I initially didn’t pay much attention to the Dutch Farmers protest. I thought it was interesting, but there’s only so much time in the day, and I can’t write about everything I want to anyway. Having said that, things are starting to get interesting.

Yahoo News:

Thousands of farmers gathered in the central Netherlands on Wednesday to protest the Dutch government’s plans to rein in emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia.

They drove their tractors across the country, blocking traffic on major highways in their wake.

The protest was organised earlier this month after the government published nationwide targets for reducing emissions, sparking anger from farmers who claim their livelihoods — and those of thousands of people who work in the agricultural service industry — are on the line.

Calling it an “unavoidable transition,” the government mandated reductions in emissions of up to 70 per cent in many places close to protected nature areas and as high as 95 per cent in other places.

The government has been forced to act after courts in recent years began blocking permits for infrastructure and housing projects because the country was missing its emissions targets.

Images from the protest have been a lot spicier than I anticipated. 

This video below does a decent job showing some of what’s going on here.


Organisers said some 40,000 farmers converged on a green field in the small agricultural village of Stroe, about 70 kilometres east of the capital, Amsterdam. A stage was set up for speakers to address the crowd and music blared out of speakers while children bounced in a giant inflatable pig.

Farmers hooted their tractors’ horns as they drove onto the field, where a banner on a truck read, in Dutch, “What The Hague chooses is deeply sad for the farmer”, a reference to lawmakers in the city that houses the Netherlands’ parliament. Another banner on a tractor said: “We can no longer be stopped.”

The article doesn’t go into it, but the video clearly shows the farmers spraying manure at what looks like governmental buildings, as well as attacking police vehicles with wooden sledgehammers and using vehicles to block highways. You love to see it.

Never understimate the power of the people who actually run society to fuck things up for our parasite class. The cops can whine all they want, but if they can’t get their patrol vehicles out of their little cuckboxes there’s nothing they can actually do.

The ruling coalition has earmarked an extra €24.3 billion to finance changes that will likely make many farmers drastically reduce their number of livestock or to get rid of them altogether.

The plans, which have to be carried out by provincial governments, have been opposed even by members of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s own party and other members of his coalition. Provincial governments have been given a year to formulate plans to meet the reduction targets.

The article above was from June 23rd, and attempts to give the impression that this protest was a one day thing. That’s far from the case, and it appears to be ongoing, as it should be.

Global Warming Catastrophism is some of the fakest bullshit there is, and this plan doesn’t make any sense even on the surface. Shutting down production from farms in the Netherlands will simply move production elsewhere. This will cause the same amount of greenhouse gasses to be produced, just elsewhere. More in fact, since you now have to ship said product to where it needs to be shipped.

But the real purpose of this is not to fight the mythical problem that is global warming catastrophism. The purpose is to put a bunch of White working class ruralites out of work. And the people who are responsible for this policy will rub their hands together and squeal with glee if any of these farmers ends up suiciding on opioids as a result of their lives being ruined and futures being stolen by these parasites in Brussels.

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  1. The rise of regular white people protesting is a much needed change. Even if it’s in fits and starts of not entirely coherent protesting. The more the people realize they are getting a raw deal and need to work together to solve their problems.

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