For those who don’t know, Scott Alexander is a psychiatrist who is a self-admitted “Left-Libertarian.” At one point on his now deceased blog he was bragging about being in a relationship with a tranny who went by the name of “Ozymandias.” I know because, believe it or not, I was once a commenter on this blog, SlateStarCodex. I got banned for being a big meanie to this tranny by fact-checking its claims to be mere seconds away from getting oven’d in Russia.

To make a long story short, dudes got problems, but he was never truly as nasty a character as you might expect, being a left-wing jew psychologist. He was even deemed enough of a threat to the privileged that the New York Times doxxed him, giving everyone his real name, and published a hit piece explaining is psuedo-ideology. His real name is just Scott Alexander Siskind, so he clearly wasn’t trying that hard to maintain anonymity, but even still that’s a low blow from the (((New York Times))). 

The cover image for this piece a picture of Scott Siskind, henceforth referred to with his pen name of Scott Alexander. I found it here.

Astral Codex Substack:

A Modest Proposal For Republicans: Use The Word “Class”

I hear you’re having a post-Trump identity crisis.

Koshervatism is not suffering an identity crisis post-Blormph. What they are suffering from is a credibility crisis. The reason Orange Faggot was so hated by the WMD Liars wasn’t because he did anything for the goy-peasants, because he didn’t do anything. Not for us that is.


The reason he was so hated is because he ran on doing things that are actually popular. In doing so he delegitimized Conservatism by showing everyone that the Emperor has no clothes. Nobody wants some fiscal conservative DR3 faggot. People want someone to the bad things to the bad people.

But in doing so, Blormph has left Koshervatism in quite a crisis. That’s where Scott Alexander steps in.

So here’s my recommendation: use the word “class”. Pivot from mindless populist rage to a thoughtful campaign to fight classism.

Yeah, yeah, “class” sounds Marxist, class warfare and all that, you’re supposed to be against that kind of thing, right? Wrong. Economic class warfare is Marxist, but here in the US class isn’t a purely economic concept. Class is also about culture. You’re already doing class warfare, you’re just doing it blindly and confusedly. Instead, do it openly, while using the words “class” and “classism”.

As is so often the case with Finklethink, there’s a gem of truth to this. I myself constantly use the terms “privileged class,” or “parasite class,” to describe our enemies. After all, when you’re fighting against a collection of billionaires, politically connected politicians, unaccountable judges, billion dollar propaganda agencies, trillion dollar multinationals like Google, and an entire system of NGOs and other supposedly charitable institutions that most people have never heard of before it’s difficult to describe these people as anything else. They’re the privileged class, and you’re the peasant.

Unfortunately, Alexander intentionally misses the point.

Trump didn’t win on a platform of capitalism and liberty and whatever. He won on a platform of being anti-establishment. But which establishment? Not rich people. Trump is rich, lots of his Cabinet picks were rich, practically the first thing he did was cut taxes on the rich. Some people thought that contradicted his anti-establishment message, but those people were wrong. Powerful people? Getting warmer, but Mike Pence is a powerful person and Trump wasn’t against Mike Pence. Smart people? Now you’re burning hot.

It’s been largely memory holed, but in 2016 Trump ran on “I’m going to kick all these fucking Mexicans out of our country.” It wasn’t implied either, there was Stephen Miller’s “thirteen point immigration plan,” or whatever it was called. It was all very detailed at the time, and the Blormph Crew have tried their very hardest to try to get people to forget about that.

He most certainly did not get elected because of his cabinet picks, and if people had known who he would have picked for his (((cabinet))), there would have been a whole lot less excitement about him. So Alexander tries to conflate the Trump that people wanted with the Trump that people got. And then in a self-flattering conclusion, he says that the goy-peasants just hate smart people.

Trump stood against the upper class. He might define them as: people who live in nice apartments in Manhattan or SF or DC and laugh under their breath if anybody comes from Akron or Tampa. Who eat Thai food and Ethiopian food and anything fusion, think they would gain 200 lbs if they ever stepped in a McDonalds, and won’t even speak the name Chick-Fil-A. Who usually go to Ivy League colleges, though Amherst or Berkeley is acceptable if absolutely necessary. Who conspicuously love Broadway (especially Hamilton), LGBT, education, “expertise”, mass transit, and foreign anything. They conspicuously hate NASCAR, wrestling, football, “fast food”, SUVs, FOX, guns, the South, evangelicals, and reality TV. Who would never get married before age 25 and have cutesy pins about how cats are better than children. Who get jobs in journalism, academia, government, consulting, or anything else with no time-card where you never have to use your hands. Who all have exactly the same political and aesthetic opinions on everything, and think the noblest and most important task imaginable is to gatekeep information in ways that force everyone else to share those opinions too.

