When we last left off we were up to the point where Rob Hoogland had already been imprisoned for publicly talking about his child being hormonally mutilated. However, this technically wasn’t a prison sentence, he was just arrested and denied bail, despite having never committed an offense, and was awaiting his trial. This is where I entered the story.

But before we get to that, let’s quickly run down the major players here.

Rob Hoogland with child

The father of the abused child. He’d been trying to get his daughter saved from mutilation. Unfortunately, he had already failed, even by this point. The state had already put the child on “puberty blockers,” as well as massive amounts of testosterone. I mean bodybuilder going for competition levels of testosterone. The child is now sterile. At this point Rob was already fighting simply to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other children.

Carey Linde

The lawyer taking the case pro bono for Rob Hoogland is Carey Linde. He’s got some vague history of being a men’s rights activist, which is not surprising considering he’s in family law. He runs a divorce law for men practice. He’s also the subject of the more recent activism that I did, or at least tried to.

Wallace “bring me the child” Wong

HIV positive sodomite who wormed his way into an important position in the BC provincial governments Ministry of Children and Family Development. By his own account, he diagnoses 10-20% of all the orphaned children in his “care” as being “gender dysphoric,” that is to say, the wrong sex. He then tells them to make a “social transition,” until the age of 13, when they are then told to go on sterilizing hormones. He told the daughter, who was in elementary school at the time, that she was a boy, and hid this from the father. Hoogland found out in a school yearbook.

Barbara Findlay

She’s the lawyer “for” the daughter. I say “for,” in the most charitable possible interpretation. It’s a bit like a pedophile being “for” the sexuality of a small boy. Legally she represents the daughter. Insane lesbian, writes her name all in lower case letters. Almost a parody of a nasty lesbo.

Brendan Hursh

Endocrinologist at BC Children’s Hospital. Administers cross-sex hormones to children. Basically, he’s the doctor directly responsible for the mutilation of children. Also, look at his face.

“Justice” Francesca Marzari

She’s a hardcore “intersectional feminist” who used to serve with the West Coast LEAF organization. She’s been tormenting Hoogland for protecting his daughter, and has at least warned him once of committing “family violence” by “misgendering” his daughter. Family violence laws exist to protect children from actual physical beatings, just so you know. Eventually the case got transferred out of her hands.

“Justice” Michael Tammen

Reprimanded Hoogland for referring to his daughter as his daughter. Ordered that the media, Hoogland, or anyone else be not allowed to share the names of the child, doctors or counselors, or even Hoogland’s own name. Has also ordered the man back into court for our upcoming April 12th trial, because he referred to his daughter as “she”. He is the judge currently presiding over the case, and it is here that we pick up.

One thing to note. Because of the publication ban, they used a whole bunch of substitute names. But they don’t go with “Carlos Danger,” or anything like that. Instead they use two letter names substitutes.

AB is the child being abused/”transitioned”. I never learned her name. CD is the child’s father, Rob Hoogland, and he’s on trial here. EF is the child’s mother, I never learned her name. GH is probably Brendan Hirsch, the phrenologist administering the poison to the child, and IJ is probably Wallace Wong, the HIV positive psychologist. The latter two aren’t particularly important, and their names can be published. I need to tell you this, because that’s how they were talked about in court and it’ll come up in the rest of this piece.

Anyway, this is the middle of April, 2021. The trial was scheduled to last one week, which it did, Monday to Friday. Coming from the online world, there are a lot of people who maliciously spread the idea that the cops will simply shoot you, or arrest you for imaginary hate speech, or what have you, the instant you show up to something like this.

Paranoia is never helpful, and I should state that I have have not been attacked or harassed in any way while doing anything like this. I even got some well meaning emails from people when I went to do the more recent activism, transcribing for Carey Linde in person. The reality is that finding parking and navigating through the buildings to the correct courtroom are far more pressing concerns than getting vanned by the CIA, or in this case CSIS.

On Monday, I find this out firsthand, as I get to the general area about fifteen minutes early, end up parking way too far away, end up going to the sister building on the opposite side of the street, and eventually, thirty minutes later than I ought to, show up in the generally correct area. It ends up not mattering, as on Monday little more was done than rescheduling the first real day of the trial to Tuesday.

Tuesday is when the real trial started. Let me skip ahead to the lunch break, because I need to talk about some of the great people I met, and I want to keep all the trial relevant stuff in one place. Above is Kari Simpson. She’s a wonderful woman who was responsible for leaking Wallace Wong’s horrifying Vancouver Public Library event.

