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Eugenia Cooney is a 27-year-old Twitch streamer who epitomizes what the pro-anorexia and anorexia fetishist community sometimes call “bonespo”—an even more extreme take on “thinspo”—which promotes calorie restriction, starvation and disordered eating in a competitive way. Cooney’s horrific skeletal appearance is documented lavishly by her sick and enabling mother, Debra Cooney, who is seemingly keeping her daughter trapped and isolated at home with almost no contact with the outside world outside of the online predatory men who pay her daughter tips to spin around, crawl around on the floor, act like a cat and show how weak she is when trying to lift things.

Sometimes ClownWorld is funny. Sometimes ClownWorld is truly beyond horrifying. Today we’re dealing with the latter.

Her fists are clenched, she’s not an amputee.

When I first saw pictures of Eugenia Cooney I honestly thought they had to be photoshopped. I figured that this was just alt-lite tier fake news, exaggerated for effect. Surely there couldn’t be a soon-to-die anorexic girl showing herself off on Twitch for an audience of perverts.

Turns out this was just my brain’s natural defense mechanism against the horrors of ClownWorld. Of course Bezos wants you to enjoy seeing a young, and clearly mentally ill woman, be allowed to murder herself slowly on camera through starvation. Of course Jonathan Greenblatt approves of this.

How is it that TikTok of all the irresponsible platforms in the world could care more about protecting young girls from spreading her influence than Jeff Bezos’s platform, Twitch, where she regularly streams?

To quickly explain what Ms. Miller is talking about, Eugenia Cooney was banned from TikTok, specifically because she promotes eating disorders. Here’s an instagram post of hers whining about this.

And yes, as of time of writing she still has an instagram. And it’s full of all the body horror you’d expect.

Eugenia’s mother is one of the more chilling villains I’ve ever come across. Watching her videos with her daughter will make you sick to your stomach as to just how deeply Eugenia has been mindfucked her entire life.

Debra has gone so far as to terrorize Eugenia’s tiny circle of friends who have tried to save her daughter’s life, going so far as attempting to get one arrested for kidnapping in 2019 when they finally successfully arranged a 5150—a 72-hour psychiatric hold—after Eugenia appeared on stream looking like this:

Mandy doesn’t show a screenshot of this 2019 stream, because she doesn’t have to. Instead she links to the video from three years ago, because it’s still on YouTube.

Yes that’s right, the girl who is promoting anorexic fetishes has an Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch channel.

There’s also a whole other rabbithole where Eugenia had a Discord server that was completely infiltrated by anorexia fetishist creeps who groomed and stalked young girls and even suggested that maybe they would like to participate in “meanspo,” which is the participation in bullying and coaching young girls that they are too fat in order to encourage them to lose weight.

Encouraging young people to be at a healthy weight is a positive. Rest assured, that’s not what’s going on here.

This poor woman is obviously deteriorating in front of our very eyes. They include a picture of her from 2014, where she’s clearly physically, if not mentally healthy, and in no way obese. The bottom is 2022.

From the looks of her recent videos, Eugenia looks even more unhealthy than when her friends intervened and forced her into rehab in 2019. We’re watching her die on camera as she streams—her body twitching, her words stuttering, her circulation severely cut off and appearing to have the cognitive decline and capacity of someone whose life has been stunted into her teens. We’re watching as her mom photographs and promotes her emaciated sickly daughter’s body to the delight of predators and anorexia fetishists who pay to see her degradation.

Jeff Bezos is pumping this garbage out for millions of girls to see and call “goals.” Meanwhile, TikTok of all places has taken a firm stance against promoting self-harm.

Democracy really does die in darkness.

And as Jeff Bezos is well aware, Eugenia Cooney will likely die on Twitch.

She isn’t exaggerating. This woman is so far beyond visibly unhealthy that it feels silly to even bring it up. This is not some girl who is overly thin, this is a woman who needs to be hospitalized, both mentally and physically. Yet the googly eyed fag Jeff Bezos is perfectly happy to make money off of creepy perverts paying her to emaciate herself to satisfy their fetishes. And the same is true for Google through YouTube, and Facebook through Instagram.

Don’t ever let our enemies get away with pretending to give a shit about public health, young women, or preventing speech that “causes harm.” They platform the people who lie us into wars, and YouTube, Instagram (Facebook), and Twitch platform a physically and mentally abused girl debasing herself in front of an audience of perverts in exchange for some small amount of money and fame before she inevitably dies on camera.

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  1. We’re gonna need a lot of millstones.

  2. Eugenia shilled veganism; should tell you all you need to know about thst “diet”, and the institutions pushing it.

  3. I’ve never heard of this desperately ill woman. Her parents are MONSTERS; perhaps it’s best if this genetic strain dies out. She was a very cute girl before she went mental. I’m sorry she can’t be saved. At this point she doesn’t have much longer. Even if she could be taken from her parents and force fed until she’s at a decent weight, the damage to her system is already done. If somehow Fate intervenes, and her life is spared, she’s going to be sick and impaired for the rest of her days. I will join in on the death watch, at this point. I’m curious to see how long she will last.

    We are making Sunday dinner. Beef is roasting slowly in the oven We will be having potatoes and green beans. I’m looking forward to a lovely meal with my family, later today. I will offer a prayer for this sad creature, as I enjoy a healthy slice of beef.

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