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Content warning: Transphobia

Thanks, Game Industry. I was worried about that.

Management simulator Domina has been delisted from Steam after developer Dolphin Barn Interactive used the platform to share a transphobic outburst.

In a news post on its Steam page, the studio claimed that the game’s name had been changed to Dominus, and referred to Domina as its “deadname,” before mocking the trans community in a long paragraph mentioning the “sex change” of the title.

Sadly, we’ll never know how truly based the post by Dolphin Barn Interactive was, because the link to their “transphobic outburst,” now gives only an “Oops, Sorry,” from Steam when clicked on.

The post went on to make transphobic accusations about a Twitch streamer.

Unfortunately that’s all you’ll ever learn from Games Industry. Despite their “warning, trannyphobes detected,” disclaimer, they’re not about to expose their Reddit Enjoying Audience to the terrible effects of people making fun of trannies online. You’ll just have to take their word for it. In fact, you’ll have to take all of these propagandists word for it, since I can’t find his actual “troon destroying outburst,” anywhere else. The closest I found was this.


Dolphin Barn Incorporated’s Steam account reveals their forum posting history, which includes calling people a “spiteful c-word,” amidst accusations that those who have criticized the DLC are posting “fraudulent reviews.” The developer has taken to banning users on the Steam community forum who’ve raised this issue, and has at numerous points called people “r*tarded,” “betas,” accused people of being “impaired, inferior, and useless” “totally illiterate,” “cowards.” The dev randomly quotes biblical passages, maintains that they’re working “for God,” and has vaguely compared themselves to “Socrates, Jesus of Nazareth” and “Galileo.” He also at one point told someone that “if you want me chew your breakfast and [fuck] your girlfriend for you, too, send me your address.” They also continuously make references to centurions and armies.

Jaime do we have that Old Skool clip that perfectly fits this occasion?

Before we get back to the original article, take a minute and appreciate them being assblasted that Dolphin Barn Interactive is noting the review bombing his previous games received, when all these propagandists just did the exact same thing with Amazon’s Rangz of the Kangz series. Stop, note the hypocrisy, and then join me for the rest of the original article.

The post went on to make transphobic accusations about a Twitch streamer.

The patch notes at the end of the post included several more troubling anti-trans remarks, one bullet point read “stop destroying the innocence of children by lying to them about basic biology.”

We finally get one and only one quote from Mr. Interactive. It’s a quote I wholeheartedly agree with, as do most Hardworking-Americans. Unfortunately we’ll never know which groomer streamer he was responding to, but you can use your imagination.

Domina’s Steam page now says the game is no longer for sale “at the request of the publisher,” but a note from Steam on the discussions page shared via Resetera confirmed that the title had been removed by a member of Steam Support, with the following reason.

“A recent announcement posted to the Domina community hub includes insults targeting another person,” it said. “We also notice that you are clearing a number of reported posts in your hub containing various rule violations. We made it clear in our last communication that future violations of our Rules and Guidelines like this would jeopardise our future relationship – with that in mind, we are ending our business relationship with ‘Dolphin Barn Incorporated’ and removing all associated products from sale.”

Okay Gabe, you fat retard.

It really is the end of an era for Steam. For a long time they were the last holdouts against censorship. Of course, they went way too far in the other direction, with low quality “adult” games being featured on their main page. Still, if that was the way they got around the constant Globo Homo Schlomo push for censorship it appeared a price everyone should be willing to pay.

Valve CEO Gabe Newell

Instead, if you want to support Dolphin Barn Interactive, and their presumably very based game, you can directly download his games from his website here. I wish them the best of luck, and hopefully they’ll get a nice Streisand effect boost from this.

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  1. At least Fursan al-Aqsa is still on Steam

  2. Does not appear to be available on the website either.

  3. I can’t stand Steam just like I can’t stand every other Monopoly in today’s clown world of fagosity extraordinaire.

    They pretty much control all gaming at this point and after win98 games went down the rabbit hole of no return, the Stalin path of “Make every add-on cost money”, zero customizability of games, (Hell, I have old games where basically every sound was changed by me, Sam Kinison screams, etc etc, not to mention many vehicles planes etc I changed).

    The entire culture is so chained mentally and physically they think this crap is normal. And when the covid hoax started an older Czech lady warned the US that the butt-wrangler crap was pushed in their country just before it went full Trotsky…. can jew believe how dim these generations are? I’m beyond caring at this point.

    Let’s all use the term “pedophobe” to normalize those sacks-o-shite.

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