I’ve covered Jake Paul before. He’s one of the worst things on the internet, and he went from doing horribly cringe-inducing YouTube videos for kids to being a fake professional boxer. I suppose if you’re getting paid to be a boxer you are legitimately a professional boxer, but there’s getting paid because you’re good, and getting paid because you’re big on Instagram and YouTube, so you parlay what is essentially a celebrity boxing match into an entire career.

Based on what little I saw, the above highlights, Jake Paul appears to have slowly improved his technique to the point where he doesn’t give me secondhand embarrassment. He’s not a real boxer, not even a good amateur, but it was enough to barely scrape by a 47 year old MMA fighter who has been retired two years and lost his title a decade ago. 

In his postfight interview he made sure to call out Mexican boxing star Canelo Alvarez.

And you too Canelo, you’re gettin’ old. You looked weird against triple G [Gennady Golovkin].

Why would you hype up a fight by saying that the other guy is getting old?

Oh right, because Canelo is aging into the right demographic for a Jake Paul fight. Maybe twenty years from now we can actually see Jake Paul vs Canelo Alvarez, although I believe by that point Mr. Paul will be himself too old, and will only be fighting senior citizens and paraplegics.

Yahoo News:

“Just think about it, no one five fights in is fighting eight-round fights, no one,” Paul said. “They build ’em up, four rounds, six rounds – I mean Tommy Fury is still fighting six-round fights. He grew up his entire life doing this sport and his brother is the heavyweight champion of the world. My brother and I are f*cking from YouTube.

“So, I’m just doing something that no one’s ever done before, and I’m just learning my bearings in the ring, but we’ll see what happens after this.”

Jake Paul

Warren Balogh said something on the latest Mike and Warren Report, which is that we live in a society where you can find men who truly look beyond the statues sculpted by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Their physiques look inhuman, in part because they couldn’t exist without a plethora of synthetic enhancements, such as TRT, HGH, EPO, and a whole bunch of other acronyms I don’t know about. But we also live in a society with rampant obesity and general unhealthiness. Rather than a general level of sports engagement and health in our society, we have an unhealthy society while also having these science experiments giving each other severe brain damage.

Sportsball is derided so much in our circles, and for good reason, but it’s important to differentiate between sports, and sportsball. I think everybody should play as many sports as they can, and as often as they can. Sports, especially something like pickleball, or another non-contact sport, are great ways of staying in shape, being healthy, and meeting quality people who share at least one of your interests.

Sportsball is about sitting on the coach cheering on some random roided up athlete mercenary who was hired by the billionaire in your geographical region to go and beat the other Steroid Enjoyers that a competing billionaire hired in his region. In between watching the science experiments duke it out you can treat yourself to all the joys that modern American advertising corporations have dreamt up.

Jake Paul’s never ending freakshow fights have sunken this already sordid affair to a whole new level of filth. He’s a steroid abusing douchebag who talks about being the world champion of boxing while refusing to fight a single professional boxer. He’s much more eager to fight handpicked retired geriatrics who never competed in boxing anyway. All pretenses of fair and honest athletic competition, already at an all time low, go out the window as the guy who ought to be fighting semi-decent amateurs raids the retirement home en route to a controversial decision win where his opponent landed more punches.

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  1. “Rather than a general level of sports engagement and health in our society, we have an unhealthy society while also having these science experiments giving each other severe brain damage.”

    So true, sad, and funny all at the same time.

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