Remember Jeffrey Dahmer? Remember how naive little you thought that a homosexual cannibal was a one time thing? Remember when you thought child tranny stuff was just a fad?

The Sun:

Armin Meiwes, born in December, 1961, is a German former computer technician who filmed himself cutting off voluntary victim Bernd Brandes’ penis before killing him in 2001.

Meiwes fatally stabbed his victim in the neck before butchering his body in a ”slaughter room” he had built in his home.

He then harvested meat from the body of Brandes’, stored the steaks in a secret compartment in his freezer and then went on to eat them over the next 10 months.

Meiwes said the first meal was the realisation of a 30-year fantasy.

He said: “I fried a piece of rump steak, a piece from his back.”

During his childhood, Meiwes began to experience cannibalistic fantasies from the age of just eight.

These fantasies involved imaginary brothers he had made up – in his teenage years these figures of imagination became objects of his sexual desire.

Brothers? Shouldn’t this read “sisters”?

Ctrl+f “homo” or “gay” returns no results on this article, but make no mistake, Armin Meiwes was a proud member of the LGBTQ community. And so was his next meal.

The connection he had for these imaginary figures grew so strong that he yearned for them to be part of him.

Meiwes said: “Then I thought if they were to become a part of me, I’d have to eat them.”

These cannibalistic fantasies only grew stronger as Meiwes got older – as an adult he would spend hours on chat rooms and message boards talking to others who fantasised about cannibalism.

[Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes] willingly travelled to Meiwes’ home where they both consented to filming everything that took place.

That evening the pair entered the slaughter room where Meiwes cut off Brandes penis and the two of them began to eat it.

Maybe if you and Gisele ate a homeless man’s penis together you’d still have a marriage.

That sounds… super romantic. Nothing like bonding over eating your gay lovers penis. Heteros just don’t get how loving, tender, and intimate a nice penis eating session can be. And no, that’s not equivalent to pussy eating, I mean literally eating a man’s penis.

Bleeding to death, Meiwes sat and waited for his victim to die – but after three hours Brandes was still alive.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Meiwes stabbed his victim in the throat.

Oh my god!

I was terrified that this story wouldn’t have a happy ending. Surely eating a gay man’s disease spreader is nice, but /ourcannibal/ Armin Meiwes wouldn’t be satisfied with just a snack. He saw that a member of the LGBTQIA2S++ community could be killed, and set about the task with a voracious appetite. Armin Meiwes, like Kanye West, may not share 100% of our political beliefs, but can you say that your stomach is a graveyard for the LGBT community? We can’t let the great be enemy of the good here, and I for one welcome the homosexual cannibals into our political institutions. 

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