A few days ago I wrote about Kanye West, a totally self-absorbed rapper who walked around in a White Lives Matter sweater next to Candace Owens at his fashion show because wanted attention. Today I make my formal apology to Kanye West.

Because Kanye West wanted even more attention, so he started naming the Schlomos in Hollywood. They sent in one of their housenegroes in P. Daddy to calm him down, but ain’t no one putting this coke addict back in the box.

Okay in fairness he deleted the Instagram post that started all this, but he’s not apologizing. Or at least he’s not apologizing more than deleting his original post, and maybe that was done to him by Facebook/Instagram.

I’m trying to not get Finkled into supporting anyone that the ADL hates. I’m trying, and I’m failing. For this one brief moment I stand with Ye.


And it turns out I’m not alone. In a shocking turn of events, Elon Musk also does something that is relatively based, and welcomes Kanye “gas ‘em all” West back to twatter in response to this drama.

I thought this was fake, so I went and looked up this tweet fully expecting to find nothing. But no, Musk really did tweet this out, and it’s still up as of time of writing.

Well what can I say. Whether it’s purely because he wants attention and he’s going about it in the most attention getting way possible, or because he’s sick and tired of all the Nose-Americans he’s had to deal with in Hollywood, Kanye West did a thing and it was good. I strongly suspect that this will be the last time he does something good, but I won’t pretend not to mildly enjoy it.

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  1. “shlomo” : rhymes with “shekel”

  2. The jews are going to go hard on the stink ape savage.
    Either he backs down and apologizes, or the monkey’s career is over

  3. Puff Diddler being a total house negro for jews is no surprise, he certainly didn’t gain his position and money based on talent 🤣

    If Kanye doesn’t cuck then we’ll have to admit that nick fuentes wasn’t wrong about one thing… Kanye west is a special kind of negro 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. Also, I think someone should put together a bunch of Mr. Bond tracks and post them on YouTube as secret Kanye tracks from his underground mix tapes. 🤣🤣

  5. I don’t need this ass lown defending my beliefs. Why do we always run to these idiots to help solidify our values?

  6. I notice the “Christian Nationalist” cuckbois on the long time fence-sitter oriented Brad Griffin “Occidental Dissent” blog are telling people to not talk about Jews. They are mad about this coming up now. They think we need to wait untill some unspecified future date to talk about Jews.

    1. Occidental Observer > Occidental Dissent

  7. Puffin’ Dick and Gay-Z are just cutouts for Jewish businessmen who really own most of their supposed wealth. They are front owners of Jewish controlled record companies. Supposedly, their companies are independently owned, but do all of their distribution and everything else that involves money through overtly Jewish owned firms that they contract with. All of their “wealth” is from the valuation of those front companies and loans from Jewish banks.

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