There was also a mother whose child is going through this horrible process. I don’t know how much she’d like me to publish, but her child is a girl, who, roughly at age sixteen or so, was convinced that she was secretly a boy. Luckily, as of last time she talked to her, she has not caused herself any harm, but she knows of girls as young as sixteen years old who have had double mastectomies. More on that in a different piece. She’s maintained some on and off contact with me for a while. 

Heather Leung

Here we have Heather Leung. She got into all this just a few years ago when she was incensed by the pervert garbage in the BC schools new “anti-bullying curriculum.” Heather ran for office for the Conservative Party of Canada in the federal election. She was then smeared as supporting conversion therapy (which is fine BTW, but in her case not true), and kicked out of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Getting kicked out of the CPC is undoubtedly a badge of honour, and actually quite common these days. We saw this recently with the leadership election, as well as with the removal of Derek Sloan, which I have yet to cover on this site. I also covered not one, not two, but three separate incidents of this with the BC Liberals in the provincial election here in BC in November.

And finally we have Chris Elston.

Here he is after being attacked by antifa.

I’ve written about him just a little bit on this site. He travels, or at least used to, across the country with the “children cannot consent to puberty blockers,” sign. Great guy. And back when I was on twatter, he would retweet something of mine, despite the spicy nature of my account.

Almost all of these people need their own pieces, but this piece is already too long, and I want to stay focused.

Anyway, back to Tuesday morning, the day the trial actually started. I arrived there early, but I wasn’t accredited media, so they didn’t let me into the room. 

Instead, they had made an overflow room in what was an unused restaurant. This space was about the size of a dance studio, and was set up with multiple tv’s and chairs. At the time I was only with Heather Leung, and I didn’t know who she was until well over an hour later, for the lunch recess.

Like true rookies, we got there when we were supposed to. Of course, the appearance did not start on time. What we were instead treated to was multiple minutes of this one lawyer, who we found out later was Crown Counsel Daniel J. Pruim, shuffling papers around. Considering the mic was there, this was possibly the loudest I have ever heard paper. Loud enough that me and the older woman next to me almost started covering our ears. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but it’s just one of those little oddities.

Everyone who wasn’t a NOOB like us showed up about 10-20 minutes later into this room. This included some names I was familiar with, such as Laura Lynn-Tyle Thompson, Bill Neufeld, Kari Simpson, and Chris Elston. They clearly knew that courts have contempt for the idea of promptness, and they were correct. All in all, there were about 10 people who showed up in the overflow room, and after talking to six of them afterwards, I can assure you they were all very sympathetic to Rob Hoogland overall, although Simpson expressed some serious legal differences of opinion with Hoogland.

Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson

20 minutes in, around 10:20 and Carey Linde, Hoogland’s defense counsel appears. About 5 minutes later the judge shows up, and we start at about 10:25. The judge is Michael Tammen.

Hoogland immediately pleads guilty, yet this case somehow takes four more days to resolve. Even looking back on this I still don’t see any valid reason for this, other than to humiliate him. Still, there were a few issues that did come up. Hoogland was seeking a conditional discharge. Linde requests he be allowed to tell the judge directly what his thinking was. This is granted. Frankly there’s a few other unimportant little odds and ends.

One thing to note, the prosecution, or “crown counsel,” Daniel J. Pruim kept referring to the judge as “your lordship,” and sucking up to him in various ways constantly. It’s incredibly irritating how much he’s this obsequious little twirp, and this gets a whole lot worse with an incident I personally am involved in on Friday. In contrast, Linde just refers to the judge as a judge.

Sadly, I have no picture of Pruim, so here’s Carey Linde again.

At one point Pruim gets up again and claims that there isn’t a reason to allow defence cross examination for some minor point. He goes on and on about “not that I mean to say this isn’t your decision your lordship blah blah.” Guy might as well be saying “your highness,” from his knees.

It was amazing how Pruim could speak with his tongue up the judges ass.

At one point I misheard Pruim, and thought he was seeking 14 months in jail! In reality, it was 45 days in jail, and 14 months of “suspension.” It’s sort of unclear to me what this is, but it’s not jail time. However, this becomes very important later, although I don’t want to spoil anything. Just remember that Pruim, the prosecutor, is only asking for 45 days in jail.

There are some minor and unimportant details involving USB keys, and other trivialities of that nature. Around 11:00 it starts getting moderately spicy. The Judge, Michael Tammen, starts outright interrupting the prosecution multiple times. Initially I thought he was a bit mad that the prosecution was being way too aggressive WRT publication ban. This surprised me, and it turns out I was wrong. Basically, the shitlib judge just wanted to performatively get angry at Hoogland by being so mad that he has to rudely interrupt the prosecution multiple times with his “how absolutely dare you,” routine.

