One of the judges who presided over the court hearings of Freedom Convoy organizers is speaking out after receiving threats considered serious enough to require police intervention, according to information obtained by Radio-Canada and CBC.

The judge in question confirmed that supporters of the convoy from Canada and the United States sent several offensive messages, but the message that prompted police to react threatened their physical safety, the judge said.

CBC has agreed to withhold the judge’s identity to protect their safety.

“I thought, should I tell my children not to come home for a while?” the judge said.

“I changed my alarm system. I was advised not to take the same route every day,” the judge added. “You feel vulnerable in your house, in your own home.”

The judge believes most Canadians respect the justice system, but said a vocal minority is seeking to undermine it.

“It’s intimidation. It’s trying to influence a court decision, and that’s serious,” the judge said.

Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Richard Wagner expressed similar concerns in a recent speech in Montreal.

“The pandemic has forced many people to live online during lockdowns. And it is at times like these that lies and conspiracies spread like wildfire,” Wagner said in French on June 9.

“As we have seen around the world, disinformation poses a real threat to democratic institutions.

The demonstrations that took place in Ottawa this winter stemmed in part from this disinformation, Wagner said. He encouraged people to “inform, instruct and educate” their fellow citizens.

So nice to see a supreme court “justice,” finally speaking out against the mass murder propagandists who deliberately lied us into Iraq. Finally we’ve got someone sticking up for us little people who have to deal with the Epstein Killed Himself Liars just constantly lying about everything. I’m so glad that –

Supreme Court “Justice,” Richard Wagner

Oh sorry, my bad. This judicial activist was referring to people fact-checking the WMD Liars on whatever. In this case it was people getting uppity about the precious profits of Pfizer being threatened. Tomorrow it could be yet another war they want to lie us into. 

Frankly, this sounds like crybullying to me. The privileged and coddled robed dictators cry out in pain as they lash at you. But you never know, maybe one of the trucker convoy protesters are going to go and shoot one of these cunts. Lord knows they deserve it.

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