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JAMESTOWN TOWNSHIP—What started as a fight over an LGBTQ-themed graphic novel may end with the closure of a west Michigan public library.

Voters in Jamestown Township, a politically conservative community in Ottawa County, rejected renewal Tuesday of a millage that would support the Patmos Library. That vote guts the library’s operating budget in 2023 — 84 percent of the library’s $245,000 budget comes from property taxes collected through a millage.

Without a millage, the library is likely to run out of money sometime late next year, said Larry Walton, library board president.

Fuck YES! That’s what I’m talking about. Make them beg for their lives before pulling the trigger anyway. At least metaphorically speaking, through denial of funds.

“I wasn’t expecting anything like this,” Walton told Bridge Michigan Tuesday. “The library is the center of the community. For individuals to be short sighted to close that down over opposing LGBTQ is very disappointing.”

Come closer Larry, I want to lick those delicious salty tears off your face. Oh yeah it’s a real shame that you’re not going to have a job anymore because you kept trying to push disgusting faggot shit on everyone. Guess you’re gonna have to go on Unemployment Insurance now, huh?

There have been protests at other Michigan public libraries and at school board meetings about books with LGBTQ themes. But Tuesday may be the first time a community voted, in effect, to close its library rather than have it remain open with books some consider to be “indoctrinating” children.

We’ve popped that cherry on destroying pervert libraries, let’s do it again. The people want Total Librarian Genocide and we want it yesterday.  Legally and with due process of course.

Earlier this year, a parent raised concerns about the graphic novel “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” located in the adult graphic novel section. The book tells the story of the author’s coming of age as nonbinary, and includes illustrations of sex acts.

And not just any sex acts I’m sure, fag sex acts. Like maybe they’re showing everyone what “shrimping,” means. Look it up at your peril.

Just what children need to be exposed to. Let’s take a closer look at this garbage specifically.

Lol. LMAO.

Amazon Page for Gender Queer: A Memoir:

2020 ALA Alex Award Winner
2020 Stonewall — Israel Fishman Non-fiction Award Honor Book

In 2014, Maia Kobabe, who uses e/em/eir pronouns, thought that a comic of reading statistics would be the last autobiographical comic e would ever write. At the time, it was the only thing e felt comfortable with strangers knowing about em.

Oy, e’s just gawt a noice cockney accent, roight. Blimey ‘arry, he’s gone and chopped ‘is penis off.

Now, Gender Queer is here. Maia’s intensely cathartic autobiography charts eir journey of self-identity, which includes the mortification and confusion of adolescent crushes, grappling with how to come out to family and society, bonding with friends over erotic gay fanfiction, and facing the trauma and fundamental violation of pap smears.

Just your typical adolescence out there in Michigan. Who hasn’t bonded with friends over gay erotica while suffering through a papsmear on our neo-vagina? God, it takes me back to the camping trips of my youth. Happy days, those papsmear filled camping trips.

Started as a way to explain to eir family what it means to be nonbinary and asexual, Gender Queer is more than a personal story: it is a useful and touching guide on gender identity—what it means and how to think about it—for advocates, friends, and humans everywhere.

Well Israel may recommend this filth, but it turns out the goyim of Patmos, Michigan decided to put it on a train to Auschwitz. 

And it’s not hard to see why. I can’t find any of the sexually explicit stuff online, but the non-explicit stuff is truly a rape of the sensibilities.

Get this shit out of my sight.

As many as 50 people attended several library board meetings this spring, meetings that typically draw only a handful of residents. At those meetings, residents demanded the book be pulled from the shelves. The library board moved the book behind the counter, where children couldn’t happen upon it by accident.

The people were outraged, so they went and made their voices heard to the troons at the library. And did the troons do what they wanted? Of course not. Instead, they did the bare minimum to assuage the concerns of these parents.


Patmos resident Bark Twain.

Complaints were filed about several other books, including Spinning,” a graphic novel about a teen girl and her attraction to other girls, and Kiss Number 8,” a graphic novel with similar themes. Those books remain on the shelves of the young adult (high-school age) graphic novels section.

Guess they can’t remain on the shelves when there are no shelves, am I right marines?

Library Director Amber McLain resigned this spring, telling Bridge she had been harassed online and accused of indoctrinating children. Interim director Matthew Lawrence resigned later.

Could this get any better? This may be the rare case of these disgusting groomers not actually crybullying, but rather just outright crying. Every time a groomer cries an angel gets its wings.

When the Patmos staff and elected board of directors declined to remove the  books from the library’s collection, some upset residents organized an effort to defeat the library’s millage renewal. 

The group, called Jamestown Conservatives Hitler Lovers, passed out flyers at the town’s Memorial Day parade that referenced “Gender Queer: a Memoir,” a Pride Month display at the library and a director who, in the group’s words,  “promoted the LGBTQ ideology.”

“Pray that we can make changes and make the Patmos Library a safe and neutral place for our children,” the flyer said.

Yard signs urging residents to vote no on the library millage popped up along Riley Street, Jamestown’s main drag. One sign was directly across the street from the library, and another was conspicuously in the lawn of a library board member. That board member could not be reached for comment. 

Shoving your signs on the lawns of your enemies. Weird flex, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.

One resident posted a large, homemade sign that said, “50 percent increase to GROOM our kids? Vote NO on Library!”

