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I struggled to follow the Darrell Brooks trial. I don’t mean that I lacked for resources to find out what was happening, as Trey Garrison’s excellent reporting over at Justice Report, combined with TDS’s commentary, 

I struggled to follow the Darrell Brooks trial. I don’t mean that I lacked for resources to find out what was happening, as Trey Garrison’s excellent reporting over at Justice Report, combined with TDS’s commentary. In fact I found Justice Report’s on the scene coverage to be so good that I had little to add. No, the problem was that every single time I see Darrell Brooks face I fantasize about sawing through his neck with a rusty saw. 

Not only that, the judge, Jennifer Dorow, was utterly incompetent and coddling of him the entire time. Her whining at him not being under control is almost as enraging as Darrell Brooks himself. There are plenty of ways for a judge to shut up an uncooperative member of the court. Whining at them is not one of them.

The jury found Brooks guilty of more than 70 felony charges including six counts of first-degree intentional homicide with a dangerous weapon, 61 counts of recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon, six counts of hit-and-run involving death, two counts of bail jumping, and one count of battery. He faces multiple life terms in prison. Wisconsin doesn’t have a death penalty.

While the guilty finding was heartening for victims, many consider it a gross injustice that hate crimes charges were never brought against Brooks. Brooks has an extensive, documented history of anti-White statements calling for violence.

“He told us he wanted to knock out old White people, and he did just that,” said Mike Peinovich, chairman of the National Justice Party, which led protests in Waukesha both immediately after the terror attack and as the trial began. “When someone tells you they’re an anti-White terrorist, believe them.”


My articles on the BLM Waukesha Christmas Massacre were the first hits this site had, way back when it was the Hyphen Report. And in fact a video showing Darrell Brooks’ anti-White statements remains the featured video on our soon to be holocausted YouTube channel.

I highly recommend you watch that, just so you can see how utterly self-evident these statements by NJP members are. Darrell Brooks clearly had an anti-White motive in this case, and as a result six White People were murdered, with dozens more injured.

NJP central committee member Warren Balogh said it was an outrage no hate crimes charges were brought.

“This trial was a farce from start to finish. In spite of overwhelming evidence, Brooks was never even charged with terrorism or hate crimes.  He was not charged because of the anti-White bias of the Wisconsin DA, the FBI and the Justice Department. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, multiple major newspapers reported on Brooks’ anti-White statements and social media postings, and they were remarked on by Republican officials from the local GOP chair all the way to media darling Ron DeSantis,” Balogh told Justice Report. “Despite this, the national media ignored the trial and did everything possible to bury the story. Neither DeSantis nor any other Republican mentioned it again, and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson deserves special contempt for claiming he was opposed to hate crimes charges on principle, after having voted for two hate crimes bills sponsored by the ADL. 

“Brooks was allowed to dominate, demean and ridicule the entire process with his outrageously insolent courtroom behavior. That he was allowed to make such a mockery of the judge, the court, and the people of Wisconsin exposes the double standard against White people. The fact remains that if the races were reversed, this trial would’ve been international headlines for months, Brooks would’ve been charged with hate crimes and terrorism, and he would be facing the death penalty.”

Ah yes, Republican Ron Johnson, always there to stab you in the back when it matters most. This is what people who tell you to vote Republican are telling you to support, an anti-White piece of garbage who pretends to be against hate crimes, but only when Whitey wants access to them.

Republican Ron Johnson

A large part of my work is translating bullshitese to English. With Justice Report’s coverage and NJP members statements this is refreshingly unnecessary, which is why I went ahead and largely copied the JR piece in its entirety. I can’t do that for everything they write, so head on over there and read through their trial coverage for yourself. I’m doing exactly that myself, and will be coming out with a wrapup article shortly. In the meantime, thanks to JR for this excellent collage of the Waukesha parade goers that Darrell Brooks murdered.

Jackson Sparks, 8; Tamara Durand, 52; LeAnna Owen, 71; Wilhelm Hospel, 81; Virginia Sorenson, 79; and Jane Kulich, 52, died in the Waukesha parade attack. All of the victims were White.

That the jury deliberated for less than two hours before finding him guilty on all 76 counts tells you everything you need to know about the mood amongst the peasants in Waukesha. That the FBI, Justice Department, and Wisconsin DA refused to press for hate crime or terrorism charges tells you everything you need to know about the state of the “justice” system here in America.

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