Remember when Kanye West called out the Red Media?

He brought up a 2013 meme from Stormfront that showed Jew control of media. Since the Jews are colour coded red, he called them the “Red Media.” 

This attracted the attention of the boy hungry pedophiles over at Reddit, who launched into a Deboonking that will be hallowed throughout the ages. As you can see, they totally owned Kanye West with this updated graph.

What’s that you say? You’re telling me you can’t read this? Well don’t bother, because the butthurt (P)Redditor who created this put up a list of “tricks,” that the graph uses to hoodwink the unsuspecting goy-cattle.

Trick #1 List every person as “Unclear ethnicity” if, say, Wikipedia doesn’t state that they’re Jewish, instead of applying the far more likely conclusion that “This person is probably not a Jew if there’s not a single source that claims they’re a Jew”.

That’s… not particularly scientific of you. The original chart makes it clear that they can’t be sure for some people whether they’re a goy or jew, but the Reddit troon thinks they should be marked goy 100% of the time. Not only that, but Kanye West is “tricking” you by not automatically assuming that someone who doesn’t have a Wikipedia Early Life section that says “I’m a Jew,” is in fact a Goy. How very crafty of this Wakandian White Supreemacist.

Trick #2 List all these “unclear ethnicities” in a reddish hue. Below is the more appropriate version, listing all unknowns in a greenish hue.


Trick #3 List irrelevant columns. Who cares about the ethnicity of the Vice President (“Who controls your mind 2013”) or the Founder of a newspaper founded 140 years ago? Only OWNER matters effectively.

I’m pretty sure the ADL cares very much about the “ethnicity” of the Vice President of major corporations, and so do you, faggot. We also care who founded certain newspapers, since zionist propaganda rags, like the New York Times, have been kikel’d right from the very start.

Trick #4 List single Jews several times to give the impression that more Jews are involved than there actually are. Below are all duplicate Jews marked with yellow squares.

The troon is assblasted that the graphic lists certain people, like Mark Zuckerberg, multiple times for multiple corporations. Apparently a single Jew being involved with many different corporations disproves Jew control of the media. This is the quality of analysis we’re dealing with folks.

Apparently the trannissaries are beyond assblasted that the main Kanye West sub is supporting him. Even on this one, which is kept under lock and key by the loyal troons of the Imperium, they’re suffering with some uppity goys who keep slipping through the cracks, and they’re Big Mad about it.

This one makes exactly the point that I made earlier. Pointing out that it’s not, say, 500 Jews running 50 corporations, but 100 Jews running 50 corporations isn’t the rhetorical killshot the trannies think that it is.

Later on in the thread we have one of these Deboonkers absolutely slaughter the claim that half of important positions are Jews by doing the math, correcting a goy here and there, and finding out that… 41% of the people who control the media are Jews. Turns out Jews are only 30x overrepresented in controlling the media NATZEES FUCKING OWNED. SaintStoney had his comment more upboated than xir’s, indicating that even the mentally ill perverts who frequent the sub are siding with hatefacts designed to put Schlomo back in the oven.

They even had someone bring up the classic “jews were just oppressed into privileged positions,” routine, which gets deboonked above and mocked elsewhere. 

Redditors are the absolute scum of the earth, but the tranny mods are having a tough time keeping the goyim from knowing even on the most astroturfed of subcesspools. If you’ve lost Redditors, you’ve lost Pedo-America.

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  1. I saw a “based” mischling (possibly a jew in nick fuentes circles) posting the “corrected” version on twitter as though to prove a point.

    I’m pretty sure that if you are “well ackxshoooaally”-ing that you’re losing pretty bad.

  2. Is that Jew-lia Roberts in that pic?

    Otherwise known as Horse-Face Mcdougal ?

    I like these posts on the Frapper guy and hopefully he won’t “apologize” to the rats.
    But I couldn’t care less about Twattering Twits nor the Phony Jews who bought the Twat place.

    I knew some people who were facebook twatters – Most self-absorbed extroverted selfish, boring-ass dim bulbs anyone would never want to meet – go outside – get a hobby- I mean DAMN.

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