A transgender serial killer with prior convictions for the murders of two women was granted access to a homeless shelter for women, where he reportedly was interacting with his third victim.

Modernity getting you down? Spare some thought for poor old me. You get to read my humourous writings. I have to read unfiltered stories about tranny serial killers who dismember women and then sit on their legs, only to go on to demand access to women’s shelters, where they meet more women to dismember.

You think I’m kidding? Take a look at this video I found called: “NYC Serial Killer Sits on Dismembered Leg in Store.” It’s called that, because that’s what he does.

Having said that, there is one particularly hilarious bit of this video that I just have to share with you.

This is a gruesome and barbaric homicide, which resulted in a headless torso being disposed of on a New York City corner. 

Don’t worry, I’m not a psychopath. This isn’t the funny part, I’m just setting the stage.

…we observed our victim enter 50 Pennsylvania Avenue with the same shopping cart she was later found dead inside. She’s later identified as Susan Leyden. 

It was at this point that my outrage was building, only to be promptly deflated in the next few sentences. Could any human being be so horrible that they deserve this fate?

She resides in the senior home for the LGBTQ+ community in Fort Green. According to persons known to us, she has lived there for eight months, and is an activist and supporter of these causes.

Well maybe not, but it’s still pretty funny that one of these pervert activists got decapitated by a tranny who went around sitting on her dismembered leg for a while.

No, really, he did that.

On March 7th, a human leg is recovered on Jamaica Ave. I’d like to show to you the video of Ms. Harvey in the store. She gets, she gets up out –

It took me a while to realize that this New York Cop, who seems to have a natural blue collar persona, is referring to this guy as a she. I guess you need to do that if you want to remain a cop in New York.

She gets up out of the wheelchair there, and the leg is right there on the seat.

I honestly can’t really tell what I’m looking at, but if he says so.

The cop then goes into his rap sheet, which is predictably quite long.

…1963, for a rape. In April of ’63 of a homicide up in Harlem, where he shot and killed a female. 

BTW, the cop slips up and says “he,” there, accidentally. You have to be reminded to deny reality.

Where she received a sentence of 20 years to life, and was released in May of 1984, to lifetime parole. And a final arrest in November of ’85, in Central Park. A homocide, where the victim was stabbed and cut up, and the female dumped in body bags. 


This is just the latest of a series of offenses committed over a lifetime by Ms. Harvey, and we can only hope that she will do no more.

Weird, seems like Harvey Marcelin has a history of horrifically abusing women. It’s almost like he should have received the death penalty, instead of being released back into society where he immediately horrifically murdered and dismembered another woman, twice. How absolutely wacky!

But this wouldn’t be pure clownworld if it we simply had slap on the wrist punishments for obviously mentally sick rapist murderers. It’s going to take more than that to push this over the edge into true surreality. 

Let’s get back to that Reduxx article.

During the same press conference, the NYPD provided updates on the gruesome crime in which they released surveillance footage from a retail store featuring Marcelin. In it, Marcelin is seen utilizing a motorized wheelchair with what appears to be a severed human leg on the seat, visible when Marcelin stands from the chair to look at products.

It’s pretty ClownWorld to have some deranged freak murder a women, and then just casually sit on her dismembered leg while he consooms product. But theoretically you could have these deranged violent types in any society. No, we need something more, something to really push us over the edge.

While it is unclear when Marcelin and Leyden first met, one of his many Facebook profiles reveals a communication with the victim dated 2019, just after he was released from the upstate Cayuga Correctional facility on the provision of lifetime parole.

It was at this time that both Marcelin and Leyden were seeking housing. Leyden, who was reportedly struggling with declining mental health and drug addiction, eventually secured an apartment within the Sage Center at Stonewall House.

Marcelin used Leyden’s own photo as his own profile image on more than one Facebook account and had repeatedly posted her picture to his Facebook pages. In October 2021, just months before Leyden was murdered, Marcelin responded to her with the comment, “Love personified.”

Yet a few comments made from Leyden’s Facebook account suggest that the feeling was far from mutual.

Now this is more like it. Having a rapist murderer body mutilator is one thing. Having them get slaps on the wrist from the injustice system is another. Having them go shopping for product while sitting on a dismembered leg is a nice touch, but we have truly set our sites on the shores of ClownWorld when said rapist murderer body mutilator calls himself “Marceline Harvey,” instead of Harvey Marcelin, his real name, and starts professing his love of his victim on Facebook while using her image as his profile pic.