Once again there is a grain of truth here. Trump ran on an incoherent fascist policy of “you the normal people are being oppressed by vague swamp creatures,” in addition to his very tangible, very detailed anti-foreigner plan. Trump never said “I don’t like people who eat Thai Food and I love McDonalds,” or whatever bullshit this jew is trying to pretend was going on. His biggest supporters were goyim who were sick of being oppressed by jews, even if they lacked the vocabulary to describe themselves in that way.

Frankly, I find it insulting the characterization he has of us 2016 Trump supporters. I think WWE is retarded. NASCAR is boring and stupid. Football is a waste of time. Fast Food is unhealthy. SUV’s, well, I wish I could afford one, so no comment. FOX is unwatchable Finkle-Right propaganda. Evangelicals are annoying, but I’m fine with working something out with them politically.

Aren’t I just describing well-off people? No. Teachers, social workers, grad students, and starving artists may be poor, but can still be upper-class. Pilots, plumbers, and lumber barons are well-off, but not upper-class. Donald Trump is a billionaire, but still recognizably not upper class. The upper class is a cultural phenomenon.

Teachers, social workers, grad students, and starving artists are by definition not “upper class.” What they can be, and many times are, is obedient little bots for the system. There is nothing more “leftist,” than Antifa, and there is nothing more “Antifa,” than tattletale-ing to Mark Zuckerberg and his Corporate HR department. The reason normal people want “leftists,” to be killed is because they, however incoherently, understand them to be the middle managers of their oppression. But if you go around saying that antifas are upper class people are just going to look at you like you’re retarded. 

Instead, just use the words “class” and “classism”. Say “Hey, we Republicans want to be the party of the working class. We are concerned about the rising power of the upper class, and we are dedicated to stamping out classism.”

Maybe I shouldn’t roll my eyes at that, because it somehow manages to be an improvement over the Koshervative “muh capitalism, muh israel,” rhetoric. It has the benefit of actually focusing on domestic enemies, which could actually be productive. However, it’s still so bad it’s funny, and is also nothing new. Erin O’Toole was doing speeches pretending to be a populist. Marco Rubio was doing the same. It’s just empty rhetoric.

The Kosher-Right has had a 0% winrate on Social Issues for so long that they’ve become discredited there as well, maybe even if Orange Faggot never came along. As a result they need to pivot to something, and they view this as their new meal ticket. But they’ll make it super gay and retarded. Like “the Upper Class hates capitalism because it lifts Brown People out of poverty,” or something like that.

It’s the 21st century; having principles is out of style. Politics is motivated by tribal hatred. You tell your people that the other side hates them and wants to kill them; they need to fight back. The Democrats are great at this – cis white men hate you, they deny your right to exist, the cruelty is the point, resist or be destroyed. You Republicans have been caught flat-footed. You can’t openly defend cis white men; that would be transphobic racist sexist. And you can’t openly attack trans black women – that would be super transphobic racist sexist. Plus it wouldn’t work; there aren’t that many of them, and they’re not powerful enough to be scary.

It’s at this point that Schlomo’s Screed goes almost entirely off the rails. It’s so amazingly wrong that it’s chuckle worthy. If I could paraphrase what he just said…

You can’t defend Whitey against explicitly anti-White racial attacks, or otherwise the utterly discredited WMD Liars will attack you.

Oh noes! I guess you’ll just have to do what Trump did, the guy he’s making this about, and tell them to go fuck themselves. Everybody who’s normal hates these propagandists and wants to see them get told to shut their fucking mouths. And Schlomo Siskind over here is telling you that if they call you trannyphobic that’s pretty much the end of the line for you.

By the way, in November, 2020, in California of all places, they put it up to a vote as to whether it should be legal to racially discriminate against White People. It got voted down 57% to 43%. That’s why the kosher-leftists pretend to be fighting against capitalists. It’s because “fuck you, Whitey,” isn’t popular, just the opposite.

Trump outmanuevered the Republican establishment by finding a front where he could go on the offensive. He de-emphasized the unfavorable terrain of race/sex/etc, and focused on class. He didn’t use the word “class”. But he captured the idea. He implicitly understood that there was some kind of difference between the average working-class voter and the sorts of people who set trends in the media, academia, government, et cetera. Whenever an upper-class institution tried to make him admit that they were the experts and he should bow to them, he spat in their faces instead. This was terrible; he spat in the faces of epidemiologists trying to tell him about an epidemic! But it sent his message loud and clear – just as South African populist Thabo Mbeki denied HIV/AIDS partly as a way of spitting in the face of the rich white countries who wanted him not to.

