The propaganda on Ukraine has gone through some distinct phases. I distinctly remember early on there was tons of denial, coupled with outright ludicrous claims like the Ghost of Kiev, Snake Island, and three separate occasions where Zelensky’s government passed off video game footage as the real deal. After that we were treated to some of the most absurd bloviation, where Zelensky whined about how the other governments were meanies for not “closing the sky,” as if we had the military ability to do so. Finally the coverage has somewhat slowed down, mostly because Russia switched to a strategy of just covering the field of battle with artillery and we’ve seen the first few articles prepping the catladies for the inevitable defeat. 

Con Coughlin of the Daily Telegraph.

The above graphic, which I found on FTN’s telegram, can simply be presented without comment.

Fox Jews:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Friday that while Ukraine was not eager to have a dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his country has to face the reality that communication will likely be needed to end the war. 

“There are things to discuss with the Russian leader. I’m not telling you that to me our people are eager to talk to him, but we have to face the realities of what we are living through,” he said in an address. 

“What do we want from this meeting … We want our lives back … We want to reclaim the life of a sovereign country within its own territory,” he said. 

Zelenskyy noted that Russia did not seem to be ready for peace talks.

Russia has wanted peace talks since the very start of this war, but a combination of complete lack of caring for the plight of Ukrainians, as well as mass delusion on behalf of our privilege class as expressed through NATO, has lead to the prolonging of this war. Well that and they have made tens of billions of dollars for the MIC, as well as money laundering purposes through all of this. And it’s not just the US, even Canada is pledging $8 billion more for defense spending.

On Thursday, the Kremlin said that it expects Ukraine to accept Russia’s demands and “the understanding of the real situation that exists de-facto.”

Russia’s assault on Ukraine has not let up and its military on Friday pounded the last Ukrainian strongholds in a separatist-controlled eastern province of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s foreign minister warned that its forces would not be able to stop Russia from gaining control of Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk without more foreign weapons. 

The cities are the last areas under Ukrainian control in Luhansk.

Because this is the Epstein Killed Himself Liars, and their goal is to distract and to obfuscate when they aren’t outright lying, it has been shockingly difficult to find any maps of the situation on the ground. These maps below from the BBC, are the best that I’ve been able to find from mainstream propaganda.

Severodonetsk and Lysychansk are in the small white pocket on the far right of the first image. This is where the current conflict is happening. Fox News is too busy doing propaganda to bother informing the audience of these basic facts, and would rather you have no real idea what’s going on, and just have a bunch of proper nouns to juggle in your head.

Even this doesn’t go far enough. A real news org would have links to the population levels, and resources of various areas of the Ukraine, as well as graphics for estimated military strength. They’d have all of these in easy to click on links, or in the sidebar. But the purpose of these propaganda outlets is to disinform, so the more information they give you, the more they have to explicitly lie, or, if telling the truth, the harder it is for them to lie in the future.

In Donetsk, Russian-backed rebels claimed Friday to have taken control of Lyman, however there was no immediate confirmation of the claim from Ukrainian officials.

Zelenskyy has accused Moscow of pursuing “an obvious policy of genocide.” 

“Pressure on Russia is literally a matter of saving lives,” he said. “And every day of delay, weakness, various disputes or proposals to ‘appease’ the aggressor at the expense of the victim is new killed Ukrainians. And new threats to everyone on our continent.”

Reminder, Bucha was beyond inconclusive, and many people have speculated that the civilians murdered were Russians, or at least Russian friendly, with supporting evidence being things such as the white armbands they were wearing. 

But really, I could go the rest of my life without hearing from Zelensky again. He has a very punchable face.

Luckily it will all be over soon, with the outcome at this point completely locked in. Russia will win, Zelensky will lose, and there’s nothing these propagandists can do about it. What they can do, and will do, is prolong the conflict for as long as possible so as to make sure as many goyim die as possible, and they can steal as many of our taxdollars as possible.

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  1. “ A real news org would have links to the population levels, and resources of various areas of the Ukraine, as well as graphics for estimated military strength.”

    I remember during the first gulf war Time magazine had all that shit printed out with easy to understand graphics that were easy enough for me to understand as a ten year old. That’s what you get when the WMD liars know their side is going to win.

  2. Have a mischling acquaintance who looks just like zelensky… believe me the punching temptation is even more real in person.

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