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Elon Musk has dismissed four top executives at Twitter “for cause” in order to avoid having to pay them eight-figure severance packages, according to a report.

Immediately after completing the acquisition of Twitter on Thursday, Musk fired four top executives at the site — CEO Parag Agrawal; CFO Ned Segal; Chief Legal Officer Vijaya Gadde; and General Counsel Sean Edgett.

The research firm Equilar told Reuters on Friday that Agrawal, Segal, and Gadde are in line to receive golden parachutes worth a total of some $122 million.

Equilar, which researches executive compensation, estimates that Agrawal’s exit payout will total some $57.4 million while Segal will collect $44.5 million after his termination.

Gadde, who has become a lightning rod of controversy due to her reported role in aggressively policing Twitter’s platform and banning users who run afoul of content moderation rules, is scheduled to receive a $20 million payout, according to Equilar.


Vijaya Gadde, smug anti-White cunt

A few days ago I wrote about Elon Musk instantly firing the existing execs at twatter. It seemed like a solid move. Unfortunately, these execs seemed entitled to tens of millions in severance. At the time I thought there was no way to get out of this, which put a sour taste in my mouth. Sure, these (((Paul Singer))) selected anti-White cunts won’t be in charge of censoring everyone anymore, but seeing them get deca-million dollar payouts for being rightfully fired really perturbs my petunias.

Musk firing them for cause apparently voids their bonuses. They’ll be lawyering up of course, and I can’t say what the outcome of that case will be. Obviously, the idea that executives of a publicly owned corporation can give themselves enormous severance packages while running the corporation into the ground is ridiculous. But just because something is ridiculous does not mean that it is illegal, and just because Elon Musk has every moral right in the world to fire these parasites without paying them tens of millions of dollars for the right to do nothing, does not mean that he will prevail in court.

But it is amazing how unlikable these people are, in every single way. Other than being useful golems of Paul Singer, it’s unclear why they were chosen. There are almost no interviews of Parag Agrawal. In fact I couldn’t find any with a cursory search. What little I did see of him speaking on his own was not particularly impressive. This utter lack of impressiveness continues through the rest of their team.

Ned Segal can be seen interviewed below. 

Yes, he is a Jew, and yes, he gave himself a $44 million severance package. It’s not particularly clear what value he adds to the corporation, although at least his cliche and buzzword ridden interview shows him to be moderately articulate.

I couldn’t find a single thing on Sean Edgett. Even his LinkedIn lacks a picture, which is crazy considering that he was in line to receive a large severance package, although the amount is unstated.

Finally, Vijaya Gadde went on the Joe Rogan experience with Jack Dorsey one time. She was universally hated for her outright duplicity.

Tim Pool: But I wanted to just kind of get into that statement you made on misinformation and whether you’ll police it.

Vijaya Gadde: I think that the tough part of this is – and I’d love to have a discussion about this – is do you really want corporations to police what is and what is not true?

Tim Pool: But you do that.

Vijaya Gadde: We try not to do that. We don’t want to do that.

Tim Pool: But you do in your rules.

Imagine being such an insufferable liar that you’re getting owned by Tim Pool. He then gets into how twitter will auto-ban people for “deadnaming people.”

Vijaya Gadde: So the way I think about it is behaviour based. I know you think of it as content and we can disagree on this point. But this is about why are you doing this to a trans person? Why are you calling them by this name when they’ve chosen to go by a different name, or why are you outing them in some way?

Paul Singer’s high level golems have suffered a setback from Musk. But later on in the piece he promises that he won’t be firing massive amounts of twitter employees, which is extremely disappointing. The twitter employees are due their bonuses today if he doesn’t fire them, so we’ll find out how big Elon’s balls are in the next 24 hours. My prediction is that he continues to be mildly disappointing, like always.

UPDATE: A reader pointed me to a tweet from Elon Musk where he supposedly found evidence of twitter execs wrongdoing.

I don’t really know what to make of this, but Elon once again disappoints me in the replies to his tweet.

We’ve all made some questionable tweets, me more than most, but I want to be clear that I support Yoel. My sense is that he has high integrity, and we are all entitled to our political beliefs.

Oh FFS. Yoel Roth as a man of integrity?

This didn’t go over well with the crowd that believes in Elon Musk. Hell, it didn’t go over well with me and I’ve always been skeptical of the guy.

I think it’s time to temper your enthusiasm if you’re expecting big changes from Elon. He’s never been a serious character.

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  1. They don’t need severance packages — per their stock holdings, all of the top people being let go were already wealthy: then got to sell their stock holdings at the premium price Musk paid.

    It’s fucking disgusting how Americans are passed over for these jobs/positions.

    1. Yeah, you’re right. But the severance packages were the insult on top of all of that.

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