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Before Kanye could dunk, someone had to throw him the ball. That someone was David Ahenakew. Well, not really. Still, if you were an anti-semite in the mid-Aughts, one imagines you perked up when the same lawyer (Doug Christie) who represented Keegstra and Zundel was defending a native guy. 

David Ahenakew was an Abo who comes across as an Elijah Muhammad type. A CAF member from ‘51 to 67’, he witnessed de-facto occupations of Korea and Egypt that, to him, seemed to mirror the experiences of natives at home. This inspired him to later work in indian politics, where he received numerous accolades (including the Order of Canada) and helped build up native educational institutions. Now we might see these things as fruitless endeavors, but the guy at least tried to help his people. Christie said as much when commenting on Ahenakew’s passing in 2010.

David Ahenakew

So, what’s the problem? Well, while Ahenakew was stationed in Germany the locals told him a couple, harmless, tiny things, and he started to N O T I C E. Here is what he said to his FSIN boys (Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations) about this in 2002:

The Germans used to tell me, and I got to know them well because I played soccer against them and with them and so forth. But they used to tell me that you guys are blessed. What we know about the Indians in Canada. They are blessed. But that blessing is being destroyed by your immigrants that are going over there. Especially the Jews, they said. The Second World War was started by the Jews and the Third World War, whatever it is, is between Israel and the Arab countries. I was there as well. But there’s going to be a war because the Israelis and the “Bushies” – you know, the bully, the bigot in the United States – tells you that if you’re not with me you’re against me.”

Now a nosy little reporter (READ: Faggot) was in attendance when Ahenakew was speaking. He asked Ahenakew to expand on his statement, to which he said the following: “The Jews damn near owned all of Germany prior to the war. That’s why Hitler came in. He was going to make damn sure that the Jews didn’t take over Germany, or even Europe. That’s why he fried six million of those guys, you know. Jews would have owned the goddamned world. And look what they’re doing now, they’re killing people in Arab countries”.

When further questioned about the Holo-Hoax, Ahenakew replied: 

How else do you get rid of a disease like that, that’s going to take over, that’s going to dominate?”.

This guy resorted to Sven-tier, lay-on-the-spikes levels of fed-posting and while I of course categorically deny the six gorillion, he was spot-on regarding our Uncle. I try not to be a gay, NAXALT-type of guy, but being that the SS had an east-Indian division, maybe our Indians could have made it too. I’m also pretty sure (((Robert Sepehr))) mentions the Hopi people emerging from the Grand Canyon as a passage to Hollow Earth. Perhaps this Ahenakew nigga was really a Star Person (I jest). 

It’s always funny to me to see the people who are disappointed to find out that the lampshadocaust never actually happened. Jokes aside, if non-zionist Jews really were forced to climb tall trees before sexy lumberjacks went out and chopped the trees down, that would be an atrocity. The problem with Schlomo and the Rabbis of Zion is that their victimhood is invented.

Still, the “I used to like Adolf Hitler, but then I found out the holocaust never happend,” crowd always makes me chuckle.

As is common when these things go public, Ahenakew was soon ostracized by his fellow Redmen, including AFN national chief, Matthew Coon Come (lmao @ name). He was stripped of his Order of Canada, kicked out of the FSIN, and charged with wilfully promoting hatred against jews. This was the same charge given to Keegstra, and more recently, Travis Patron. Ahenakew was tried twice: the first trial resulted in a conviction that was overturned; the second resulted in his acquittal. Some sources say he flip-flopped a bit on his comments, but David ultimately did not recant his statements. At least, he still maintained that he hated “what [jews] do”, and that they started WWII. 

I’ll get back to this story shortly, but first let’s talk about Travis Patron’s conviction. His one-year sentence was a result of a video he posted where Jews were not even named directly. Patron did not come close to what Ahenakew said. When one thinks of why this could be, several things spring to mind:

  • The acceleration of speech control and “shutting it down” we’ve seen since the Aughts
  • The fact that Travis is White, while David was of a protected race
  • Political machinations to prevent the CNP from becoming a registered political party

We talked about the Travis Patron incident in detail on Honkey Night in Canada episode 1; I won’t rehash that here. It is time-stamped on my telegram if you wish to listen. Let’s get back to it now that I’m done self-shilling. 

