I have an interview with Paul Fromm later today, so the time to port over these old articles from early 2021, with updates, has come. And besides, it’s yet another reason to totally disregard the Conservative Party of Canada, so it’s worth repeating.


OTTAWA — Controversial MP Derek Sloan was kicked out of the Conservative caucus Wednesday, a move party leader Erin O’Toole said was due to a “pattern of destructive behaviour” that had become a distraction.

Let me stop right here and show you the face of the creature responsible for writing this propaganda.

Propagandist Stephanie Levitz

Meet Stephanie Levitz, the CTV propagandist with a smile full of gums. She’s here to celebrate Erin O’Toole, then the Cuck Leader, squeezing Derek Sloan out of the party over one of the fakest gay-ops in all of human history.

O’Toole’s acknowledgment that Sloan’s dismissal was not solely over a donation he’d taken from a white nationalist came after hours of heated debate within caucus that saw MPs castigate both Sloan for his record and O’Toole for how he’d handled the issue.

Sloan said he will now sit as an Independent and will continue to fight for conservatives voices.

Derek Sloan, booted CPC leadership hopeful.

The backstory here is that Derek SLoan was a Koshervative Party Leadership Candidate. He lost in a probably rigged election to Erin O’Toole, who has since resigned just a few months ago, prompting CuckFight 2022!, where all the top servatives in the land come out to replace him.

But back in early 2021, Sloan was still in the CPC, necessitating him being squeezed out by O’Toole on behalf of his handlers. Their excuse was him taking a donation from “White Supreeeeeemacist,” Paul Fromm. This is all a lot cuckier on Sloan’s part than you’d think, and even more ridiculous from the CPC.

“No matter how ugly — how undemocratic — the events of the last two days have been, always remember that the Conservative Party of Canada is not the personal property of Erin O’Toole, nor is it the personal property of the cabal that surrounds him,” he wrote.

What are you talking about Derek? What sort of Cabal could possibly be surrounding Erin O’Toole?

And as a matter of fact, the Conservative Party of Canada is absolutely their property. It’s about time normal people realized that, and moved on. But of course, it’s our job to facilitate that.

O’Toole had formally triggered the effort to boot Sloan after revelations Monday that Sloan accepted a donation last year from a known white nationalist, news that broke one day after O’Toole declared there’s no room in his party for far-right extremism or racism.

Sloan claimed he was not aware of the donation previously, and as soon as he learned of it, asked the party to return the money.

But Sloan’s extreme socially conservative views had been a thorn in the party’s side and there had been mounting pressure on O’Toole to kick him out.

Stephanie Levitz, squealing with joy.

Let me translate this from Hebrew to English for you goyim. Erin “Yum Yum Donor Cum” O’Toole got the signal to be really anti-White. His donors/handlers found a list of small money donations that Sloan had received. They figured out that one of his donors, Francis Fromm, was actually notoriously based White Man Paul Fromm under a psuedonym.

Paul Fromm

Sloan immediately cucked hard enough to make it to PornHub, because he’s not actually a Chad, but O’Toole still used this as an excuse to push Sloan out of the party. Of course, this literally makes zero sense, since it was a $131.00 donation, and Sloan had no way of knowing who it was really Fromm, but it doesn’t need to make sense. This was a clear and obvious power play, which is why O’Toole had to waffle about Sloan being a long term problem with his “muh thorn in side,” line, because even the Cuck Bench thought this was all more than a bit retarded.

For the record, Maxime Bernier was accused of having White Nationalist Candidates for the PPC, and he told the media to go fuck himself. Well he didn’t really say that, but he refused to denounce them. And he’s also going on and doing stuff like this.

During his 15 months as an MP, Sloan has faced accusations he’s racist, drawn condemnation for his views on LGBTQ rights and for his anti-abortion stance, all leading to periodic calls he be tossed from the party’s benches.

Don’t get your hopes up, he’s not acceptable. This is just (((Levitz))) attacking something moderately anti-pervert or anti-anti-White. Sloan is useless, just go check his uncensored twitter.

“I’ve worked well with many social conservatives in our party over the years. They are welcome in our party, but Derek Sloan’s behaviour is not,” wrote former Conservative cabinet minister John Baird on social media this week.

John Baird, Former Conservative cabinet minister

You might be wondering who this repulsive creature is. That’s John Baird, worse even than the usual Con Inc higher ups. I assumed he’d be something like Mitch McConnell or Lindsay Graham. No, he’s even worse than that.

The Canadian Report:

Pierre Poilievre campaigning to become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Notwithstanding his nonsensical claim about “running to be Prime Minister” (that’s not how the system works), he goes on and on about making Canada the freest country in the world.

While there seems to be nothing wrong with this sales pitch, his commitment to freedom — or more specifically, free speech — is quite questionable. Nothing politicians say should ever be taken at face value. Instead, it’s more important to dig into them to verify.

Poilievre’s campaign for CPC leadership is co-chaired by John Baird, a former Cabinet Minister. However, looking at what Baird has done since leaving politics is cause for concern.

In 2018, Baird became a Director with CIJA, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. He has long been a supporter of the organization. This is a lobbyist group that attempts to change policy in Canada. What’s disturbing is what CIJA lists in terms of its political influence.

Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution
civil remedy based in human rights law, included in the Canadian Human Rights Act, with respect to combating hate speech, including antisemitism. Training for provincial attorneys general, prosecutors, and police to enforce Criminal Code hate speech provisions. Training and parameters should cite the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism.

