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An Antifa direct action broke out in Oregon on Saturday, where members of the far-left violent extremist movement suffered a humiliating defeat after the group was confronted by a group of women and bikers protecting a Salem bar hosting a family barbecue event.

I know they said “women and bikers,” but it’s funnier to think that some angry moms just curbstomped these mutants. 

I don’t have JewTube premium, so I can’t pick an arbitrary screenshot for the video title image. Somehow what I got was pretty perfect. The best part of the video is someone yelling “stop hitting women you piece of shit,” to one of the mutants. The second best part is one of the masked mutants saying “you have a mob here, you-“ before he gets cut off by one of the biker guys laughing at him as he says “you came here,” with the backdrop being the mutants tucking tail and leaving.

It’s high quality television.

The confrontation appears to have now ignited a feud between Antifa and members of various Oregon motorcycle clubs. Antifa had tried to shut down the Honky Tonk bar in Salem, Ore.

I think getting beat up by a bunch of women should be the resolution of a fued, not the ignition of one. 

Among the members of Antifa at the failed direct action included Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez, who was previously arrested for allegedly assaulting a female police officer at a violent Salem protest on Aug. 10, 2021, when Antifa gathered to attack participants of a street church protest outside Planned Parenthood. Eiffler-Rodriguez was wearing a blue top and shouting from a bullhorn at Saturday’s direct action.

Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez

AntifaWatch has a great report on that creep. But really, the face says it all.

Antifa member Anthony A. Amoss was also one of the militants at the Antifa direct action in Salem, Ore. on Saturday. He pleaded guilty last week in federal court for doing over $164k in damages to a federal courthouse.

Anthony Moss

In live stream footage, a group of bikers can be seen approaching a group of Antifa that were gathered across the street from Honky Tonk bar, with their identities concealed behind face masks, hats, and other gear. Yelling and eventually shoving breaks out between the two groups.

“Get off my f—ng car, c—nt,” a woman yells before a scuffle and pepper spraying breaks out.

Women are truly the best optics in the World. Even relatively beat up middle aged ones. There’s something about a woman getting uppity with these losers that’s simultaneously hilarious but also deeply moralizing. Especially when these creeps start trying to punch her. I mean they failed, but it’s the thought that counts.

Antifa accounts on Twitter claimed that one of their comrades had to go to the hospital for treatment, though they did not say who or provide any evidence for the claim.

According to Ngo, one of the group organizers (the White Rose of the Willamette Valley) of the failed direct action complained on social media that police and the city didn’t protect their comrades.

“This is the same Antifa that demand (using violence) that police & the state be abolished,” Ngo explained.

Scratch that, the best optics is being opposed to antifas. Any time we can get these laughable yet vicious losers out to counter-protest us we can count that as a win. Provided that we are filming the entire thing.

After the group retreated, Antifa called for reinforcements to come to Gladstone, Ore., a city south of Portland. There, a racquet ball club was reportedly hosting a conservative event about the border crisis. However, the group of Antifa retreated for a second time after seeing there were bikers and others outside the venue. Antifa instead photographed the group of bikers and drivers for the purposes of doxxing them later.

Truthfully I find it shameful that we’re so behind on our organization here in Canada, mostly my fault of course, that we have yet to be confronted by Antifa. We’ll get there, don’t you worry.

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