A Dutch intelligence agency tipped off the CIA about an alleged Ukrainian plan in June 2022 to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline, Dutch national broadcaster NOS reported on Tuesday.

It said that the Dutch military intelligence agency MIVD had warned the CIA of the existence of such a plan, leading to a warning from Washington to Kyiv not to attack the pipeline.

Are we sure it wasn’t the New-Mermaids getting up to their usual shenanigans?

Everything that needed to be said about the Nordstream sabotage was said at the time. Then Seymour Hersh came out with a detailed report that blamed the US, who we all knew was guilty right from the start. 

Since Ukraine is a puppet state under control of Israel’s number one vassal, Weimerica, the CIA is now seeding stories that put 100% of the responsibility on them. This is of course, not particularly believable.

First, no one believes that Ukraine is an independent state. Everything they do is controlled by the US, and they wouldn’t do something like this without Washington authorization. Second, there is no realistic mechanism that I know of for the Ukrainians to have blown up the pipeline. They have no submarines, which might be used to lay mines. They don’t have any of the experienced diving personnel required to manually destroy the infrastructure. 

But the CIA claims they did it, and the CIA would never lie.

Unexplained explosions ruptured both Nord Stream 1 and the newly built Nord Stream 2 pipelines, carrying gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, in September.

The blasts occurred in the economic zones of Sweden and Denmark. Both countries said the explosions were deliberate, but have yet to determine who was responsible. Those countries and Germany are investigating.

Washington and NATO called the incident “an act of sabotage”. Moscow accused investigators of dragging their feet and trying to conceal who was behind the attack. Ukraine denies responsibility.

Washington claimed that the Russians blew up their own pipeline. They also claimed that the Russians fired artillery at their own nuclear reactor with their own troops inside for no reason, that they blew up their own damn in Crimea, and that they fired a missile at some random Polish farm, again for no reason. Okay, that last one was Zelensky going rogue after a weekend binging cocaine, but the point is that no rational person could believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of some ZOG spokesperson. If they tell you the sky is blue, go find three independent sources saying the same thing before you take that as fact.

In short, the Ghost of Kiev hallucinators continue their reality-based propaganda.

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  1. “Days Without Jewish Lies” – one, whoops, sorry, nope, back down to zero.

  2. I notice that nobody asked if Ukraine even has the capability of doing what was done to the pipeline.

    Though, I did notice the continuance of a long term historical trend – the usual suspects accusing their victims of doing what those usual suspects are themselves doing to their victims.

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