Let’s see what the groomers are up to these days.

Oh Geez. Typical constantly online cuckservative nonsense. I’m sure this will be easily disproven as the –


Safer snorting 101

The best way to prevent harms when snorting is to use your own equipment and not share with others.

There are many ways drugs are snorted. You might use straws, rolled paper, glass or metal tubes, or you may snort your drugs straight from your hand or a hard surface. Using your own straw or bumping off the back of your clean hand helps to prevent you from getting bacteria or viruses that are passed through the blood, like hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

So in order to avoid diseases when twelve year old rentboys are snorting ketamine off of their groomers dicks they should bring their own straw. Thanks, CATIE! I’m sure that will prevent the AIDS.

You’d think that the real solution would be harsher penalties for drug dealers and stigmatization, but we can’t be having that! Imagine if 45 year old men giving thirteen year old “twinks” narcotics was stigmatized instead of promoted? That would be a gay holocaust! Also it wouldn’t work.

Remember folx. Stigmatizing something doesn’t do anything to discourage its popularity, except for when the things that faggots and Schlomo’s like are being stigmatized, in which case your stigmatization is basically genocide.

In unrelated news, Dobby, the elf from Harry Potter, isn’t doing so well these days. More specifically, he’s been “chestfeeding,” an infant. And I don’t mean that he’s been buying formula and pretending. Doctors gave him something that causes his nipples to lactate, and he’s feeding that to an infant.

That was my reaction as well. And it’s real, or at least Xir claims it is.

The Post Millenial:

Trans TikTok user nominal.naomi, who announced on the viral video site that he had begun taking drugs for the purpose of inducing lactation, had posted a new video of himself caring for a baby, and feeding that baby with a bottle filled with what he claims to be “breast milk.”

Nominal naomi referred to this as a “cow achievement,” and claimed to TikTok viewers that he was “going to be a mother,” that it was “in the works.”

“Just finished my morning pumping,” nominal.naomi said on Twitter, “and I can confirm for you that it is indeed breastmilk. I can cite peer-reviewed journal articles about lactation in trans women, but they might be too hard for you to read because your Post Millennial is written at an elementary school level.”

According to Nominal.Naomi, real name currently unknown, he’s pumped “breast milk,” out of his nipples, and is feeding that to a nine month old infant. He doesn’t explain how he managed to get himself put in charge of a nine month old infant, nor does he explain how he wrung breastmilk out of his male nipples, or show the process.

Personally, I think he’s lying, but it’s the thought that counts, and the grim reality that we can never know for sure that some child “protection” agency somewhere didn’t let this freak adopt a defenseless child. At least he might not be raping the child and pimping it out to his homo pals, like some of the fags that we know of. 

Cow Achievement! You go girrrrrrl (with a penis). 

We check in with Ireland. They’ve had some pretty based actions in recent months. They’re also dealing with the exact same mentally ill degenerates as the rest of us.

Gayto continues to be Globo Homo on steroids.

Over in London the trannies continue to be upstanding fine young gentlewomen who are essential to a thriving community. Meanwhile, stateside…

Transformative Schools:

We are Trans formative Schools, a progressive education community centering trans joy and social justice. Our mission is to support trans futures by uplifting the lives of trans children, trans educators, and families touched by transness.

In fall 2023–2024 TfS is launching a free afterschool program designed to center the needs of trans, queer, nonbinary, and gender expansive middle school students. This innovative afterschool is open and welcoming to all students.

Sooooo they’re groomers.

Jaime, can we zoom in on the “Our Dream” picture please?

The “Our Team” pic is no better. All of this is run by Tufts University, who would really like it if you could put them in contact with some queer three year olds. Do you think you could do that? I’m just saying that if you know of any three year olds who would like to be anally raped by an AIDS-ridden faggot, Tufts will happily arrange a meetup. 

This is the same university that was pushing frosted flakes as healthier than eggs. They were also hosting two anti-White events, which White People were disallowed from attending, because of course they were. 

Consubversives are whining about Sam Brinton again, calling him a “Drag Nun,” instead of a “disgusting pervert nutcase who is as hilarious as he is repulsive.” Normally I’d avoid mentioning him, but this is as good an opportunity as any to remind you that this clothes stealing freak exists, and was put in charge of nuclear safety. America is a serious country.

As is Canada.


We’re here, we’re queer, and we want your children’s rear.

Happy PRIDE month, Goy.

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  2. All this Homo Replica Pansexual Roto-Plooker (stolen from Zappa) stuff is an obnoxious distraction from Biden the most sack of shitty Pedo corrupt piece of crap (don’t forget he’s a media figurehead, its the JOOS stupid)…and I lost my train of thought.
    Where does the train end? With the simple logical response: Bludgeon a JOO to death with a large gay man.

  3. thanks I hate it

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