I’ve wanted to write about the NJP’s protest in Waukesha since I heard about it yesterday. This isn’t strictly necessary, as the NJP does a good job putting out their own releases, and the new Justice Report, formerly known as the Colon Report, has done a very good job keeping people updated as best as they can. They used to not write any original content, but Trey Garrison has been doing a great job over there covering this absolutely disgusting travesty of justice that the Waukesha court is determined to give the victims of BLM terrorist Darrell Brooks.

Even still, though the on the scene reporting by Trey Garrison is enough, I was going to at some point aggregate a number of pieces I had been collecting and start writing about the trial. Unfortunately I then had to go away for this weekend family retreat, and writing content has been a struggle. But then yesterday the NJP does a protest in front of the state attorney general’s office and I 

From the Akron, Ohio protest. I just struggle to upload new pictures in my current work situation.

Justice Report Telegram:

The NJP protest will continue shortly. NJP will soon be in Milwaukee to protest in front of the state attorney general’s office! Watch live coverage of the event over at our Odysee channel. 

If you like our coverage, you can tip us there. 

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Normally I write about these sorts of things as satire, from an “NJP Exposed” style perspective. There’s nothing wrong with taking that approach in this case as well, but today I’m just too pissed off. It almost boggles the mind how transparent the denial of justice is in this particular case. Darrell Brooks wrote multiple explicitly anti-White posts, and in the NJP/Media2Rise documentary interview of him he explicitly said that he was not running from any sort of crime, which was the bullshit promoted by the WMD Liars.

Brooks intentionally went thirty miles out of his way into the city of Waukesha just so he could drive over the almost entirely White crowd at the Waukesha Christmas Parade. He still does not have an excuse for this, and the racial motive is undeniable. Despite this, deny it they shall, they being the Waukesha/Milwaukee/US legal system.

NJP Protester holding up one of Brooks’ social media posts.

Similar to the Jupiter Paulsen case, the prosecution is absolutely hellbent on doing everything they can to, if not throw the case, minimize this as much as possible.

Justice Report

After audio and other issues had been resolved late in the morning, the prosecution requested that potential victim-witnesses not be shown on the video stream because Brooks’ general behavior during cross-examination could further victimize them emotionally. The move would also ensure that the public wouldn’t see the long list of White victims that Brooks allegedly targeted, thus making it easier to minimize the anti-White hate motive.

Finally, late in the day, the prosecution gave its opening statement. It was straightforward but studiously avoided any mention of Brooks’ extensive, documented history of anti-White statements and hate.

Hopefully this will also be like the Jupiter Paulsen case in that the pressure brought by the NJP protest forced the prosecution and Judge Irby to stop doing whatever they could to get Arthur Kollie, the vicious murderer and torturer of one of our children, off without punishment. The final result in that case, while not what we wanted with the lack of hate crime charges and no death penalty, was the fullest punishment possible at that point.

But I don’t want the fullest possible punishment for Darrell Brooks as if this was an apolitical crime. I didn’t want it for Arthur Kollie and I don’t want it here. I want anti-White hate crime charges. I want the death penalty. I want to have a personal relationship with Darrell Brooks in his final moments here on this earth, and I want punishment for this anti-White prosecution team trying their hardest to pretend that this wasn’t an anti-White terrorist attack. I want much the same for all the propagandists pretending otherwise along with all these politicians like GOP senator Ron Johnson who told everyone not to make this political and racial terrorist attack… political.

I’ve simply had enough at this point and I wouldn’t be in the mood for levity even if I wasn’t crippled in terms of my output right now. Good for the NJP going here, but I want them to go back again like they did in Akron. We deserve better.

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