But as soon as it begins, it’s over. Before 11:30, they are taking a break. I stepped outside with the others to do a little bit of networking, which is when I met the interesting people mentioned earlier. However, they told me that nothing all that important was happening in the trial up until sentencing on Friday, and they would have people watching it anyway, so I simply left at lunch, skipped Wednesday and Thursday, and came back for sentencing on Friday.

On Friday I arrived at 10:45 AM for the 11 AM appearance. This time around they actually gave us a huge courtroom, relatively speaking, so I didn’t need to go to the overflow, but there were lots of people there as well. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow any recording devices, so I couldn’t take any pictures.

As of about 10:55 we were let in. There were about 7 people in the audience, including myself. The prosecuting lawyer, Pruim, was already there, along with some Asian lady who I found out later was some court helper. As an odd little aside, I remember becoming moderately self-conscious of my typing volume as I typed up my notes. It was a very large courtroom, but very quiet.

Then some tranny showed up. He’s a 6’1 “woman”. Actually this guy is one of those trannies who does the whole anti-tranny bit, at least for children. There’s one like this in America, I think it’s Blair White. Same energy. It’s amazing, but whatever.

Pretty much this.

Before anything actually happens there was a little kerfuffle with some Toronto Star Shitbag named Douglas Quan who released some information. Specifically, he released the child’s “victim statement.” He got somewhat heckled by the audience for this. Even the tranny is doing some of the heckling. I guess everybody gets one.

Toronto Star/National Post Propagandist Douglas Quan

At 11:02 AM Carey Linde, defence lawyer walks in. Sometime shortly after this Pruim makes a big deal of letting us peons understand that WE ARE NOT TO BE LIVE TWEETING DURING THIS unless we are “accredited media.” Basically approved propaganda outlets, such as the Toronto Star. My opinion of him as a slimy rat is further justified. 

11:05 AM and Hoogland, the father, gets let out of some back room, and walks in. He’s wearing all red, but it doesn’t seem like prison garb, at least not the stereotypical stuff. I’d like to remind everyone that CD already plead guilty on the very first day. This entire thing is halfway between show trial and real justice.

A few minutes later, I started talking to Quan, the Toronto Star Propagandist. He’s not responding so I’m not sure that he’s heard me. So I ask for him again. Then the little shit Crown Lawyer Pruim says “we might be having an incident,” to the two cops present. So the two cops start badgering me and claiming that I’m being too aggressive. They tell me that I can talk with Quan out of the court. They also say “if he doesn’t want to respond, he doesn’t have to.” I make sure to clarify that I wasn’t being aggressive. Sadly I’m not allowed to film this encounter. Rest assured, I was not yelling or actually being aggressive, these people just love crybullying.

11:12 AM, and finally the judge. Michael Tammen appears. Starts with Carey Linde’s statement. Linde starts by kissing the ass of the judge, Tammen. It’s sort of gross but you gotta do what you gotta do. I mean I am not a lawyer, he is.

The first few minutes they’re still going on about weird details. It feels a little bit like the calm before the storm. At one point I thought Quan might be getting into a little bit of trouble here, since his publication might have given too much info. After all, the entire case is about breaking a (bullshit) publication ban.

My hopes are almost immediately dashed. Douglas Quan is on Team Child Abuse. Apparently it’s already been decided that “The Toronto star received that in proper standing.” That means it’s totally fine for Team Child Abuse to release victim information, just not Team Against Child Abuse. Imagine that, me thinking that a Propagandist for Team Child Abuse might suffer consequences from these courts.
I hope you laughed at that, because this is about to get incredibly infuriating. We’re not quite there yet, but even in the early part of this sentencing, the judge at one point just flat out starts talking over Carey Linde after denying him some legal argument. I made a note of it at the time because it was so absurdly unprofessional and cuntish.

Judge Michael Tammen, again.

Christopher Elston apparently live tweeted the proceedings earlier in the case. Pruim tries to get Elston in trouble for this again today. I once again need to make a note of what a short, dumpy little cunt this guy is. Truly, I am amazed at how much I came to hate this mutant in such a short time.

On the topic of live tweeting, Kari Simpson was apparently also told of this in February. But if you go 1 foot outside the building, you can tweet as much as you want. This makes precisely zero sense, and is just there to be a pain in the ass and inconvenience people trying to get the truth out to the public.

The Judge, Michael Tammen, continues to be a cunt, refusing to allow Linde to record the judgement for his purposes. There once again appears to be no valid reason to not allow an audio recording of the proceedings, especially because a transcript will apparently be available sometime later. This is just Tammen on a power trip fucking over the defenders of children.

