boy, weev and his guy that he made flee the country and now exists solely at weev’s discretion. 

April Gaede

Andrew Anglin and weev managed to somehow, someway, snatch extreme defeat from the jaws of straightforward victory. They turned what was as close to a sure thing over an antifa-zionist in Tanya Gersh into an enormous legal and propaganda victory for Tanya Gersh, that had a knock on effect of destroying a small but thriving White Nationalist community in Whitefish.

What could have been the case of the decade as Tanya Gersh was exposed for her uniquely jewy extortion was turned into an impotent goon march that never happened, coupled with yet another impotent trolling of Tanya and her 12 year old son that permanently established Tanya Gersh, an evil zionist extortionist, as the victim in this situation. A situation that she started by extorting an innocent woman for her sons political beliefs, which are no doubt far less evil than what she believes should be done in Israel.

But the TRS guys don’t even go into what is arguably the worst part of Anglin’s behaviour here, which was his fake “free speech fight of the century.” You can see this in the below pic.

This is what was plastered on Anglin’s site from at least December 19th, 2016, the earliest record of this image that I have. He’d have this in the sidebar for the articles, and maybe the main page, constantly demanding his audience give him shekels for his supposed free speech fight against Tanya Gersh. 

He kept that up on his site probably in excess of a year, constantly fundraising. He even exceeded the $150k goal he set, but demanded that his paypiggies donate more money to him. The argument being that we needed a “show of force,” which would best be represented by you giving him a lot of money. Keep in mind that the Stormer audience was never wealthy, even back then, so he was scamming out a bunch of poors for their shekels.

I say scamming, because he lost his legal fight by not showing up. Yes, you read that correctly. He raised over $150k for his “legal fight,” and then decided not to fight it. And did he give anyone’s money back? Of course not.

Back when this site was the Hyphen Report I got a great comment from WhiteNoize and it sums up this period of time quite well. You can find that comment here.

But yeah, I remember that. He was pumping himself up as the champion of Richard Spencer and was going to take the fight to this yenta. It all was so promising with the hot shot lawyer, media spot light, rumored KKK and mujahideen parade, frenzied anticipation on left and right for the showdown and…….mom’s spaghetti, and it just evaporates. Alot of parallels with his hero Donald Trump, create a spectacle, over promise and get zero results. He used it to burnish his personal brand nonetheless.

I think he gave some sorry cope about how “he’s a wanted man, their out to get him, got to go into hiding”. So he can’t risk being a public advocate (AFTER receiving the money). I’m skeptical of him being in significant danger to the point of hiding or being an expat.

I will have a lot more to say about Anglin’s theft of his own audience’s donations in the installment after the next. It’s important, because there might still be the occasional well intentioned person who feels compelled to give the 5’5 champion of da HuWhyte Race some money. He certainly has no problem reminding his audience that he wants their shekels

But again, we’ll get there when we get there. I’ve still got to get through the rest of this fiasco.

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