Business Insider:

After self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist” Elon Musk closed the $44 billion deal on Twitter, anonymous accounts set about testing the limits of the social media platform’s moderation policies, The Washington Post reported.

The Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), a research group that analyzes social media content to predict emerging threats, said that use of the N-word on Twitter increased by nearly 500% in the 12 hours immediately after Musk’s deal was finalized.

Oh nooooo that’s just awwwful. Oh my goodness noooooo. This is the worst thing that has ever happened. Noooooo.

Journalist David Leavitt also noticed an increase in accounts tweeting hate speech. He tweeted on Friday: “There’s a massive flood of literally hundreds of people each minute using the N-word and rampant hate speech happening on Twitter right now post Elon purchase.”

Twitter was also flooded with sexist and anti-LGBTQ messages, per The Post. Anonymous trolling accounts ran “tests” on Twitter’s moderation policies by calling for the deadnaming of transgender people and the use of offensive terms, like “groomer,” according to the report.

“Almost immediately I noticed an increase in anti-trans harassment, it’s very visible,” said Erin Reed, a trans activist and queer legislative researcher, per The Washington Post.

Not Erin Reed, but might as well be.

Ambiguous goy David Leavitt and tranny activist Erin Reed whine about people using the G word, where by G I mean Groomer. This is almost as dumb as “the R word,” which is retard, if you didn’t know. They hate these terms because it’s effective propaganda. All we’re missing is some Silverstein or Goldenberg to add to the whine fest and we’ve got ourselves the beginning of a throwback media meltdown.

Alex Goldenberg, NCRI’s lead intelligence analyst, told The Washington Post that “online trolls regularly test the limits of moderation.” He added that the online trolls may be intending “to make as big a mess as possible for Twitter’s new management.”

Anyway Lebron James, who threw Our Wakandian Kanye West under the bus after he got too uppity over getting screwed by media zionists, is also assblasted over the nigger word sayers.

 Yahoo Finance News:

  • Use of the N-word on Twitter surged nearly 500% after Musk’s acquisition, per The Washington Post.
  • Responding to an Insider article, LeBron James said Musk needs to “take this very seriously.”

The NBA star LeBron James on Saturday urged new Twitter owner Elon Musk to address the “scary AF” surge in the use of the N-word on the social-media platform.

We live in a Post-Ye world. No one needs to take these housenegros seriously when they do their little “as an oppressed coloured womxyn I think Whitey needs to x.” No, these golems know who their owners are. They’re well aware of who they shouldn’t criticize if they want to keep their endorsement deals. This should be viewed as what it is, which is an anti-White billionaire whining online.

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  1. I don’t think the new content moderation policies at TWTR, whatever the specifics, will allow use of nigger — Musk borrowed a LOT of money to buy TWTR, and he needs to service that debt and ultimately restructure TWTR into a profitable business before taking it public again — ad revenue will be crucial to this — and advertisers will not use TWTR if it permits people to say nigger — the same goes for kike — people who want to say nigger or kike should go to Gab.

    The main motive for most of the censorship was always political: you didn’t have to say nigger or kike to lose your account — but there were always other motives as well.

    1. It should also be mentioned that use of nigger etc could be a kind of false flag, meaning it’s being done by new leftist or bot accounts to discredit Musk’s takeover and give him an excuse to keep censorship policies against ‘hate words’ and ‘hate speech’ — besides the financial issue of ads, he has an existing rationale for doing this: it is compatible with many European countries which have laws against ‘inciting racial hatred’.

      1. Entirely possible, but I honestly don’t think that our guys need much encourage to drop those n bombs.

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