Finally, at 11:25 AM, the judgement starts. 

Initially there are some confusing details about how Hoogland can’t be indicted for criminal contempt, because this is a civil matter. Once again, my hopes get up, because it is implied that he will be getting a lighter sentence. Boy was I ever wrong.

It is restated that the appropriate punishment for CD violating the publication ban was originally considered 45 days in prison, minus time spent in jail already, followed by 14 months probation, whatever that means, and he needs to write letters to all the websites who have not removed the content yet. However, this cunt judge is flat out venomous towards Rob. He makes it quite clear that he considers that 45 days would be insufficient, and “bring the administration of justice into great disrepute.” In other words, he’s going to give Hoogland a harsher penalty than even the Crown was asking for.

Tammen gives a little bit of history. For those who don’t know, now retired Justice Gregory Bowden outright said that if Hoogland referred to his daughter by name, that would be considered “family violence.” Insane rad fem Justice Francesca Marzari continued this policy, and extended it to include referring to his daughter as his daughter in private would also be family violence. Yes, this is insane. Family violence originally refers to actual family violence, as you might expect.

The justification was that the psychologist, probably Wallace Wong, testified that “serious psychological harm” would continue if AB is called a girl. And yes, he still has a license to practice “medicine.”

The judge goes over a brief list of all the offending interviews. Frank Vaugh, Laura Lynn Tyler-Thompson, Jen Smith, The Federalist, Erin Brewer. There were a lot of people who violated this bullshit publication ban order. Again, it’s the order that’s bullshit, CD has already pleaded guilty.

Erin Brewer. She’s a harsh critic of the Tranny Industrial Complex.

Rob Hoogland is a hero. He knew damn well that what he was doing was illegal, but he did it anyway, because saving his daughter was worth his freedom. Watching him shifting around uncomfortably in court while this cunt judge smugly does his “how dare you, how absolutely dare you,” routine was absolutely infuriating. And again he had already pled guilty. This was just the judge ranting before giving him his sentence.

Writing every word down was impossible, but here’s an actual quote from this judge that I managed to transcribe. This is from this hearing.

No member of the public can decide when, in what circumstances and which court orders to follow. Unless and until successfully appealed, court orders must be obeyed. They are part of the legal fabric of society and, thus, the law. Without the ability to enforce court orders, and if citizens were free to disregard them at will, there would not be democracy but anarchy.

The juxtaposition of this cunt judge sitting in the high chair lecturing a postal worker about “muh democracy,” because he broke their utterly illegitimate and undemocratic gag orders to keep the people from learning about child abuse is something to behold. And he moves on from that seamlessly to bloviating about “gross violation of the child’s privacy.” Keep in mind, this is a child that has now been permanently sterilized, and, even at the time of writing, has not yet turned 18.

Judge Tammen goes into more details on Hoogland himself. 47 years old, divorced, two children. Lives alone in Surrey with his dog. Mail worker. Former college hockey player. Conditional discharge assault 2013. Truly this man represents the privileged and powerful.

Tammen then goes on to insinuate that Carey Linde was implying Tammen has a personal beef with Hoogland. This is obviously true, but the cunt judge just pretends to be really offended by this obvious truth for political reasons. 

It gets worse. The cunt judge Tammen talks about going after his GoFundMe page, which raised about $52,000 for him. At the time I didn’t think the judge could possibly just steal money from Hoogland. Just wait.

There are some things Tammen says that are so counterfactual that they’re actually funny. At one point the judge outright says, when defending the obviously political publication bans,

“The presence of such bans has not deleteriously affected the right of the public to know the workings of the court.”

Do I even need to point out the absurdity? The entire point is to prevent the public from knowing what’s going on in these courts. 

Apparently the child’s lawyers released a “victim statement” through the Toronto Star. In that statement, the child’s lawyers wrote for the child “I followed the court orders, I don’t know why my dad didn’t have to.” This fucking cunt Michael Tammen throws this back into the fathers face. I am amazed at how much I viscerally hate this twerp.

This is what this cunt judge says to a man trying to save his child from sterilization.

“I expressly deny the notion that he had no intention to not share information that caused harm to AB.”

Anyway, I’m just going to give you something of a disjointed cliffnotes for the rest of this judge’s rant. If it seems long, that’s because it was. We’re only about 20 minutes in. We’ve still got 15 to go. I was already making notes about how incredibly long this rant was, and I ended up making a lot more.

“It is difficult to conceive of a more aggravating set of facts.” – Judge Michael Tammen

Nothing aggravates Michael Tammen more than a father trying to save his child from sterilization at the hands of Perverts. Nothing gets him more aggravated than this.

