Usually, during the World Cup, it’s a non-stop party at the Café Maison du Peuple in Brussels.

“It’s crazy. It’s dancing. It’s cheering. It’s pouring beers everywhere. People are united behind their nation,” the bar’s co-owner, Thomas Kok, told As It Happens host Nil Köksol. 

But this year, things are going to be different. Kok and his partners have decided not to broadcast a single game of the global soccer tournament.

“For the last 15 years, we’ve been broadcasting every single European Cup and every World Cup. But today the cup is full, if I may say,” Kok said. “We believe that it’s impossible to sell beer around that cynical circus.”

Kok and his business partners have joined a growing boycott of the tournament over the treatment of migrant workers and LGBTQ people in the host country of Qatar, as well as concerns over how the event will contribute to climate change.

This is a random fag in Brussels. It’s natural to ask why his ghey decision to not show the World Cup to his Belgian patrons is so important that it needs to be written about in the Canadian state propaganda outlet. The answer is that it doesn’t. The better question is “okay, now that we’ve established how irrelevant to Canadians this article is, why was it written anyway?”

Great question, I’m glad you asked. If you’re curious, this is the type of propagandist we have working “for” us.

In case you didn’t get a close enough look, here’s two more pics of this beauty.

It’s not important to you that this sanctimonious queer isn’t showing the World Cup at his Brussels bars, but it’s very important to this smelly mutant and the people who hired her in the first place.

In fact, the 2022 World Cup won’t be airing at any of the four bars Kok co-owns in Brussels. It’s a decision that comes at a cost. Kok says he often sees his profits double during the event. 

“We’re not here to judge anyone, but we are in the luxury position of being able to skip it,” he said. “It was a difficult decision, financially speaking, but we just couldn’t feel that it was possible to party around this event.”

Sure there are plenty of Europeans going without heating this winter, but this guy, who admits he’s in a “luxury position,” is taking a stand on behalf of the horribly oppressed groomer community and global warming. As punishment for his good deeds, he’s only making half the profits he normally would. Truly this man is a hero to the Republic.

Finally, Kok says he can’t support what he suspects will be an exorbitant climate and energy cost.

“Look at the absurdity of literally cooling stadiums in the desert,” Tok said. “Europe is very, extremely [hard hit] by the energy crisis.”

The World Cup’s organizers, meanwhile, have maintained the tournament will be “carbon neutral.”

Is he in favour of negotiating with Russia to bring about a swift end to the totally unnecessary Russia-Ukraine war? Something tells me an LGBTQ+IA Enjoyer and Science! Believer is also going to be a big supporter of throwing more Ukrainian Soldiers into the meat grinder while signaling online to their shitty friends who still have Facebook accounts that Putler bad.

In fairness, I’m sure Qatar does abuse their migrant labour force. This is fairly well documented, and much of this foreign labour could be accurately described as close to slavery if not outright slavery. If he’d simply stuck to standing up for these abused people who travel halfway around the world to end up working for no pay, then I would even support him. But he also wouldn’t have gotten the CBC troons to write a puff piece on him, since actually caring about workers is just so passe amongst our Democracy Class.

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  1. Obviously they’ve mistaken the world for someone who gives a crap.

    And who reports this stuff? Oh yeah, some news skank with an annoying high pitched voice you can shave with.

  2. >The answer is that it doesn’t.

    Well, that’s the answer from an absolute necessity point of view — but the answer from the subjective, secular moral point of view is that it does because it’s part of the media’s didactic function: all the plebs need to be told what and how to think about absolutely everything.

    WC 2022 = Winter Olympics 2014.

    Maybe Pussy Riot will show up in Qatar and get the boot and the whip again.

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