In a continuation of my activism in late October, early November with the Surrey RCMP, I decided to call in again over the Aspen Park Incident. What was the Aspen Park Incident? The long and short of it is that it’s your typical Smollett. Which is to say it was an anti-White slander treated as fact by an anti-White media-industrial-legal complex. 

Looking for some answers I called into the Surrey RCMP and got Corporal Vanessa Munn on the line. Needless to say the catlady signal had already gone out and Ms. Munn came out swinging.

Munn: Surrey RCMP media relations, Corporal Munn speaking.

Me: Hello Corporal Munn this is Timothy Coish, we’ve talked before over a different issue. I’m calling, I said I would, I’m calling over a different issue that happened in Aspen Park on July 28th.

Munn: Okay. And what would uh you like to know about that.

She starts off frosty, but appears to have plenty of time. Only later on in our conversation does she remember that she has some vague, heretofore unannounced issues that she desperately needs to get to.

Me: Well, I would like to know an overview of the incident itself. And then I have a few questions as to why there was and was not certain Surrey RCMP investigations. So, let’s start at the very top.

Munn: You know what actually Timothy I’m gonna have to give you a call back, because I have other pressing matters to deal with at this point in time.

Me: And when can I expect that call back.

Munn: Uh well unfortunately operational stuff takes precedence over a file that’s already been dealt with and concluded. There are many media releases on it. Uhm, that I’m sure you have the ability to access online.

Have to love how these blue antifas bureaucrats are trained to pretend that any peasant who calls into them are too stupid and lazy to do the slightest bit of research before calling in. They obviously know better, it’s just a strategy for dealing with the uppity.

Me: I have, and I still have a few questions for the Surrey RCMP.

Munn: Okay well why don’t you send an email with those questions and then we’ll get back to you.

Me: I would prefer a call, when can I get a call that will go through.

Munn: Uh I can’t give you an exact time, but I am willing to communicate with you through email. So if you send me an email with a list of questions I would be happy to uh look into those and try to respond to you, okay. But um unfortunately, based on your previous interactions with the Sergeant as well, I’m not going to be having phone conversations with you, because they just tend to lead to unproductive conversations.

Me: Well I think they lead to extremely productive conversations the first time we talked and the second time. So I’m not sure why we’re getting that argumentation here. And I really don’t know why the Surrey RCMP is being so argumentative with me.

Munn: *pause* Okay. So. I’m, like I’m willing to provide you with information. A lot of our media outlets do reach out via email. So if you send a list of your questions and what you would like to know we’d be happy – 

Me: I mean we might already have been on the phone for longer than we would have been if you just answered the questions in the first place. And this seems like extremely evasive behaviour from the Surrey RCMP. If I send you this email do I have to wait on this email for a week, two weeks? When could I expect a response for my email.

Munn: It will depend on your questions and again, what information we are able to provide. But send an email and I will get back to you. I am in all week, but like I said I have other pressing matters to deal with today. And unfortunately previous interactions were not super productive. Because, ultimately our actions – we’re not up for debate, right. We’re willing to provide you the information, but not gonna get into a debate as to the reasons –

Me: I don’t think I’ve ever debated any of your officers.

Munn: Okay. But so you have the email address because we were emailing a week ago. So feel free to send an email to – unfortunately right now I do have to go because I’m dealing with a more pressing issue that currently happening.

Me: A vague, unspecified more pressing issue. Well thank you Vanessa – 

Munn: Okay thanks Timothy *hangs up*

Me: – and we’ll talk to you soon.


In a truly classy touch, Surrey’s finest hangs up on an actual concerned citizen who is calling in asking basic, factual questions. Those of you who watched the overview video know that I did indeed send that email to them. I didn’t receive a response at the time of making that video, two days later, but I did eventually get a response. I’ll be writing that up tomorrow.

For now, just appreciate your tax dollars hard at work stonewalling me with some catladies who say “like, um, right?” at the end of every single one of their sentences.

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