Imagine my shock when I was treated to this video of David Beckham personally pushing two homosexuals off of a rooftop while screaming “Based Sand*****ers doing the work that White People refuse to do”.

The video starts off with David Beckham’s melodious narration.

And it’s another beautiful day here in fag free Qatar.

I had to admit, I’d been so overexposed to ClownWorld that I was not expecting a celebrity to do something this based. But as we’ll see, Beckham only takes it up from here.

This will go down as one of my favourite mornings. Less because of the weather, which is excellent, and more because there are no AIDS-Americans around me or my children.

I wasn’t lyin’. You can click on the video to verify that everything I’m writing here is straight from the source.

People in Qatar are very proud of their culture. And specifically what that means is no jews or fags. I, David Beckham, am personally endorsing them as Honorary Sand-Aryans, and I’ll be moving my base of operations out here while I financially support Timothy Coish’s school board bid, as well as the NJP. I’d prefer to be around White People, but our countries are too ZOGged right now, and I just can’t take it anymore.

It’s harsh criticism by David Beckham, but not unfair. It’s truly a sad day for the HuWhyte Man that we can only walk down fag free streets while surrounded by Arabs, but you’re getting the Arabs in our countries anyway, so you might as well enjoy the place that’s MonkeyPox free. We’ll do better.

The modern and traditional is fused to creates something really special. Although it’s not that hard to understand. It’s basically just the internet, but nobody is trying to groom your child.

Again, like I said, it’s harsh, but fair. Imagine how wonderful our society would be once we go Goblinfrei. And by goblins I mean –

This (non-existent level of faggotry) is perfection for me. I cannot wait to bring my children here, so I can be safe in the knowledge that their minds and anuses will be MonkeyPox free through their most precious young years.

With that, the advertisement ends. This has generated much controversy with annoying twats on twitter.

But the country of Qatar sent me a personal email where they explained that they aren’t even affiliated with David Beckham. He just went out and did this advertisement all by himself, because he was so enamoured with “a place that’s not full of jews, fags, and (basketball-Americans).” Although in the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Beckham did not use the term Basketball-American.

I guess if you ever get a chance, perhaps you should check out Qatar. Myself, I think we should be more focused on political activism in the here and now. 

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  1. Beckham is a mischling jew.

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