Donald Trump de-emphasized race now, did he? Well it’s news to me. I remember him running against BLM pretty hard in 2016. I also remember him running on mass deportations of Indios. You can say that people read too much into his rhetoric, and it’s clear that he was a fraud, but 99% of people, both for and against him, thought he was running on a pro-White platform.

In 2020 he ran on “500 billion for blax, Whitey need not apply,” and lost the election. For some strange reason (((Mr. Alexander))) appears to be drawing the exact wrong conclusions from all of this.

It could appeal to the white working class. Everyone agreed these people were Trump’s base, but the media insisted on emphasizing the “white”, as in “WHITE!!! working class”. Your job is to get people thinking “white WORKING CLASS!!!” instead. You cannot ethically or pragmatically flatter these people’s identity as whites, but you can very easily flatter their identity as the working class.

Aca-Scuse me? I most certainly can and will flatter Whitey’s identity. What I will not be doing is flattering the social construct known as the jew race. It pains me to say this, as a fellow jew person, but us jew people are going to need to start acknowledging our jew privilege, and becoming good allies to the goyim in our fight against jew supremacy.

It could appeal to Republicans who are in it for the capitalism (including the rich donors). You would argue that capitalism is the system that lets people succeed regardless of class; even the most uncouth and uneducated person can strike it rich if they work hard and make good deals. The Democrats hate this; they prefer a system where powerful insiders get to play favorites, where success depends on who you know and not what you know, and where good jobs are locked behind gates of correct credentials from the right colleges.

Remember earlier in this piece when I predicted that Alexander would do this? Well that wasn’t exactly a difficult prophecy to foretell, considering that this has been koshervative propaganda for the past 50 years. They have always tried to make the argument of “well, muh capitalism is secretly good for working class people… somehow.”

One of the biggest problems that they have right now is that it has been shown, not just in secret polling, but by the election of Don the Con himself, that this is not popular, in the slightest. Appeals to “muh Capitalism,” have been show to be negatively popular, in that politicians who are accused of being “Socialists,” actually get a bump in the polls after such accusations. Any politician who is running cover for billionaires in 2022 is unelectable, unless their opponent is virulently anti-White or pro-pervert.

It could appeal to small-government libertarians. Argue that the Democrats and the government are a jobs program for the upper class. All those Institutes For X and Public Service Campaigns For Y, all those regulations that require two hundred lawyers just to move a potted plant, all those laws that mean every company needs fifty compliance offers working full time just in order to not get sued, they’re all a giant jobs program for college-educated people who refuse to work with their hands.

I had a very long bit written in response to this. I deleted it. LOLbertarians are jokes. They don’t need to be appealed to, only destroyed.

It could appeal to Asians, another up-for-grab minority demographic. Asians know they’ve done the hard work and gotten the test scores that ought to make them successful, but somehow success isn’t coming. We all know why this is – they’re being excluded by an academic establishment that believes “meritocracy” is a dirty word. Your job is to make the obvious point that Democrats have transformed college admissions from a search for talented students, into a scheme to perpetuate class advantage.

In shocking twist, the jew is in favour of explicit racial appeals to Asians, but not White People. Even ignoring that, I can’t stress enough how weird some Republican going out there and saying “Asians are discriminated against,” when everyone knows that White People are the ones being mostly discriminated against. Scott Alexander doesn’t want you defending Whitey. Instead he wants you to be an incredibly weird and disingenuous defender of Asians instead.

It could appeal to intellectuals. Right now you’re doing so badly among this demographic that you’re going to have trouble staffing the next generation of think tanks. That’s because you have a lot of anger but no theory. Intellectuals love theories. Your theory will be something something classism, details to be filled in later. Intellectuals love filling in details, especially details about -isms, and you can assure them that they’ll be very busy.

UBC’s “Social Justice Institute”

Ah yes, making appeals to the useless eaters. The psuedo-intellectuals behind “queer of colour theorizing,” most definitely deserve to be catered to. Going to a bunch of truckers and saying “hey, do you think it would be funny/good if we killed 10-20% of academics,” just won’t resonate with them, or the rest of the Multi-Racial Working Class That’s Definitely Not White. Instead, going to said truckers and saying “the proletariate are being class oppressed by the upper class.” Yes, this will definitely resonate with the “lower classes.”

For the record goy, I used to be a trucker going from British Columbia to California all the time. I met a lot of people. When I would try to talk to them about politics, you know what they would say? “The violence that is done to Black Trans bodies of colour needs to stop.”

As it currently exists, college is a scheme for laundering and perpetuating class advantage. You need to make the case that bogus degree requirements (eg someone without a college degree can’t be a sales manager at X big company, but somebody with any degree, even Art History or Literature, can) are blatantly classist.

