The Giardian:

The bestselling author JD Vance has won the US Senate race in Ohio by a wider margin than predicted by opinion polls but with a narrower victory than his fellow Republicans running in other statewide races.

The Democratic candidate, the congressman Tim Ryan, conceded with pointed remarks about the importance of accepting election results. With about 95% of the votes counted, Vance led Ryan by 53%-47%.

JD Vance

There’s only so much we can get from the Giardian. Let’s head on over to JD Vance’s website and see what he’s claiming the important issues are.

As they said on the last TDS, “American Decline was a Choice,” is a great slogan. It’s true, and reminds people that their country is being made worse as a result of policy. In fact, here are his twelve issues that he chooses to highlight. I’m bolding the ones that are actually conservative/Republican.

  • American Decline was a choice
  • Spending and inflation
  • Advocate for energy independence
  • Restore America’s manufacturing base
  • Solve Southern border crisis
  • Combat drug and opioid epidemic
  • Dismantle big tech oligarchy
  • A foreign policy that puts America first
  • Defend American small businesses
  • End abortion
  • Protect second amendment rights
  • Election integrity
  • Covid-19 and schools

So the least important two points are the last points, which are boilerplate Republican stuff that you have to put down because some small amount of Republican Enjoyers care about this stuff, and normal people simply shrug. The much better part of his platform is everything else. Even his relatively milquetoast items, such as “spending and inflation,” are well argued.


The Biden administration has spent billions and billions of dollars on things we don’t need. Why do we need a “transportation equity” agency to ensure that we don’t have too many male truck drivers? Why are we spending billions on battery technologies that are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and built by Chinese workers? The result of needless spending is runaway inflation, which has made it harder for normal Americans to afford basic necessities. Inflation has hit our seniors especially hard, many of whom live on a fixed income. It’s time to get this inflation under control.

He had me until the “C-C-C-Communist Chinese batteries,” bit, but the previous part is much better. It also doesn’t really have anything to do with inflation, and is just straight up anti-male discrimination. I’d also be shocked if there wasn’t anti-White discrimination going on here.

On a hunch I Ctrl + f’d “white” JD Vance’s issues page and got zero results. Peter Thiel, his gay billionaire benefactor, does not want anyone advocating for Whitey, and you should view him as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I’m just here to point out that Vance did not run on a Republican or even conservative platform.

Advocating for energy independence, talking about the homeless, bringing back manufacturing, not letting foreigners in the country, getting rid of the opioids, fighting back against tech oligarchs, America First foreign policy, and preferring small businesses over big businesses are all either non-conservative, or outright anti-conservative positions. It was this platform that gave him a surprisingly strong victory over his opponent, who wasn’t even that bad of a Democrat. It was essentially this platform that put Gorland Blormph into office.

Conservatism is not popular. It is not organic, it just controls all the political infrastructure and gets billions per year because it’s fake.

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