Then he sinks to a new low, going on about how Hoogland pleading guilty and expressing remorse will barely if at all affect his judgement. Basically, they made the father grovel for justice and then went “LOL, nope. Fuck you anyway.” To be clear, that’s not an actual quote, but he really made Hoogland prostrate himself in front of the court only to explicitly say that he won’t consider that in lessening his sentence. And that appropriate sentence is 6 to 9 months in prison!

Keep in mind, normal sentencing would be 45 days, and he has plead guilty. Pruim, for all his ratlike appearance, only asked for 45 days. However, Tammen rants on and on about how Hoogland wasn’t “deterred by the 45 day publication ban,” therefore he’s just arbitrarily giving him an enormous sentence. This is literally the logic that you can use for any crime in all of human history.

“Murder has a punishment of 20 years, but you still murdered someone. Therefore the punishment of 20 years isn’t enough, so 500 years it is.”

“Petty theft has a punishment of 2 months, but you still did petty theft, so how about execution?”

Also keep in mind, that these types of people tend to be the “soft on crime,” types. So if you get murdered by a junkie on the streets of downtown Vancouver, don’t count on Michael Tammen giving them a harsh sentence on your behalf. No, I’m sure he’ll launch into a rant about the systemic factors that lead to this, and give said junkie a nice 7 year sentence, out on parole in six months.

However, thirty five minutes later and we’ve finally gotten to the actual sentence. After all that whining by Judge Tammen we find out that Hoogland is forced to pay $30,000.00 to the Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Hospital Charity. I did not know that the judiciary was allowed to order people to pay money to charities of opposing counsel’s choice, but after talking to some others, it’s not unheard of. 

Hoogland had in fact received just over 50k from his GoFundMe which used his real name, which is what violated the totally not bullshit publication ban and let them legally fuck him out of that money. Since the money needed to go somewhere, they made him give it to the Ronald McDonald Charity. I will have to look up this charity to see if they are supporting child abuse, but I’d be surprised if they weren’t.

Personally, I don’t care if this part is par for the course, it’s still complete and utter horseshit. That money should go back to the people who donated, if Hoogland isn’t allowed to keep it. If you raised money from people illegally, then they should get their money back. Instead, that money is given to the Child Abusers charity of choice.

The other half of the sentence is that he gets around 160 days in jail. That’s 5 months, assuming 30 days per, and ~3.5x as long as what the disgusting rat Pruim even asked for. The judge literally gave him a harsher sentence than the crown was even asking for. And not by a little, multiple times longer.

To add insult to injury, at least the judge said that since he had been in jail for 31 days awaiting his judgement, that would be taken off the sentence. However, initially he thought CD had been in jail for 45 days, so the disgusting rat Pruim starts doing a “well ackshually he hasn’t been in jail for 45 days yet, only 31, so you can’t take that off for time served.” They go back and forth and try to clarify exactly the time already spent in jail.

The sentence ends up being 134 days in jail now, with only 26 days taken off. They went back and forth for a while, but that’s what it ended up at. First he has to give $30,000.00 of other people’s money to whatever the Perverts want him to, and then go spend 134 more days in jail.

Sure, after all, this crazy madman tried to save his daughter from sterilization and abuse. Judge Tammen had no choice, Democracy was at stake. And by Democracy, we mean the will of the people, which is why they needed to cover up what they were doing to this child. Because to enact the will of the people, we need to cover what we’re doing so the people don’t actually know.

After the trial was over, I walked out and chatted with a few of the people who showed up. Angelina Ireland, of “Delta Auschwitz Society,” fame showed up as well. You wouldn’t know her, and it’s not nearly as cool as you might think. But she’s fine.

Kari Simpson was there, and we discussed legal strategies. Apparently, Simpson wanted a different legal strategy, where she had already assembled a team of six lawyers who were going to sue the “healthcare providers,” Wallace Wong, Brendan Hirsch, and many others. Instead, Hoogland, who was apparently very hard to deal with, embarked on his own strategy. Honestly, Simpson was fairly pissed at Hoogland because she felt like he had allowed precedent to be set.

It is important to fight things as intelligently as possible in the courts. Having said that, I don’t have enough information to side with either Simpson or Hoogland in terms of legal strategy. All I know is what I saw, and what I saw was something that was so infuriating that I honestly went home and said to myself,


However, this story actually has a happier ending than this. So we’ll be getting one last followup piece on Hoogland. 

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  4. This is indeed batshit crazy. BC is Russia in the 1920s. Good thing we don’t have gulags…yet.

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