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Locals are expressing safety concerns about a growing tent city in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

The expanding encampment currently stretches down Hastings between Main and Abbott streets and several residents and business owners say the area is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Alkarim Tejani is a floor manager at the Vancouver Pharmacy, a methadone clinic located at 67 E Hastings St. He told Vancouver Is Awesome that people who work at the clinic fear for their safety and patients have difficulty accessing its services. 

Of course, a methadone clinic. Supposedly used to treat opioid addiction, it’s really just another drug these people use that your taxes pay for. I have firsthand experience walking by these “safe injection sites,” project, as I did that almost every day for a year. What they do is turn an entire area of a city into a drug infested shithole where it’s not safe to walk anywhere.

Wendy Stewart lives at 40 East Hastings and says the “street activity” and tents have increased since September 2021.

We have Native elders in our building who suffer the stress of this daily leaving their homes,” she wrote in a tweet

I feel for Wendy, I really do. As another example, here’s her complaining about being assaulted on the streets of Vancouver.

But she’s made the mistake of thinking that anti-White “principles,” are actually real. Nobody actually gives a fuck about “muh Native elders,” except maybe some Aboriginals themselves, and they don’t have institutional power. If these people can be used as golems, suddenly they’ll seem unstoppable. If they can’t be, you can whine about Native Elders being holocausted on the streets of Vancouver all day long and nothing will change.

The local artist also shared images of garbage littered on the street in the area. 

I don’t have a picture of it, but I saw human feces on the streets of Vancouver in that area when I had to walk to school. It’s revolting the conditions there, and the smell is awful. Focusing on how disgusting and dirty Globo Homo is should be a top priority. Something to counter the Hollywood glamour.

Some time ago, the City of Vancouver asked the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) to accompany sanitation workers as they picked up garbage along a stretch of East Hastings Street due to safety concerns. But advocates said personal belongings were thrown away during street sweeps and they disproportionately affected Indigenous people, Black people, People of Colour, drug users, 2SLGBTQ+, and people with disabilities. 

The city vowed to find an alternative way to clear the area following public outcry. As of July 1, police stopped accompanying city workers on street sweeps. 

And make no mistake, these tent cities are Globo Homo to the core. That’s the thing with ZOG, the privileged class live in extreme opulence while there is human feces on the streets of Vancouver. And yet both these groups, the privileged aristocracies and the spiteful mutants, team up together to oppress average everyday people.

It shouldn’t be dangerous for a woman to walk home after work, but it is.

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  1. Shittier than it’s ever been down there

  2. Letting people sleep, shit, and otherwise live en masse in the streets reverses 100+ years of public health initiatives. I hope the prevailing winds carry human fecal dust into the Jewish quarter.

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