CITIZENSHIP ACT (continued support for the power of the state under the current citizenship act to remove citizenship in cases involving war crimes, crimes against humanity, terrorism and extreme promotion of hate.)
Civil remedy included in the Canadian Human Rights Act with respect to combating antisemitism.
Diplomatic relations with Iran should not be renewed until specific conditions are met, including an end to calls for the destruction of Israel, an end to state-sponsored terrorism, and the provision of all evidence related to Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752. The entirety of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps should be banned by the government.

Equip police departments to counter hate crimes and support targeted communities by providing additional resources to bolster existing police hate crime and community liaison units. Where such units do not exist, funding should be provided to establish them.

Update the Criminal Code of Canada with respect to combating antisemitism and online hate. Create a national strategy to tackle online hate and radicalization using the 2019 Justice Committee report, “Taking Action to End Online Hate”, as a foundation. A strategy should draw upon the Christchurch Call, and use the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism.

Legislative Proposal, Bill or Resolution, Policies or Program
Hate speech and internet-based hate: For Canada to adopt policies – either/and through legislation or policies adjustments that will provide measurable standards for internet-based dissemination of hate speech, including explicit provisions within the Crimical Code and/or the Human Rights Act.

Policies or Program
Accountability for Anti-Racism Initiatives: Public accountability measures should be developed and implemented to support and uphold genuine progress in combating hate in all its forms, as outlined in Building a Foundation for Change: Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy 2019–2022.

Advocate for restitution for Holocaust Survivors: Canada should continue leveling diplomatic pressure on countries in Eastern Europe that have evaded their responsibility to pass meaningful restitution laws.
Advocating for the development of a national anti-poverty strategy.
Agriculture Canada: Assist in securing termination of Israeli ban on Canadian beef imports as a result of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) protocols.

Yes, this fat doughy fuck, ensconsed with Pierre Poilievre’s team as his National Campaign co-chair was a lobbyist for CIJA, a jew nationalist organization that’s committed to stripping away as many freedoms from you as possible. 

Which is sort of odd, because Pierre Poilievre in his campaign announcement speech explicitly said that “governments have gotten big and bossy,” and that he would “make Canada the freest country in the World.” I guess this weird, as of yet unnamed “cabal,” appears to have gotten to Pierre Poilievre as well.

From Pierre’s website.

O’Toole won leadership of the party, however, partially on the strength of Sloan’s supporters, and he took pains Wednesday to try to assuage concerns the move was meant as a swipe at them.

“I did not vote to remove Derek Sloan from our caucus because he is a social conservative. We have members of Parliament of deep compassion and unmatched character, who like many Canadians, draw strength from their faith,” he said.

“The Conservative party is a big tent that is reflective of all Canadians.”

The Koshervative Party of Canada is not an institution that anyone who cares about policy ought to be invested in. But they’d like you to think that “social conservatives,” are welcome there, because then they can keep you on their plantation, where they never give you a single policy, but get you thinking that maybe you can get something through them.

But the most recent knock against Sloan was his effort to mobilize supporters to participate in a Conservative policy convention in March.

The party is investigating whether his use of robocalls to get people to register for the convention runs afoul of telecommunications regulations. His use of the party’s membership list to encourage delegates to register also ruffled feathers and is under review and the party has said he’s been unco-operative in that process.

While socially conservative groups are traditionally quite active at Conservative conventions, their ranks swelled during the leadership race, given both Sloan’s and Leslyn Lewis’s campaigns explicitly targeted those constituencies.

With strong enough numbers, resolutions they want to advance have a better chance of passing, including one that would delete a policy pledging that a Conservative government will not regulate abortion.

That in turn would jeopardize O’Toole’s efforts to present the party as more centrist.

Once again it falls upon my shoulders to translate from Hebrew to English. What’s actually going on is that Erin O’Toole is being a good little goy for his probably (((owners))). Erin The Toole has already promised that he’s going to be a fiscal cuckservative, social liberal neo-con faggot with complete and utter contempt for the people. Part of that is to not even acknowledge things like racial discrimination against White People in, say, everything, or hollywood being run by all these “liberals,” like feminist Harvey Weinstein, who through pure coincidence are all jews. But the other part is that even the relatively cucky but still decent things that the rare grassroots social conservatives think up, like less censorship, or ending funding for planned parenthood, simply do not get a seat at the table

O’Toole and his owners know damn well that if the little peasants get to go to the Cuckservative Policy Convention, they’re going to BTFO his (((Big Money Donors))) every day of the week, so he’s resorting to this clown fiesta in order to stop that. Or rather, he was. This all happened over a year ago now.

In his email Wednesday, Sloan urged his backers not to give up, a spirit echoed by the Campaign Life Coalition, which accused O’Toole of trying to deflate people’s enthusiasm.

“Don’t give O’Toole exactly what he wants,” the coalition’s Jack Fonseca wrote in the email.

“We are so close to winning at the convention that even if Derek gets expelled, we need to stay engaged in the convention to make the party more socially conservative in its policy declaration.”

Actually we need to do precisely the opposite. The Koshervative Party of Canada is an unviable vehicle through which to enact policy, and it is that way by design. 

Derek Sloan is far from some Neo-Hitler, but he’s not entirely useless, he just has some of the wrong ideas. Since this he’s gone on to start the Ontario Party. You can see it’s platform here. It’s not for us, but I don’t really find anything he’s doing objectionable, at least for now. But this milquetoast Christian Conservative stuff doesn’t get a seat at the table in the extreme left-wing CPC.

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