I’ve come to have a great fondness for simply wrapping up a bunch of news stories in the same vein all in one piece of mine. It respects the time of you the reader, while also covering things that should be covered. Today’s episode is on the Chyna Baaaaaaad push that the antifa’s for Israel brigade, also known as the CPC, is doing to distract you from actual real politics.

True North News:

Conservative leadership candidate Scott Aitchison says if he’s elected prime minister, his government would establish official diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

“For the better part of 50 years, Canada’s and Western foreign policy was premised on the basis that increased trade and prosperity with China would lead to greater adherence to human rights and liberalization of communism’s harsh edges,” said Aitchison. “We were wrong.”

According to Aitchison, recognition of Taiwan and the establishment of diplomatic ties would strengthen the defence of freedom and democracy in the Asia-Pacific and around the world.

“Taiwan is an independent and sovereign country, a beacon of openness, democracy, respect for human rights, and a case study in the benefits of a market-based economy open to trading with the world,” said Aitchison. “It is time for Canada to finally recognize this reality.”

It’s like he’s playing buzzword bingo. Taiwan has the human rights freedom democracy market based sovereign beacon of openness, and you can too! 

Along with his commitments to Taiwan, Aitchison has also come out in strong defence of Israel, pledging to help counter Iran’s ongoing threats and move the Canadian embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital of Jerusalem. 

Well now there’s a real shocker. The Antifas For Israel support jew nationalism and the jew ethnostate. Who could possibly have seen this one coming?

True North News:

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may have attempted to spread disinformation about the Conservatives in the 2021 Canadian federal election in an attempt to influence the results of the election.

CTV news acquired an analysis conducted by Rapid Response Mechanism Canada (RRMC) a week before the election. Researchers found that Chinese-based social media apps were rife with CCP-backed media organizations spreading disinformation about the Conservatives.

Chinese social media platforms, including WeChat, Douyin, Weibo, Xigua, and Bilibili were subject to open-source forensic digital analysis using website archives, social listening tools and cross-platform social media ranking tools.

With the exception of WeChat, I have quite literally never heard of any of those. But apparently Chinese People in China said bad things in Chinese about the Conservative Party of Canada.

RRMC found that the Global Times, a CCP news organization, began reporting on the Conservative Party platform in mid-September.

The account of China’s state press agency on the platform Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, began to spread disinformation about the Conservative Party platform, saying that the Conservatives want to “break diplomatic relations with China.”


Ridiculous for those slanty eyed commies to think that! Conservatives only want to piss off China for no reason by supporting Taiwan in addition to kidnapping Meng Wanzhou and other Chinese People. You know, just like the Liberals and Trudeau. But Trudeau doesn’t go hard enough on this or something.

RRMC also found that some Canada-focused news accounts on the platform WeChat originated from China, but it is unclear whether or not they have direct links to the CCP as Chinese social media apps are not transparent. 

The China-based accounts began to speak poorly about the Conservative platform saying, “Chinese are frightened by the platform,” and questioned whether “Chinese compatriots should support the Conservatives if they use this rhetoric.” 

Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole told the CBC on a podcast that about 8-9 CPC MPs were denied their seats as a result of the CCP propaganda. 

WTF I love Communist China now. Good on them for ovening the koshervative electoral chances by pointing out that, while they refuse to do anything against anti-Whiteness, or even mass church burnings done as a result of a malicious and idiotic gravocaust slander, or anything related to groomer pedophiles mutilating children, they’re low IQ dipshits trying to start shit with a nuclear superpower. My hatred for koshervatives grows deeper and deeper with each passing day.

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