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UK Koshervative Prime Minister Liz Truss Finally Does Resign

Just yesterday I wrote about Liz Truss, the extremely unpopular cuckservative puppet Prime Minister of England. I finished that piece by pointing out that Truss has no need to resign, because “Representative Democracy,” is totally fake and ghey.

Washington Post:

After just 45 days as Britain’s prime minister, Liz Truss resigned outside Downing Street on Thursday — setting a new record as the shortest-serving leader in the country’s history.

Truss’s resignation came just six weeks into the job and plunged Britain into further political and economic uncertainty.

But why did she resign so fast? Why was she rejected by the people of Britain so quickly? And frankly, are these two things even related, or did she resign because she had fucked up the portfolios of her big money donors?


2022 has been the year of three prime ministers – at least.

After an astonishing decade in British politics, another unprecedented moment.

The era of Liz Truss was far too short to deserve that word – a calamitously brief premiership whose near entire programme for government was brutally rejected by the markets and her party almost instantaneously.

She bequeaths chaos – on her party and the country, and a desire to find her replacement by a week tomorrow.

A replacement cooked up among Conservative MPs and then, if two wannabes still remain, chosen by the party membership at lightning pace.

You’ll notice that the WMD Liars want to make Truss’ unpopularity because of “muh markets,” and not so much her actual policies. They’d really like it if you thought her policies were great, but that she lacked a certain panache to calm “muh markets,” down and get everyone to realize how great Reaganite economics combined with anti-White neo-bolshevikism truly is. 

Let’s take a closer look at that economic program.

ABC News:

While the chancellor in charge of the budget, Kwasi Kwarteng, resigned last week and his successor immediately set about reversing the tax cuts that had been promised, the damage to Truss’ authority ultimately proved terminal.

This is what Kwasi Karteng looks like.

Ms. Truss stacked “her” administration with non-Whites, and then passed tax cuts for big businesses and ultra rich BLM supporters. Other articles make it clear this was a corporate tax cut only, and this is done in the context of the average English family struggling to make ends meet, and facing skyrocketing energy costs. Those people get nothing, in order to free up the budget to cut the tax rate for Globo Homo corporations so they can fund more BLM tranny stuff.

There may be a few greybeard die-hard 6%er cuckservatives out there who were really stoked to see antifa supporting corporations get tax cuts, which the peasants will ultimately pay for one way or another, but everyone who’s normal is beyond tired of anti-White faggot cuckservatives. Especially since they’ve made it extremely clear that you’re getting the child trannies and anti-White shit, so there’s not even a pretend alliance between you and the big globo homo multinational corporations that they really serve. It’s literally “we’re turning your child into a tranny and flooding your community with Third Worlders, but in exchange Google pays less taxes and you pay more.”

But hey, at least this particular shill did finally resign, probably because her handlers told her that she was causing them too many legitimacy problems. The process to replacing her is going to be the exact same Conservative Party of Britain internal election that got us her in the first place, so expect nothing different except perhaps a more charismatic puppet in her stead.

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  1. We need to starting calling the Tories “the party of jews and poos.” Let’s make that expression go viral.

    1. “The party of jews and poos” is equally applicable to the Labour Party……and pretty much any kosher-approved political party in the West.

  2. WTF is wrong with her face – the left side is all scrunched up – has she had too many boosters?

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