Ah, Thuletide. You may remember this presumably chubby little e-boy from our last piece on him, where he proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the NJP is indeed a Eurasianist project created to genocide the HuWhyte Race. After all, Eric Striker went to a Golden Dawn rally once. 

Schizo posting, whether that be on Covid-19, migrants, or geopolitical spergery to the nth degree, is something that Thuletide is a big fan of. Why have a rational and correct opinion on something when you can say this instead.

Let me go ahead and transcribe that for you.

>mRNA “vaccines” program cells to produce COVID spike protein
>Spike proteins are shed by vaccinated people to unvaccinated
> Unvaccinated people catch COVID from shed spike proteins and get sick
>Elites demand more vaccinations to deal with mysteriously increasing COVID numbers in countries with mass vaccinations
>Pandemic never ends

Let me go ahead and quote myself from my last piece on the Cartoon Porn Enjoyer.

There isn’t even that much funny bullshit here. He’s just a strawmanning retard pretending to be a couple standard deviations smarter than he actually is.

Well consider me Nostradamus, because Don’tActuallyReadLinkola is at it again with yet another retard rampage, this time over goyim supporting Palestinians right to not be genocided.

You go girl. You tell these nasty secret Third Worldists to stop tactically supporting goyim in the Middle East.

Oh my gawd! Look at this beta cuck who probably just secretly wants brown men to sleep with his wife. After all, HentaiLover1488 said as much when doing his very accurate critique of Moike Enoch where he totally caught Moike Enoch saying “I support Palestinian gangs raping White Women.”

I mean you have to read between the lines a bit, but he pretty much came out and said “I am a beta cuck.”

Well Thuletide wasn’t done. On June 7th, a day that will live in infamy, Thuletide’s fat fingers were a flurry of activity as he obsessively poured over Irish homosexual Keith Woods’ telegram history, desperately looking for the confirmation of what we all already knew, that Keith Woods is a Dooginist Eurasian globalist shill. And what did he find?

Nothing less than Mr. Woods being caught with his Maoist One Struggle pants down by his ankles, exposing his “I Heart Dugin,” boxers. Mr. Woods, or should I say Dugin’s Apprentice, had shitposted a few times with images that included Qaddafi, the PLO, and Connor McGregor, Ireland’s Number 1 Cocaine Addict. Worse, he had clapped back, as they say in DuginLand, at posters who do the totally not anti-social “I’m so hardcore I only care about Da HuWhyte Race,” posting.

Here we can see Keith “let brownies have sex with my wife” Woods brushing off the measured and well researched attack on him by Thuletide by feigning ignorance. This is something he shares with Joel Davis, who goes by Dugin4Lyfe on his Grindr profile. Woods is taking the same Maoist deflection line that we in the pro-White pro-Hentai community have come to expect.

Ignore the upvote. I had to keep up appearances. Dugin’s spies are everywhere.

Keith Dugin points out some of Thuletide’s very reasonable predictions from September of last year, like mRNA vaccines being secretly designed to cause the users to shed spike proteins and infect everyone around them, thus justifying Klaus Schwab, the man who runs Israel, to enact a neverending pandemic. It’s possible that all of that really did happen, it’s just been covered up by Dugin himself, who is currently the Prime Minister behind the scenes in both Monaco and Luxembourg. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by explaining why he chose those two places. I shouldn’t have to connect the dots for you.

Instead of confronting said evidence, Woods simply lies about Thuletide having a learning disability.

Okay, Thuletide may in fact have a learning disability, but that doesn’t give Woods a Get Out of E-Jail Free Card to just go out and shill for Dugin and Third Worlders constantly. Nor does it excuse him making things up about our brave keyboard soldier Thuletide, such as him supporting climate lockdowns. Thuletide correctly DEMOLISHES this slander from Woods with this rebuttal on telegram.

As always, it’s just lie after lie with these people.

1. Climate lockdowns: Never mentioned once, search my telegram and blog

You hear that you fuckin’ Dooginist faggots? Thuletide never once so much as mentioned Climate Lockdowns. Not one single time. If you do as he says, and search his own telegram account, you’ll find nothing of the sort.

Okay you’ll find the above post, but just that one time, and it was just him supporting some other constantly online grifter. Thuletide’s cheeto dust encrusted fingers never so much as typed “climate lockdown,” himself. All he’s done is repost those people and say very reasonable things like the following

Woods’ claim that “conspiracy theorists” are “switching narratives” after somehow being “proven wrong” is total nonsense. The Climate hoax was always identified as part of The Great Reset because TGR is part of Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030. “Climate Change” has been the main narrative behind that operation for decades.

MakeHentaiNotWar is doing the Lord’s work out there, provided the Lord in question is Yahweh the Hebrew Volcano Demon. When some White Nationalist says “the jews who are flooding our countries with Third Worlders are jew nationalist violent racial cleansing enthusiasts. We should point this out and attack them on it,” who but brave Thuletide can be counted on to heroically strawman these Third Worldists as being beta cucks? This “point out malicious zionist hypocrisy,” rot has even infected cable news television. Further evidence, as if any were needed, of One World Government and UN Agenda 21.

Are we truly worthy of Thuletide’s SRS BZNS activism on behalf of Our People? Have us Aryan Humanoids done enough to justify our Lord and Saviour, LoliEnthusiast1488, descending from heaven or maybe Tel Aviv and blessing us with 900 IQ takes on telegram? Who is this man, and what could we have possibly done to deserve him?

No really, who is this guy?

Artists interpretation.

We may never know. But let us all bless Thuletide, the boy who defends Israel when no one else will.

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  1. These accusations of “Duginism/Eurasianism” and Russian conncetions are the DR equivalent of the Trump piss tape conspiracy. Interestingly this is a version of the libtard talking point wherein every populist/non-mainstream right-winger is a Russian stooge undermining ARE VALUES and ARE DEMOCRACY.

    It becomes completely silly when one considers that Russian foreign language media like RT nearly exclusively appeals to certain segments of the left and has disawowed the right before.

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