Just in case you were confused, this isn’t satire, it really happened.

New York Post:

The daughter of Russian war mastermind and Putin pal Alexander Dugin was –

No, we’re stopping here. Alexander Dugin is an internet meme, not an actually powerful person who truly has the ear of Vladimir Putin. That’s why it’s so hilarious when we’re accused of being Duginists. I’d never even heard of the guy before I was personally called one of his followers.

If you asked most Americans who Alexander Dugin is, they probably wouldn’t know. Frankly, I don’t know much about the guy, and have never read his books, but people who are more familiar with Russian politics refer to him as Russia’s Steve Bannon. That is to say he’s a guy who was hyped up as having the ear of the supposed head honcho, never actually had it, and has faded in relevancy ever since his peak over half a decade ago.

The Intel Drop:

In Russia, however, the supposed shadowy puppet master is largely considered to be a relatively marginal figure with some of his views deemed controversial even in nationalist circles. While he has served as an adviser to several politicians, Dugin never enjoyed official endorsement from the Kremlin. Back in 2014, he was sacked from his job at Moscow State University, after critics interpreted his call to “kill, kill, kill” those behind massacres in Ukraine, such as the Odessa tragedy, as a call for a genocide against Ukrainian people.

An American global policy think tank RAND Corporation wrote back in 2017 that despite Western media reports of Dugin’s alleged “ties and connections” to the Russian leadership, he is “perhaps best thought of as an extremist provocateur with some limited and peripheral impact than as an influential analyst with a direct impact on policy.”

That’s just typical Dooginist’s running cover for the True Ruler of the World Alexander Dugin. Why did Dugin get fired from his University position in 2014? Because it provided him with legitimacy as a dissident. Why didn’t Putin step in and save him? Because Dugin ordered him not to, so as to not blow his cover. Why was he never given an official position in the Kremlin? Well come on now, that’s ridiculous. He didn’t need a position in the Kremlin because he runs the Kremlin, in addition to the WEF, America, and the Maldives.

He’s even commanding the fake opposition to our Globalist Leader Klaus Schwab by currently using the alias “Alex McNabb,” and derailing every single TRS show by talking about his transformers collection. Because Dugin learned that the best way to control the opposition is not to run it, as Lenin said, but rather to talk about bikes and transformers a lot and annoy the people who are running the opposition into giving up.

And yes, I am aware that I said that Dugin is the Ruler of the World, and then said that Klaus Schwab is our Globalist Leader. Stupid people might be confused by this, but I trust your intelligent enough to understand that this all makes sense, and is in fact part of Dugin’s master plan to destroy America.

Back to the New York Post.

The daughter of Russian war mastermind and Putin pal Alexander Dugin was killed in a car bombing outside of Moscow late Saturday night, according to reports.

The far-right ideologue’s daughter, Darya Dugina, was instantly killed when a bomb went off that was intended to take out her father, according to news outlet Baza’s Telegram channel

A friend of Darya Dugina confirmed to Russian news agency TASS that she was killed when the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado blew up. The car belonged to her father, he said.

I found this image online. It reportedly shows the burned car, with a reaction by Alexander Dugin himself to seeing his child murdered.

The shot on the left is Darya Dugina’s flaming wreckage. On the right we have a distraught Dugin responding, and this is indeed from the scene. As of time of writing you can watch a collaborating video here.

Darya Dugina, 29, had been driving for about 10 minutes after leaving the “Tradition” music and literature festival when her car exploded, Baza reported. 

Her father was supposed to take the car but got in a different vehicle at the last moment, violinist Pyotr Lundstrem told the outlet.

Darya Dugina has been murdered, and Dugin is alive. It is almost a certainty that the car bomb was aimed at Alexander Dugin himself. And yet, who would go through so much trouble when you could simply have shot him at nearly any moment in time? Hell, you could probably walk up and stab Dugin to death, considering that he doesn’t have any security detail because he’s not actually a high profile target.

Darya Dugina

Denis Pushilin, head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in the occupied Donbas region of Ukraine, blamed “terrorists of the Ukrainian regime,” for the blast in a Telegram post. Other pro-Kremlin Telegram channels also pointed fingers at Ukraine.

That’s looking like the most likely possibility. Actual intelligence agencies, like the Mossad, CIA, MI6, you name it, are well aware that the idiotic propaganda about Dugin having Putin’s ear is just that, propaganda. It’s pretty much Ghost of Kiev tier stuff.

It seems unlikely to me that an actual intelligence organization would go to the trouble to murdering such an unimportant asset. And yet, you’d think that some random QAnon fan who hated Dugin because Glenn Beck told him to wouldn’t be rigging up high explosives in a car, primed to detonate not immediately upon startup, but after some time has passed. 

Shooting Alexander Dugin, who I again remind everyone is an unprotected asset, would be the easiest and most obvious method of assassination. If you can smuggle high explosives and bomb electronics in, you can get a gun. I guess I’m just torn, because everyone who appears to have the expertise to pull this off should know that Dugin is unprotected because he’s unimportant. But then again, maybe the trannies in the CIA got really high off their own supply and think that Dugin is everything the propaganda wing of the CIA say he is. But then again then again, maybe this was Zelensky’s Ukrainian government wanting to send a message, before realizing that an actual important target is way too protected, so settling for Daddy Dugin. 

Or maybe Klaus Schwab felt exposed by Dugin, so he ordered a hit from his bunker in Davos, Switzerland.

That this was a hit by the Ukrainian government seems most likely. The weird combination of expertise required to stealthily rig up a car with a timed bomb hints to governmental organization. And they probably figured that Dugin being murdered could be used as a propaganda victory. The more I think about it, the more likely it sounds.

Whatever the case, we won’t know until new information is released, which might never happen. 

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  1. I feel sorry for the poor woman. I hope that she died instantly and didn’t suffer. I imagine death would take one second to occur, considering the circumstances. I think the jewkrainian explanation is the most plausible. The murder was nasty and sloppy. The murder was very jewish.

    1. Her spirit left her body almost instantly.

  2. […] dailyrake.ca/2022/08/21/alexander-dugins-cutiepie-daughter-murdered-in-assassination-probably-intend… […]

  3. link

    From the link above:

    –Reports that surveillance cameras in the parking lot near the explosion had been disabled for last 2 weeks
    –Car was owned by Daria, not Dugin
    –Bomb was under driver’s seat
    Looks like a professional hit and she may have been the target after all

    While the intent may have been to kill her, no doubt the target was Dugin — there is no other reason to kill his daughter.

    1. There’s some real hot takes from Twitter “why did Russia do dis?”

      Been a while since I went wandering on the twitters, but Jesus Christ that place is retarded! The hottest take they’ve got is “Biden is Hitler” posted by yakob schlomo

      Actually Yakob Schlomo and got my hopes up for a sec, but then realized he’s a real jew, not a parody…

    2. It’s certainly a possibility. Things do appear quite odd. Not inexplicable, but odd.

  4. It was probably the FSB on orders from Putin. Putin is the Russian version of a boomer colorblind conservative. He hates Russian nationalists the same way boomer Freepers hate “racist natzee Stormfronters.” This murder was intended to send a message to Russian nationalists to shut up and not to criticize the low effort, sloppy and incompetent way the war is being fought.

    The Putin/FSB government has already murdered many Russian nationalists. This is exactly the kind of thing that Russian leaders did historically. The recent arrest of the Russian nationalist patriot leader and war hero Igor Strelkov supports the idea that this murder was part of an FSB attack on nationalists.

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