Of course, we all know that CRT is merely the catch all term for anti-White hate propaganda being used in the school curriculum. Nevertheless, I don’t blame randos for not having their propaganda 100% on point. That’s our job.

Woke Watch Canada Substack:

It all started last year, in February 2021. A teacher in a private Facebook group asked others to share Black Lives Matter resources to use in class. In response, I posted the following comment and supporting link:

Oh this is just sickening. I am literally shaking right now as this Aryan Supremacist clitslaps these oppressed Brown Wohmyn’s of Colour back into the slave auction. Someone needs to put this Uppity White Cuntess back in her place, and it needs to happen pronto.

Here, you can find the speech I posted, in which the UK Minister of State for Equalities, Kemi Badenoch, explains her government’s opposition to the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Within minutes, the backlash erupted. Here are some of the responses I received:

Yeah that’s right. You take it to this Hitler-Worshipping Aryan Supreemacist in Chanel Pfahl. How dare this KKK supporter fight back against anti-White hate propaganda being taught in schools? Absolutely deeezgusting.

One teacher immediately filed a complaint that prompted a month-long investigation by my school board. In March 2021, I was suspended for one week without pay. I am currently appealing that ruling through my union, but it is a long process, and my arbitration date is not until May of next year.

More recently, on March 15th, 2022, I was informed by the Ontario College of Teachers that they too had begun investigating me as a result of a complaint they received about my two comments in that Facebook group. Apparently, to suggest that we should not be teaching ideas stemming from CRT as if they are accepted facts is no trivial thing! I did not know this when I signed up to teach high school science.

Chanel Pfahl

You didn’t know that advocating for the slaughter of coloured bodies of brownness wouldn’t be acceptable in high school science? Good. You know now, and I hope you can serve as a lesson to the rest of the HuWhyte Supreemacist female science teachers who are smothering their Racialized Students with the suffocating stench of neo-natzeeism in their classrooms.

“Anti-racist” or “CRT” activists claim that racism permeates our society at every level in a subconscious and/or systemic way. This is tremendously useful for anyone who champions the ideology, as it allows for an easy way out of having to show evidence for their claims. After all, the alleged racism is hidden, so how are they supposed to prove its existence? Why should they be expected to? (And also, you must be racist if you think proof is required.)

Chanel’s piece is basically the koshervative approved response to anti-White hate propaganda. I don’t necessarily say that disparagingly, at least not of her. She’s fighting back in the way that she’s been told to fight back, which is not particularly effective. Furthermore, even this tepid “CRT hurts everybody,” routine is still getting her investigated by the Ontario College of Teachers and potentially fired. And she has already been suspended for one week without pay by the school board.

All of which shows how crucially important school board positions really are. These are important positions. They have power, and they serve to legitimize a political party by taking us from random guys on the internet, or who maybe do a protest here and there, to people who can win elections and are therefore a viable vehicle for change.

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