Last night was rough for me. The recent Supreme Court decision to mildly limit abortions had me in tears. For the first time in my life I cried myself to sleep. And frankly, I don’t think I was alone here.

In my fitful and restless slumber I dreamed a dream of happiness and multicultural prosperity. A World where evil White Supremacists don’t create the socio-economic factors that force Black Bodies of Colour to violently defend their Blackness. A World where Baskteball-Americans never have to do the unpaid emotional labour that comes with living in KKK-America.

Today, me and my trans-vagina woke up to this.

If your eyes can stomach this disgusting display of Natzeeism you can find all the details for this heinous abomination against Racialized Communities here. This group of Hitler Worshippers call themselves the NJP, and they have some typical bigoted non-complaints, the type you’ve probably heard from Uppity White People before. Here we can see them whining about the lack of hate crime charges for the Black Murderers of the evil water gun terrorist seventeen year old White Devil Ethan Liming. It’s typical of the neo-KKK, where they point out that there’s a clear and obvious double standard, where a racially motivated murder of a White Man by a bunch of negroes doesn’t get any hate crime charges.

This is so ridiculous. First of all, there’s absolutely no double standard that People of Whiteness face when it comes to hate crime legislation and enforcement. Second, the clear and obvious double standard that Whitey faces is a good and great thing. The denial of rights to White People is not happening, and also it’s good and great and I support it and am glad it’s happening.

Courtesy of NJP Propaganda Dispensary I got this screencap of the telegram livestream the Slaughterers of Brown Bodies did earlier in the day. In it we can see the disgusting sight of Eric Striker holding the mic up to his face and ranting about how the Akron Police insinuated that Ethan Liming deserved to be murdered. He seems to imply that Tyler Stafford, DeShawn Stafford, and Donovan Jones are anything other than good boys with the purest of hearts.

Tyler Stafford, DeShawn Stafford, Donovan Jones

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something so ridiculous. These are good boys, they dindu nuffin. Unlike what these nazis who are also surely feds would have you believe, these men will all grow up to be the next Clarence Thomas, ready to strike fear in the hearts of those Wacist DEMONrats by striking down abortion, otherwise known as the secret plan by the KKK Democrats to murder black babies in the womb.

That is, unless these LEFTISTS have these Black Bodies thrown in jail just because they murdered a White Child. This is why Donald Trump had to let all these types out of jail. Do we want justice for Whitey, or do we want to Own Da Libs? I think the answer is clear.

Striker looking jacked.

If you want to find out more information on this sickening display, you can go look up their website, as well as follow them on telegram. Or catch the live updates from Hyphen Report, found here.

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  1. I love the Striker memes that have come out of this protest.
    He may as well change his name to Eric Strider.

  2. Well you will never be a woman and your filthy wound will smell like shit and you’ll need to dilate everyday for the rest of your life.. lmao imagine thinking such a pile of shit can talk about justice. Ethan was beaten to death so badly these disgusting animals should get hate crime charges to the max. You bolsheviks will all be rounded up eventually, enjoy it while it lasts and thanks for radicalizing ppl to realize how evil and horrible you all really are.

    1. I am literally shaking as this verbal violence is directed at me and my trans-vagina. You need to check your privilege shitlord.

  3. All human lives matter. All I heard was truth from this protest. Ask yourself 2 questions. 1. If this was a dead black kid, murdered and corpse also mutilated by 3 white males and female, would all the race baiters have showed up in town to promote it as a “hate crime”. I’ll help you. YES. If this was your cherished child that you loved dearly, would you feel a little differently. Probably yes, if you are human and have any love in you. “Ethan still thought it was horseplay when he got out of the car and was trying to tell people, ‘It’s relaxed. It’s just a joke. It’s a joke.’ And the individuals didn’t like that. One individual attacked him. Ethan still tried to tell them it was just a joke. And then another individual came up behind them, struck him in the head.” He was a good boy, who if he had become a lawyer would have likely represented the kind of animals that killed him.

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