Salem Sousley, who identifies as nonbinary and lives close by, said when they see the sign “it turns my stomach.” 

Are you sure he’s “non-binary.” Usually these people blend in with the normal people really well.

Having books young adults can access on LGBT themes “is incredibly important,” Sousley said. “When I was growing up in Jenison (in Ottawa County), the language of who I was as a nonbinary person didn’t exist yet. When I read ‘Gender Queer,’ it was the first time I ever saw myself represented in a book.

“So many kids are struggling in silence, especially in areas like this,” Sousley said. “Having access to resources and materials of people who are sharing your experiences is literally life-saving.”

Jamestown Township, population just under 10,000, is politically conservative even for conservative Ottawa County. The township voted for Donald Trump for president by a margin of 76-21 percent in 2020. About 92 percent of residents are white, and the median income of $81,000 is 37 percent higher than that of the state median household income of $59,000.

The village of Jamestown, which is within the township, has streets of well-maintained homes and sidewalks shaded by large trees, with construction of new subdivisions nearby. There is an ice cream shop at the main intersection, just across a parking lot from the township library.

What the fuck? This place sounds like the nicest place in all of America. Wealthy, but not full of Oven-Middle Class Faggots. Chock to the brim with citizens who recently declared FULL EXTERMINATUS on the infection of chaos poz that was suffocating their lovely town.

This place sounds like a goddamn paradise. Let me in, our new Reich begins here. I too hate the groomers, fellow Jamestownians.

Patmos, Michigan. Artists interpretation.

“We don’t need to see those books out front,” said Sarah Johnson. “We’re all for the library. I use it. We want to make a statement that we want some say in the books (chosen to be in the collection).”

Steve Wiltz said he voted no  because of “some of the materials that are in here I don’t agree with.”

Amanda Ensing, one of the organizers of the Jamestown Conservatives group, emerged from the library Tuesday wearing an “I voted” sticker. “They are trying to groom our children to believe that it’s OK to have these sinful desires,” Ensing said of library officials. “It’s not a political issue, it’s a Biblical issue.”

It was actually difficult for the reporter to understand what Amanda was saying, since she didn’t bother taking off her power armour before speaking. 

Later on she was quoted as saying:

“Even a man middle aged woman who has nothing can still offer his life. Only in death does duty end. No man middle aged woman died in His Adolf’s service that died in vain. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.”

And more directly relevant to this conversation.

“Knowledge is power, guard it well. An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.”

We reached out to Mike Enoch, NJP Chairperson (they/them) for comment. He was unable to do so, as he, Sven, and Jazzhands McFeels were, at that very moment, stringing up the three Customer-Americans who murdered Ethan Liming. Warren Balogh (she/her) did respond to our queries with the following.

“They will have tactics, strategies, and machines such that no foe can best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror Trannies. They are the Defenders of Humanity, where by Humanity I mean White People specifically. They are my Space Marines Jonestown Conservative Mothers, and they shall know no fear.”

The library has 67,000 books, videos and other items in its collection, of which about 90 have an LGBTQ theme, library officials said.

On Tuesday afternoon as votes were still being cast, Walton said that if the millage was defeated, the library would continue to receive tax funds from the old millage through the first quarter of 2023. After those funds dry up and the library’s fund reserves of about $325,000 are depleted, “we would close,” he said.

Walton estimated that closure would be in fall 2023, barring a second millage renewal attempt approved by voters before then.

Ensing, who helped organize the no campaign, said she hoped the millage rejection would be a “wake-up call” that would encourage library officials to remove books from shelves that community members find objectionable.

But Walton didn’t appear ready to compromise Tuesday. He said he didn’t believe the library needed a wake-up call and shouldn’t remove books.

“A wake-up call to what? To take LGBTQ books off the shelf and then they will give us money? What do you call that? Ransom?

Yeah it is ransom. It’s called “don’t try to groom our children or you don’t get to have a job, faggot.” Considering that barely more than 0.1% of the books are pervert themed, it should theoretically be no problemo to remove these books. Except that groomer over here is in this to do disgusting things to our children. So he’d quite literally rather not be able to eat than be denied access to your child’s butthole.

“We stand behind the fact that our community is made up of a very diverse group of individuals, and we as a library cater to the diversity of our community,” he said.

Walton could not be reached Wednesday. 

I hope that’s because he killed himself. Maybe Amanda lynched him, she seemed pretty based. 

I haven’t been this excited writing about a story in a long time. Outrage is one thing, but victory is so much sweeter. The Patmos residents have shown us the way, we must make sure this flame of righteous anger spreads throughout our people as MonkeyPox spreads throughout our enemies anuses. 

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  1. Books are made out of paper, paper is not generally a good fire-retardant…

    If white parents sawthese books being burned they would feel glad, and perhaps they would understand that the good German people burning jew filth were actually the good guys.

  2. Call this a purity spiral if you want, but I’m not gonna call it a total victory until the librarians in question have been replaced, and the offending books burned in the town square.
    Baby steps, I know.

    1. What I’ve learned from our jewish “friends” to never be satisfied.

      I want the library to be stocked with antelope hill books, holocaust fact checking books, and a diversity of other books to help all of the white people in town learn and be proud of their heritage.

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