Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz has called Democrat John Fetterman to concede the Pennsylvania Senate race, Fox News has learned.

The Fox News Decision Desk called the race for Fetterman early Wednesday morning, and Oz made the call to his opponent just hours later, the Democrat’s spokesman told Fox. The Senate race was among the most important battles in the country for the midterm cycle, with Pennsylvania being one of a handful of states that will determine control over the Senate.

Oz, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, secured 47.3% of the vote, losing to Fetterman’s 50.3%.

These results, while unconfirmed, were known as of last night.

I remind you that John Fetterman has obvious brain damage. Despite this he clearly beat Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, a battleground state. How did he accomplish this miraculous feat despite having brain damage?

Business Insider:

He’s the nation’s most powerful celebrity doctor, a Columbia University heart surgeon, and, by many recent measures, a bit of a nut.

Over his 11 years on TV — starting as a guest on Oprah and then as the star of his own self-named show, Dr. Mehmet Oz has publicly endorsed dozens of egregiously un-scientific “quack” treatments.

Dr. Oz has backed several plant-based “cures” which he’s said can help people lose weight, from coffee bean extract to the extract of a Southeast Asian fruit named Garcinia cambogia.

Oz has brought several self-proclaimed “spiritual mediums” on the show, where they’ve done everything from psychic readings to telling audience members how their loved ones actually passed (one of Oz’ guests told an audience member that his son, who had died in a car accident, had actually committed suicide, the Los Angeles Times reports), and giving advice.

Connecting with the dead, Oz has said, can help lower stress levels by helping people make peace with their deceased loved ones.

Oz has publicly endorsed homeopathy, super-diluted doses of medications that have been repeatedly shown to be ineffective. In 2011, he invited self-proclaimed “alternative medicine” practitioner Russ Greenfield on his show to explain to the audience what these treatments were.

While Oz touts coffee bean extract as the key to burning fat, he says the Middle Eastern cooking staple saffron will curb your cravings. On a January 2014 episode of his show, Oz went so far as to call saffron a “miracle appetite suppressant.”

As of yet, not a single independent study of the ingredient have found that it helps with weight loss or appetite suppression.

In his 1998 book Healing from the Heart, Oz describes some of his more “experimental” work with registered nurse Jery Whitworth. The pair founded the Cardiac Complementary Care Center at Columbia-Presbyterian in 1994 with the idea of experimenting with different types of alternative medicine and keeping the approaches that worked.

During these experiments, Oz tried bringing Reiki, or “energy healing,” into the operating room to encourage “the body’s own energy to help patients survive risky operations, such as heart transplants,” the New Yorker reports.

Scientific studies of Reiki have shown it has had little to no effect. A 2011 study looking at pain in women who recently had C-sections found that Reiki did nothing to reduce symptoms.

“Connecting with the dead can help lower stress levels.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz should not have a license to practice medicine. That might be a harsh take, and it probably doesn’t matter since he never practices medicine anyway. Still, seeing him abuse his credentialed authority to bring on people who pretend to speak to the dead is disgusting. That’s the reaction that normal people have, which is why he and the Republicans rightfully lost this seat.


The hotly contested Senate contest in Georgia will advance to a runoff between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker on December 6, CNN projects.

Neither candidate surpassed the 50% threshold to win the race outright on Tuesday. Depending on the outcome of Senate races in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, voters in Georgia could then – for the second consecutive election cycle – have the Senate majority in their hands.

That the race was so tight underscores the prevalence of ticket-splitters in Georgia this year. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp comfortably defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams, CNN projected, but Walker has lagged Kemp’s margin all night, while Warnock has outpaced Abrams.

Let me translate that for you. The White Man who doesn’t have serious mental illness problems, a history of domestic violence, or multiple women coming forwards and accusing him of pressuring them to get abortions, has easily won the position of governor with the exact same voters who refuse to elect this embarrassing clown. Herschel had no previous political experience, or really any qualifications other than being a good NFL player twenty five years ago. He does not even have a history of political punditry. If he ran for the Democrat Party, that would make just as much sense.

I bring all this up, because while most people have moved beyond cheering for (((Paul Singer’s))) GOP, there are still some truly awful takes out there that need to be responded to.

Demographics is destiny.
The White wave got ruined by the brown wave. Get used to it goy. 
Blacks ~90% vote left
Browns: ~60-70% vote left 
Globohomo jews have figured out how to hack every Western nation. 
Become the party of welfare and open borders and you will flood the nation with mud colored voters who they will own forever.

What do you mean become? Republicans are also the party of open borders and welfare. Also, welfare? Methinks that “letting Black People commit however many crimes they feel like,” is a more important issue than welfare these days.

America has become a one party communist state fortified by a base monolithic brown voters.

America is a zero party state. The reason is because the political parties are controlled by their donors. And who are those donors?

Wow, look at all these based Republicans getting money from zionists who truly have the best interests of the people at heart.

Let me fix that for you.

Daily reminder about deshabbos. Imagine supporting Republicans. LOL, LMAO even.

Again, LMFTFY.

LMAO Republican born in Ohio, raised in Delaware, who served in the Turkish army, loses to brain dead guy who happens to actually be from Pennsylvania, but nice try getting us to support Republicans.

One of the common copes was the libertarians are responsible for the Republicans losing. The more honest reality is that Republicans are responsible for Republicans losing, and you’re pathetic for supporting them.

But speaking of copes, there’s always Christian Nationalism, something that was proven dead on arrival with voters.

UPDATE: Oh by the way Doc Oz promoted tranny kids.

The above clip is from a 2010 show of his. This was at least a solid half decade before the tranny kids stuff really took off. This is who the Republican Party promotes.

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  1. It’s amazing how many cuckservatives in “dissident right” spaces are crying over a brown muslim zionist losing to a local white man. We have to do more to make it about race again. Too many people got invested in supporting the GOP. Our goal is to destroy the GOP and make them lose every election.

    1. A zionist who, as the story will be updated, was one of the earliest promoters of child trannies.

    2. I did a write in vote for my cat.

  2. I didn’t vote because I don’t support either Zionist party. I know that Hitler was democratically elected, but I kinda hate democracy and outside of Hitler being elected it seems that democracy was a bad idea ever since Ancient Greece.

    I sometimes thing a monarchy or a dictatorship is what will have to happened if we ever fix our country. That won’t require a vote and makes the brown hordes voting irrelevant. Yes the King/Dictator could theoretically decide to violate our rights, but our “democracy” has completely raped our rights.

    A king/dictator essentially owns the whole nation already and has all the power already and can take what they want, so there is less opportunity for Jews to bribe them with money or power, they already own everything, the king gives and the king takes away. White people colonized the planet under monarchies. I think that monarchies are a lot harder to corrupt and that’s why the Jews had to kill all of the old Christian monarchs.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. That’s a pretty good summation – but do remember the Kristard monarchs gave jews ENORMOUS leeway, as well as special protections, all over Europe for a thousand years.

      1. Yeah, we essentially do live under an aristocracy today. The problem is that our “democracy” is fake.

    2. That’s my feeling as well. Most people love working in a well managed hierarchical company. They know their place, do their job, collect their pay. They hate it when a uniooon shows up promising workplace dumb-ocracy.

      I think it would be the same with society. People would work, live and even die for a well run, hierarchically organized country. They’d swap our current dumb-ocracy for it in a minute.

  3. Babylon Bee: “Nation Unsure Whether To Support Party That Runs Brain-Damaged Candidates Or Party That Loses To Brain-Damaged Candidates.”

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