I’d heard of James Lindsay from TRS, and maybe somewhat organically out in the wild. He’s one of these Karyln Borysenko-tier anti-White deradicalizers, who calls everything anti-White “Marxism.”

No really, absolutely everything anti-White is secretly “Marxism,” to this shyster. Occasionally it’s “Critical Race Theory,” regardless of whether or not it’s actually CRT.

I decided to go and check his twatter for “anti-White,” using the advanced search function. I got this one tweet.

Nevermind, I found another one where he pushes back against people calling the anti-White hate propaganda known as Critical Race Theory as “anti-White.” 

And then I changed the terminology a bit and found one more where he pretends that anti-White racial discrimination is taking a backseat to anti-Asian racial discrimination. So he’s an anti-White piece of shit.

You can double check this yourself.

I can’t even tell you how many results you get searching for “Marxism.” It’s pretty much his entire twitter history.

He’s also Wow, Just Wow-ing Whoopie Goldberg here when she pretends to give a shit about people struggling with Student Loan Debt. He doesn’t make any arguments of course, and this isn’t a popular or particularly defensible position to take.

Lindsay is just there to lick the asshole of big corporations while getting out in front of Whitey and making sure he gets nothing. So it’s kind of a pre-requisite belief in those parts that teenagers should have their lives destroyed to benefit big banks and the very same “woke” universities that he’s supposedly fighting against.

But luckily, James Lindsay doesn’t need to talk about the Wokesters anymore. The Mission has been accomplished. He’s “exposed,” the anti-White groomers. I mean he hasn’t done anything to them, but he’s “exposed,” them. That means he can quit and start attacking Uppity White People/Goyim who are actually politically serious.

Now you might be thinking that it’s a bit weird he’s focusing on the most oppressed group of people, but he’s got an answer to that. And the answer is that he wants to keep his grift going and he’d really enjoy staying on twatter.

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