This video was making it’s way around Telegram the other day, so I grabbed it and threw it up on YouTube and Odysee. In it we see a recently shitcanned soyboy opine on the future of twitter.

He’s claims to be a data science engineer who has worked at twitter for six years and is feeling terrible about being fired. He also owns a Tesla that he won’t be able to make the monthly payments on, poor little guy. Skipping ahead to around the one minute mark he’s asked for his opinion on Elon Musk.

Reporter: What do you think of Elon Musk?

Soyboy: I generally respect Elon Musk. Like, some of the things he’s said lately have been concerning to me. But – yeah. I’m really worried. I’m really worried it’s really the culture shift. There’s a lot of people that were leaders and, you know, things like diversity and inclusion I know those people are going. Uh, it’s gonna be a different twitter in a week.

I hope that this soyfag is the gay Nostradamus, because all I want for Christmas is the anti-White tranissaries to be holocausted onto the unemployment line. Please Elon, you’re my only hope.

Reporter: Elon Musk spoken a lot about making the platform more free speech, in his own words. What do you make of that? What do you think twitter will look like?

Lisping Soyboy: I mean if free speech is – you know – natzees sayin’ that uh you know trans women shouldn’t you know use women’s uh locker rooms then awesome I guess. Mission accomplished. We’ll see.

Listen, I gotta touch base with my husband and wife, I gotta get out of here all right.

Elon Musk is letting the natzees say that mentally ill weirdos shouldn’t be allowed in the women’s locker room! That really is awesome. Thanks, Dave in data science, I’m glad we can at least agree on one thing.

But really, this guys’ entire –

Hold on a second, what did he say at the end there?

Listen, I gotta touch base with my husband and wife, I gotta get out of here all right.

with my husband and wife

You think I transcribed this incorrectly? I can see how someone might think that, but no. I’ve started the video from the correct moment.

These are the “engineers,” in the data engineering section of twatter. Polyamourous weirdos who seethe with rage when someone says that mentally ill men in dresses shouldn’t be allowed in the wahmen’s locker room. Daniel may not have been in charge of censorship, but he was given his sinecure by the very same people who were, and he was hired because he’s a lisping faggot. This is what “Rules Based Order,” means, it means perverts arbitrarily deciding you don’t get a voice anymore because fuck you.


A reader points out that this was actually just a great troll.


Elon Musk has saluted “one of the best trolls ever,” after two pranksters convinced journalists they were Twitter¬†employees who he had just fired.

Around this time two men, claiming to be fired Twitter employees, spoke to reporters outside the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Well played guys.

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  1. I thought this guy was a confirmed prankster

    1. Yes, you are correct.

  2. If he’s a soyboy, what’s the guy behind him wearing a mask?

  3. Not even this gay simulation could serve up a Ligma-Johnson duo. SMDH.

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