As is often the case, there are so many little tiny stories that don’t quite justify a writeup, but still should be recorded. 


We’ve been “warned” about how subscriptions could become the automotive equivalent of a video game’s downloadable content, and we’re beginning to see more examples. On its ConnectedDrive Store in South Korea, BMW owners can pay a monthly fee to have a creature comfort such as heated seats. It costs ₩24,000 or approximately $18 at current exchange rates. Alternatively, you can get a one-year plan for $176 or a three-year subscription for $283.

A three year subscription to the seat heaters that are already in your car.

The BMW ConnectedDrive Store is a portal used by existing owners to download a variety of apps. It’s all done over the air, without having to visit a dealer to have the new software installed. With heated seats, the German luxury brand is kind enough to provide a one-month test period free of charge. Should you want the feature permanently, that’ll set you back $406.

Four hundred dollars just to use the seat heaters that are already inside the car.

A similar subscription plan is offered for a heated steering wheel and it costs $10 per month, $92 annually, and $161 for three years. You can also buy it outright for $222. Do you want wireless Apple CarPlay? That’ll be $305. The store also allows BMW customers to upgrade the headlights to include a high-beam assistant, additional safety systems, and the camera-based Driver Recorder.

Two hundred dollars for a warm steering wheel. Anyone who plays videogames, or used to, knows what’s up. Once the nickel and dimeing starts, it never stops. Welcome to neo-feudal billionairism, where you make less and less every year and things cost more and more every year.


The Daily Mail reports that Disneyland’s social media accounts were recently taken over by a hacker who made racist posts while attempting to “seek revenge” on the theme park. The hacker, using the name David Do, hijacked the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the theme park early on Thursday morning, making a number of racist and threatening posts.

The hacker made multiple posts featuring the n-word, claimed to have invented Covid-19, and said that he was working on a new Covid-20 virus. The hacker also revealed that the attack was revenge for Disney staff mocking him for “having a small penis.” The posts were deleted from Disney’s accounts within the hour.

The hacker gained access to the accounts around 3:50 a.m. PDT and alleged that he was a “super hacker” who was “here to bring revenge upon Disneyland.” He or she then made multiple posts, stating: “I am f***ing tired of all these n***** Disney employees mocking me for having a small penis. WHO’S THE TOUGH GUY NOW JEROME? GET HACKED YOU F****ING F******.”

David Do

We all snap in different ways. David Do here was sick of these JeQueerus “muh dick”-ing him all the time and it manifested as him haxxoring Disney’s social medias accounts. That this is a thing that happens in America in 2022 is hard to wrap your head around.

Another read: “I am working on Covid20 – You n***** better hide before I release this new deadly virus. With help of my crew DramaAlert @akademiks.”

In another post, the hacker wrote: “Disney land giving all u n***** a discount.” He also shared two pictures on the account’s stories, one was captioned: “KILL ALL N******S. DAVID DO IS HERE.”

Walt Disney was a great man, in part because of what an Uppity Goy he was. So of course his wonderful empire was targeted by (((locusts))) who have turned it into what it is today. And of course koshervatives simply accept this as the way it is, because their job is to throw the fight whenever possible, instead of getting rid of (((Bob Eiger))) and the rest of the parasites who are sucking the blood of Walt Disney through the grave.

I tried making this a humorous interlude, but I’m reminded of Ron DeSantis being celebrated for his fake fight against these people and it makes me too angry.

Great Britain News Channel:

An expert has said Scottish people should be able to alter their legal sex an unlimited amount of time throughout the entirety of their lives, because some people “change their minds” about whether they are male or female.

Professor Sharon Cowan, an academic from the University of Edinburgh’s school of law, urged for an overhaul of gender laws, in a move to accommodate some transgender people who have a “shifting sense” of identity.

The Scottish National Party wants to enable Scottish people to change their legal sex by signing a declaration, and lower the period in which someone must live in their “acquired gender” from two years to three months, before a further three-month “reflection period”.

Here’s what Professor Sharon Cowen looks like. 

UPDATE: As Longshanks says in the comments below, I was mistaken. That’s not Sharon Cowen, that’s SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. But she’s on the same side here, so the below text still works.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the ugly shorthaired woman is pushing perverted garbage on everyone. Except apparently in Scotland the weirdos are already allowed to legally change their gender. They currently have to wait two years, but that’s not clownworld enough for these people, so they’re demanding that they be allowed to legally change their gender every three months. This is in her “expert,” opinion.

Things are bad out there.

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  1. That’s not Prof Cowan, that’s the SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. Also known as Jimmy Krankie.

    1. Ah sorry. Good correction Longshanks.

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