In the years between 2002 and the end of his second trial, more choice quotes emerged from and about David Ahenakew. Here are a few of the best: 

‘“[David] was more right-wing than some of the redneck right-wing crazies out there. He would crack off about East indians or black people or ‘foreign-born bastards,’ as he called them. He was a bigot in his thinking”’. 

A Cree lawyer who has known Ahenakew for many years says those who knew him were “kind of surprised [and] to a certain extent shocked” by his jokes about “niggers”’.

When a group of people, a race of people can control the world media, then there’s got to be something done about that,” [Ahenakew] said’.

Ahenakew: “Look at here in Canada, Asper. Izzy Asper. He controls the media. Well, what the hell does that tell you?”.

‘“In 1984, he angered aboriginal women’s groups when he vehemently opposed federal government plans to abolish rules that stripped women of their Indian status if they married non-Indians”

  • This is kind of a weird way to write a sentence, but the clear implication is that he was against race-mixing.

Okie, so we can see D.A. was at least as woke as a Brazillian Burzum fan. What interests me more is the fallout from this incident. In my last article I referred extensively to David Koffman’s work and I will do so again here. This time we’ll take a look at his essay “Suffering & Sovereignty: Recent Canadian jewish Interest in indigenous Peoples and Issues”. Koffman writes that while there was certainly Jewish involvement in Aboriginal political advocacy prior to the Ahenakew affair, things really kicked into high gear once David’s comments were reported to the public. It was the age-old, kosher rallying cry: “OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN”. 

The Canadian jewish Congress immediately contacted influential natives, ostensibly to build ties. In actuality this was a nation-wide wrangling of Indiegenous sentiment. The first step was an assurance that Jews and Indians shared “histories of dispossession and dispersal, […] struggles for continuity, and their resistance to racism”. This was easy enough. Speeches were held; solidarity was expressed. Secondly, they had to block Ahenakew from resuming power. In 2008 the FSIN began the process of reinstating Ahenakew as a Senator. This was abandoned after federal and provincial politicians threatened to sever ties with the organization in light of this decision. (((Bernie Farber))) and the CJC were all over this development, making several comments along the way.

The last move, an assertion of Jewish Indigeneity to Palestine, was a tougher sell. As always though, money talks, especially to natives. In fact, the noises of a cash register are far more intelligible than their hieroglyphic babbling. In the wake of the Ahenakew events jewish groups sponsored trips to Israel for Aboriginog bigwigs. These Indians were then indoctrinated with a crash-course in Yad Vashem atrocity propaganda. The first paid vacation alone sent representatives from 18 “nations” to the land built on bulldozers. Specific people sent there over the years include then-AFN Grand Chief Phil Fontaine in ‘06. (((Bernie Farber))) later partnered with Fontaine in petitioning Canada to recognize it’s complicity in genocide against natives. B’nai Brith has played a major part in organizing these trips.

By the way, I always love it when these extreme “left-wing” Jews like Bernie Farber – a man so deranged he’s suing Canada’s Ben Shapiro, Jonathan Kay – are seen as explicit supporters of Israel. This is doubly true when they’re doing this on land bulldozed by the IDF.

Given the current Jewish op to quash BDS activism once-and-for-all, this buying-off of natives would be useful. Notorious National Post columnist (((Barbara Kay))) summarized the mental gymnastics of this notion: “[BDS supporters] accept the premise that the Palestinians are Indigenous and  oppressed by white colonialists [but] have it backward… In fact, it is the jews who meet internationally endorsed measures of authentic indigeneity”. Sounds stupid, but It might be working.

This is the mother of (((Jonathan Kay))) who is being sued by Farber. The man is insane, but that’s not all that relevant to this story.

