Yesterday I wrote a piece on how cuckservatives were being gay again on twitter. Getting Nuremberg2 trending in response to “covid fascism,” was a considerable decline in quality compared to #TheNoticing, but at least all of our guys were getting back on twitter, and, more importantly, staying on twitter. Today I woke up to learn that Jazzhands McFeels had been holocausted from the site.

It’s actually worse than the above image. Click on his profile, now deleted, and you’ll see the above for only a half second or so before it quickly reverts to what you see below.

There’s nothing left except for his handle. Related to this I got a DM from a long time Daily Rake reader on telegram.

He said he was going pretty hard on twitter for two days, only to have his account holocausted.

However, later in the day he receives an email from twitter saying that his account is restored. This seems promising, except that when he logs on to his account today he sees the following.

He appeals this, but there’s little point in hoping for anything to come from this.

While this is all going on, #TheNoticing trended again.

And it’s still as fun as it was before.

This was from a #TheNoticing tweet.

All in all it’s a mixed bag, but my thoughts are starting to mirror Mike Peinovich’s. Twitter censorship was bad, and I don’t mean to downplay that, along with YouTube censorship, Spotify censorship, etcetera. They censor us because they have to. Our ideal scenario is simply a lack of censorship, which the ADL and other zionist organization will fight tooth and claw to oppose.

Having said that, with mass censorship comes mass delegitimization. As an extreme example, imagine giving a shit what Redditors think in 2022? Those types were always shitty, but back in 2012 there was at least some pretense of legitimacy. Nowadays it is known by society that Reddit is an astroturfed cesspool of Globo Homo circlejerkers, which would make it amusing if someone pointed to Reddit as some sort of authority on the people of the internet. Hell, to be hated by (p)Reddit is to be loved by god.

Twitter was in much the same boat. Yes, we were censored, but so was Orange Faggot, and even many low level politicians. This was creating the realization in society that twitter was nothing more than another astroturfed Globo Homo circlejerk. Having a twitter account should be seen as a sign of illegitimacy for any politician, and increasingly it was. 

Just like with mainstream propaganda, where they have repeatedly lied to such extremes that they have become delegitimized, censorship on twatter was so extreme that the notion of twitter as any organic consensus was destroyed. If they go and start doing very targeted censorship of Jazzhands McFeels here, Mike Enoch there, while leaving up controlled opposition types, that may well be the worst case scenario for us. I don’t think it matters all that much even then, but Musk’s gay’op could well be getting all the kosher politicians and pundits back on the site, while keeping us sidelined.

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  1. i suspect they will leave #thenoticing around for plausible deniability, but if any so-called “anti-Semitic” tweet gets any traction it will be “fortified” down

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