I have more Traffic Soyboys content coming out later today, or at least that’s the plan. These things tend to run 5k words or longer and can take all day, but this one is already half written. But before we get to that, one Canadian rascal has taken advantage of the bikeability in his local Nova Scotian town, and it’s caused quite the conundrum!


Bridgewater Police Service (BPS) began receiving multiple complaints regarding reports of a male riding a bicycle while displaying/wearing a flag featuring a swastika in the Dominion and High Street area of Bridgewater.

Police were also subsequently made aware of a video circulating on social media showing the male in question.

At this time, we wish to let the public know that the male has been identified by BPS and that the investigation remains ongoing.

The police are “investigating” this. What for, other than to signal to the Democracy Class that they get it? There were no crimes broken here, which is why they don’t say “investigating for possible infraction of blah blah,” they just tell you that they are very upset with this very naughty peasant. It’s annoying, cowardly, dog-kicking behaviour from the blue antifa.

We also wish to thank the community for their vigilance, particularly those who contacted police to report the matter.

The police were contacted because some pathetic Reddit-tier Goyim snitched on them. Unfortunately for them, this man has broken no laws, so there’s nothing the police can do. 

Again, all the police do is re-iterate that they’re going to be attempting to intimidate this man into stopping. I doubt that anyone who bikes around with a swastika flag cares. I also doubt that he cares about the antifas in the Matt Dagley twatter thread explicitly encouraging violence against this Chad.

This is something the people need to take into their own hands. The police have no recourse. The community has to be the one to show that such displays will not be tolerated.
Incorrect. The police won’t do anything, there is no law preventing you from being a Nazi. The community should injure the Nazi, that would be a good thing.
yeah, go ahead and hand-wring for the nazi, sweetheart. go cry somewhere else

Eck references “the community,” a few times in his soyout. What community would that be, Mr. Eck?

According to this uncensored e-revolutionary’s twatter, that would be the Star Wars & Hockey YouTuber community. 

With a side of Pokemon. Make that two sides with a dressing of sportsball worship.

Elon “Free Speech LOL JK” Musk’s twatter is just like the old twatter, even down to me having to hit “More Replies” to get to the based stuff, since these tweets get shadowbanned or something.

Normally, I wouldn’t think that biking around with swastika flags is the most productive political action one can take, but this man appears to have enjoyed himself, caused a mini freakout with the local cops, and then got anonymous losers online to threaten him with violence, something the police are absolutely sure to not investigate. We can’t overthrow ZOG all by ourselves in one day, but I think this man had a productive afternoon after all.

Oh, and the mayor has his pronouns in his bio and is seething to CBC.

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  1. Please, please, please let the cyclist be black, or homeless, or both!

  2. pretty sure his pronouns are nigger/faggot

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