As an example, Koffman notes that “In 2013, Métis activist and Idle No More organizer Ryan Bellerose argued that ‘natives cannot let themselves be used merely as ornamentation to often-damaging Palestinian propaganda’”. In another, strange instance, the First Nations Family Worship Centre started “World Indigenous Nations for Israel” in 2008. I know, weird to see natives copy retarded evangelical copes, but I guess they truly can cargo cult anything. The pastor at that Church during the inception of WINI, Raymond McLean, has been to Israel more than eight times. Anecdotally, I cannot say that in my research I’ve come across any notable, recent Native support for Palestinian causes. I have seen it go the other way, funnily enough. Perhaps those struggling for freedom in the Levant should pick better allies, namely, us! 

There is a lot more to write about the crossover between Jews and natives in the 21st century. In Koffman’s own words: “if the Ahenakew episode broke the proverbial ice with respect to broad-tent Jewish public engagement with Indigenous issues, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) provided a watershed for organizing Canadian Jewish forays into Indigenous matters”. I will cover more of this in future articles. Most likely I will start by profiling some jewish hijinks involving IRSSA handouts.  

For now, I will leave you with this video of Doug Christie speaking about David Ahenakew. Personally, I find it inspiring in spite of my racial views, which, like David, I will not apologize for. 


Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid, Yves Engler 

As always, thanks again to Cooper. He’s rapidly becoming the most important Canadian writer we have. 

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  1. Too bad he didn’t have a clue that the holohoax was a croc-o-shit as even the official red cross reports stated (first on the scene in aushwitz, etc) – He woulda hated those parasitic slunts even more…. Liars are universally sacks o shit.

    Concerning jewkraine clown circus of queerdom – all you need to know on “why” is right here. Oh yeah canadian injuns – I bet they assigned some skinny hairy hooknose cohen to a bat-eating headhunter tribe consisting of 8 individuals in the middle of an amazon jungle.

  2. Hey Dr Shekelstein/TheTDC,

    I found your site just now after wondering for most of the year what happened to you. I don’t have Telegram so I can’t contact you through there but I think you approve the comments on this site so this will have to do. Back around January I went on to Hyphen-Report one day and thought there was an error with the site because I couldn’t find any of your articles on it. I exited my browser and went back in and still couldn’t find your articles. I realized then that you had been purged and immediately used a google cache retriever to archive as much of your articles as I could find on both and the Wayback Machine.

    Nobody who wrote there would answer me in the comment section on why you had been removed from the site and every reader I talked to agreed with me that you were the best writer on there. Fast forward to around a day ago I was searching on Searx for any tidbit on why Hyphen-Report hadn’t been updated with new articles in nearly two months and an archived copy of your inside story of what happened to you was one of the results. I read that article and the follow ups once I found your new site and my purge suspicions were confirmed. What a backstabbing piece of crap pajeet was for doing that to you especially after you saved his site and I believe you on that quote. The smug Telegram post by him at your jettisoning was especially angering.

    Well as I previously stated Hyphen-Report hasn’t updated itself in nearly two months and I had hoped to bring good news to you in that form but after listening to the Fash the Nation 523 podcast just now where they interviewed Jack Mccracken at an NJP event it seems that the writers have abandoned Hyphen-Report and started in its place. May want to reach out to them for confirmation but I can’t find any reports by Hyphen-Pajeet on the site so unless he is now writing under a new pen-name your prophecy of the Hyphen-Report collapsing without you there to shore it up will come to be true and that subhuman that kicked you out is now a nobody with nothing to show for it.

    Congratulations on your new site. I am glad to read your news stories again.

    1. Mr. Firelight,

      Lovely to see you’ve found me. I can’t access the Hyphen Report telegram channel, so I don’t know about this “smug telegram post,” but it does not surprise me. I’m on good terms with the Justice Report guys, and support what they’re doing, what with largely taking over the mundane daily news.

      In fairness to Pajeet, he did take all my articles off his site, and gave them to me. I’m not working with him again anytime soon, but I’ve moved past this.

      1. theTDC,

        I’m glad you’ve moved on but I just thought it was a bit of information that would be of interest to you going forward if you didn’t already know. The smug post I was referring to was the screenshot post you refer to in your articles detailing the affair were Hyphen-Pajeet claims you only write ‘satirical’ articles and that only most not all are enjoyable to read. Those people often did their own graves and get into trouble down the line with how they treat those around them so you didn’t have to do anything but wait for what happened afterward to have happened.

        I look forward to reading your work in the future,

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