People who were propagandized their entire lives into going to university, and getting some utterly worthless “Art History” Degree, are victims. I don’t care about this Schlomo’s fake “muh class oppression” narrative. Those people are victims. If those people espouse what this kike would call “woke” politics, ie. anti-Whitism and pervertism, they can be dealt with on an individual basis. Otherwise, fuck this guy.

Argue that you love and support legitimate experts, but that the Democrats have invented and propped up a fake concept of expertise as a way of making sure upper-class people who can game admissions to top colleges control the discourse. Your solution will be prediction markets. Yes, really. Repeal all bans on prediction markets and give tax breaks for participating in them, until they have the same kind of liquidity as the S&P500. You’ll get a decentralized, populist, credentialism-free, market-based alternative to expertise. When the prediction markets outperform 75% of experts, fire them and say this proves you were right all along that government-sponsored expertise was just a jobs program for the upper-class. The remaining 25% of experts are cool and you will definitely listen to them very closely about whatever they have to say.

If his piece went off the rails earlier when he was, for no reason, explicitly saying that you can’t advocate for Whitey, here is where we crash land in Clownville. The entire World saw with Wall Street Bets how utterly manipulated existing futures markets are by multi-billion dollar (((hedge fund managers))). These are the very same people who give politicians lots of money. So I’m supposed to believe, based on nothing, that the people should give up something like Direct Democracy, in order to be ruled over by (((experts))). And in order for this to even arguable as a benefit we need we need to have both:

1) A genuine system will be set up that allows fair competition from anyone in this predictions market.

2) A guarantee that whatever predictions made won’t be at all manipulated by the privileged and powerful for their benefits.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone with a brain to just assume, based on nothing I might add, that this scenario will occur. This is so stupid, that it borders on satire. The only possible response is just to point and laugh.

War On The Upper-Class Media: This is your new term for “mainstream media”. Being against the “mainstream media” sounds kind of conspiratorial. Instead, you’re against the upper-class media, which gains its status by systematically excluding lower-class voices, and which exists mostly as a tool of the upper classes to mock and humiliate the lower class. You are not against journalism, you’re not against being well-informed, you’re against a system that exists to marginalize people like you. Tell the upper-class media that if they want your respect, they need to stop class discrimination.

Once again, there is a grain of truth to all of this, mixed in with some garbage. The only arguable good piece of advice he gives is to argue that Koshervatives should therefore take a page out of the Marxists critique and call the “mainstream media” “classists,” and then ignore them. Ignoring them is fine, but that’s such a hilariously fake and gay reason for ignoring them. Consider the difference between:

“Look everybody, these classist New York Times journalists are attacking me as being ‘racist'”.


“Look goyim, the propagandists who lied us into Iraq and Afghanistan are attacking me racially as a White Man, because I am your advocate.”

Do you see how much more powerful and moving the latter is? Now understand that the Schlomo writing this piece is desperate for you to do the former as opposed to the latter. Because he has your best interests at heart no doubt.

4. War On Wokeness. But now it’s because wokeness is a made-up mystery religion that college-educated people invented so they could feel superior to you. Why are they so sure that “some of my best friends are black” doesn’t make you any less racist? Because the whole point is that the only way not to be racist is to master an inscrutable and constantly-changing collection of fashionable shibboleths and opinions which are secretly class norms.

I think we’re done here. I don’t think I need to print anymore, you get the idea. Let’s do a recap.

1) Please dear god please Whitey do not defend Whites as White People.

2) The reason you can’t do that is because the Weapons of Mass Destruction Liars might attack you.

3) Also, you should be attacking the “mainstream media,” but only with some race-blind psuedo-marxist “class critique”.

4) Forget that Donald Trump was elected on an explicit anti-Forgeigner Campaign, with real policies.

5) Make utterly fake rhetorical arguments towards “muh Multi Racial Working Class”.

6) Did I mention to please not advocate for White people?

7) Make sure to refer to your enemies as “Upper Class,” instead of jews please.

8) Also, use “Upper Class,” as opposed to “privileged class,” to complement these shitty, worthless people who you are supposedly fighting against.

9) Definitely don’t point out that literally 100% of the things the filthy goyim, I mean Republican Voters, hate is because of jews.

10) Talk in vague platitudes a lot. This is good for your electoral chances.

11) Appeal to the very psuedo-intellectuals that everybody hates. This is very important.

12) Also Direct Democracy is gay, put all power in “prediction markets.” (This one was so fucking stupid that I almost forgot)

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  1. It’s obnoxious that this twat is held in high regard by the alternative set of very smurt people.

  2. This jew is hilarious!

    Asians are so discriminated against that MIT should change its name to the Beijing Institute of Technology.

    Prediction markets are another excellent jewish scheme for making money without working… if they can be repurposed to rule over the goyim then it’s all the better!

    1. I lol’ed when I heard UBC refered to as University of a Billion Chinks.

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