Anne Brennan, a nurse who oversees the intake of residents, told The New York Times that she had objected to Harvey being allowed entry to the women’s section of the shelter where Leyden resided — particularly in light of his long record of violence against women — yet her concerns were ignored by her supervisors.

“Apparently his feelings and identity were far more important than all the other women that were terrified of him,” Brennan said.

Harvey Marcelin

Get a load of this bigotphobe! Imagine thinking that the collective safety of women is more important than giving a serial rapist and murderer access to dozens of vulnerable women because he tells everyone that he identifies as one. Susan Leyden may have been murdered, but I will not let these trannyphobes slaughter our safe space of niceness and decency with their TERFism.

However, Julia Savel, a spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Social Services, told media that policies permitted Harvey’s presence.

“Our policy — in accordance with the law — is to place individuals in shelters based on their reported gender identity,” she said. “Being homeless or transgender does not make you inherently violent and are not connected to the crime that was committed.”

I’m not sure I have to words to even describe my feeling towards this Julia Savel cunt. Just have this playing as the soundtrack to the rest of this article.

Marcelin is currently detained in the Rose M. Singer section of Riker’s Island, which is the only female facility on Rikers Island. In an interview with The New York Post conducted in April, he stated that he first dressed up as a woman for Halloween when he was about 13 or 14 years old.

“It felt so good,” Marcelin said, who added that he did not claim a female identity until he met a transgender inmate at the Auburn state prison in 1993 who encouraged him to start taking Premarin, a form of estrogen that was developed for post-menopausal women.

On July 30, the New York Times released a lengthy sympathetic profile on Marcelin and his crimes, utilizing “she/her” pronouns throughout. The article insisted “transgender people are far more likely to become victims of violence, not perpetrators,” and appeared to attribute Marcelin’s history of violence against women as part of his gender identity conflict.

Marcelin has a long history of mental illness and committing sex-based violence. He was first accused of attempted rape when he was just 14 years-old; the allegation was made by a girl aged 8.

That wasn’t even counted on his rap sheet, because he was a minor when he did that. Harvey Marcelin has an even longer history of horribly abusing women than we first knew.

Marcelin described his male “side” as a “pimp” and blamed his female victims for inciting him to violence. “I tell them — there’s a side of me you don’t want to see… but they don’t listen,” he told The New York Post.

When asked about his tendency to erupt in a violent rage, Marcelin said his outbursts felt “liberating” as he could let his “macho side come out”. He went on to say that he “[covers] it up by being a woman” because he doesn’t like his “male rage.”

“Harvey’s not a good guy, he’s a tough guy,” Marcelin said, “Marceline’s nice and gentle and loving, you know, lots of laughter, fun to be with. She’s the one who’s perfectly normal.”

Going to have to press X on his imaginary “female,” persona being “the normal one.” Then again, his male side likes to violently rape and murder women before dismembering them, so when he’s convinced he’s a woman he may well be more normal and fun to be around. The bar has been set pretty low for Harvey.

To sum it all up, we have a deranged and violent schizo with a history of horrific violence towards women a mile long, much of which I skipped over. Part of his mental illness is thinking that he’s secretly a woman, which he believes up until it’s time to rape, murder, and dismember an actual woman. He does exactly this pretty much immediately after getting out of jail, this last time to a woman he met at some LGBTQ+ shelter for women.

He was allowed to be at this women’s shelter because he identifies as a woman, specifically “Ms. Harvey”. There were some peasants who noticed that he’s a parody of a violent creature who shouldn’t be around anyone, let alone vulnerable women. They tried to stop this, only to run into a brick wall, as the ideological pervert freaks who are running this don’t actually give a shit about women, they’re just spiteful mutants who hate normal people. After Susan Leyden is murdered, they have still not changed their policy of allowing violent rapist men into their women’s shelter. They do not have any plans to do so.

I mean that’s not satire, or me doing a bit. That’s just what happened. Ms. Harvey went on a woman slaughtering spree where he shopped for items while sitting on the legs of the women he met at the women’s shelter, which he got into by pretending to be a woman. No policy anywhere is planned to change as a result of this.

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